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What Can You Use To Paint Wood Cabinets And Furniture? (How To)

Painting the furniture wood

Nothing changes the look of the home more than adding a fresh coat of paint. It isn’t always necessary to paint the walls to accomplish this, you can also paint cabinets and even furniture. What can you use if you want to paint those items?

Any type of quality paint can be used to paint wooden cabinets and furniture. There are certain types of paint that are better, such as those that contain a high level of acrylic. Painting furniture and wood cabinets with acrylic paint provides a durable finish that will last for a very long time.

Throughout this article, we will discuss many different factors when it comes to what paint to use for wood furniture and cabinets. We will also discuss that it is equally or perhaps even more important to use the proper method.

Although there is a wide range of paints to choose from, there are a few that stand out among the rest. We already mentioned acrylic paints, but oil-based paint will also work quite well for wood furniture and cabinets.

What Can You Use To Paint Wooden Cabinets And Furniture?

Painting the furniture wood

When you paint these items in the home, you want to pay careful attention to the method you use. It will make a difference in the final product and how happy you are with the item.

Perhaps the most important factor that we will discuss is preparing the cabinets in advance. The same is also true of furniture because, without the proper preparation, you will be very unhappy with the finished job.

As far as preparing is concerned, you have to clean the cabinets and furniture to remove any grease and oil that could cause problems with the paint adhering to the surface. In most cases, it is also recommended that you sand the wood to rough it up and prepare it for the paint.

As an alternative to sanding the wood, you can also use a deglosser, which is commonly called liquid sandpaper. It will also take away the gloss from the former finish and allow the paint to adhere to it properly. It isn’t as good as sanding, but it is an option.

Finally, make sure that you prime the surface before you begin painting. There are some paints that include primer and some, such as chalk paint, that claim they don’t need a primer.

Do not skip this important step. It doesn’t take much more time to prime the surface and it will make for a much cleaner, easier job that lasts a long time.

Another important question is if you should spray paint or use a roller/brush. This is something that is really up to personal preference, but I would rarely recommend that you use a roller because it leaves behind a rough surface that will show on furniture and cabinets.

If you are confident with using a paintbrush or if you use the right technique, you can do a beautiful job of painting furniture. Otherwise, some good spray paint is going to cover the furniture nicely and if you are careful, it will leave behind a flawless finish.

As far as cabinets are concerned, it is always recommended that you spray them. That is true of the doors and drawers, but not true of the boxes. You should brush the paint on the boxes and then spray the items that are removable.

That isn’t to say that you can’t spray paint the entire cabinet. It is just easier to brush the boxes because you don’t have to go crazy taping things off.

One other item I would like to discuss is the need to protect yourself when painting. Some paints have strong fumes and even if they don’t, spraying paint makes it respirable.

Always wear a mask when painting, either an N95 for airborne particles or a half-mask respirator if the fumes are too strong. You should also wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

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How To Paint Wooden Cabinets And Furniture Properly

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From the time we are young, we hear that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. This is the right way to paint wooden cabinets and furniture.

The most important factor for painting wooden cabinets and furniture is to prepare the surface in advance. This would include sanding the surface to rough up the old finish or applying liquid sandpaper so the primer would adhere to it properly. You can then prime and paint the surface.

After you prime the surface, you want to make sure that it is perfectly clean. You can use a tack cloth for this purpose after you remove most of the dust. In some cases, you may need to clean the surface again to remove any oil that exists.

The next step in the process is one that should never be skipped. You will need to use a high-quality primer that is the right choice for the type of paint you are using.

After priming the surface, you will want to lightly sand the primer with some 220 sandpaper. This will help to smooth out any imperfections from brushing on or rolling the primer.

A good primer allows the paint to stick to the surface. Without primer in place, it is likely that the paint would peel in some locations.

The next step in the process is to apply the first coat of paint. For cabinets, you would brush the paint on the boxes and ideally, you would spray the cabinet doors and drawers.

You can brush the cabinet doors and drawers, but it is difficult not to get noticeable brush marks. If you don’t have access to a sprayer, make sure that you use a high-quality brush.

For painting wood furniture, you should brush on the paint using a high-quality brush. It is better to use several light coats rather than one heavy coat, as it will cover better and you will avoid imperfections.

After applying the first coat of paint to cabinet doors, you would sand the surface yet again with 220 grit sandpaper. This is to remove much of the imperfections that may have occurred during that first coat.

The second coat of paint should be applied to the cabinet doors and then you will sand it again. Finally, you will finish up with a third coat of paint, which will be your final coat of paint.

One thing to consider for cabinets is the possibility of sealing the surface. For some types of paint, such as flat paint or chalk paint, sealing the surface is imperative because the paint will rub off quickly without it. For other types of paint, such as acrylic and eggshell, you have more of a durable surface from the paint itself.

Painting wood furniture does not necessarily require that you sand the paint between each coat, but it doesn’t hurt if you want to have a more even and beautiful finished product. Continue to apply light coats of paint to the furniture until it is covered properly.

If you are painting a piece of furniture that is used frequently, such as a chair or table, you should apply a sealer. In most cases, a urethane sealer is best because it will lock in the color and allow you to use the item every day.

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Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Wooden Cabinets And Furniture?

Painting the furniture wood

Acrylic paint is often used for crafts but it is also becoming more and more popular for larger items around the home. Can you also use acrylic paint to cover wood cabinets and furniture?

High-quality paint with acrylic resins is preferred for painting wood cabinets and furniture. The more acrylic that is in the paint, the more durable and beautiful the paint job is going to be. Although you could use standard latex paint for covering wood furniture and cabinets, acrylic paint is the preferred choice.

One of the reasons why people choose acrylic paint is because it provides a surface that is very similar to oil-based paint. It covers well, dries with few brush marks, and the cleanup is much easier with acrylic paint.

In order to paint wood cabinets and furniture with acrylic paint, you could brush it on or spray the paint. Spraying the paint will cover nicely and you can avoid the brush marks.

Can You Use Eggshell Paint On Wood Cabinets And Furniture?

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Eggshell paint refers to a type of paint surface that looks similar to an egg shell. Is this a good choice for painting your furniture and cabinets in the home?

Eggshell is often preferred among paint finishes for painting cabinets and furniture. The paint itself is easy to apply and comes in many different bases, but the finish is what is preferred. It is easily cleaned and more durable than a flat finish.

When you choose eggshell paint, you should always choose one with the highest level of acrylic resin. Latex paint, which is actually paint that includes vinyl, is not as durable and will not cover as nicely as acrylic paint.

You should also keep in mind that all acrylic paints will contain at least some vinyl. They put the vinyl in the mix to cut down on the cost because it is cheaper than acrylic.

After choosing your type of paint, make sure that it has an eggshell finish and it will give you that shiny look you desire.

Can You Use Emulsion Paint On Wooden Cabinets And Furniture?

Painting the furniture wood

You often see emulsion paint used on floors and walls. It is water-based paint that covers quickly and easily. Is it also appropriate for wood furniture and cabinets?

If you want a flat finish to your cabinets or wooden furniture, you can use emulsion paint. It’s a good choice because it covers well and provides the finish you desire. As long as you choose an emulsion paint that has acrylic resin and is not ‘latex paint’ it will work well on cabinets and wood furniture.

Although you can certainly use emulsion paint for covering wood furniture and cabinets, there are also some reasons why it may not be the best choice. This includes the fact that emulsion paint may not be as durable as other types of paint.

To overcome this issue, you may need to use a urethane sealer on the surface. That is especially true on cabinets and on furniture that is used regularly, such as tables and chairs.

Can You Use Flat Paint On Wood Cabinets And Furniture?

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The flat look of finished wood furniture and cabinets is certainly in style. Flat paint is often used on walls and ceilings but can you use it on your cabinets and furniture?

The use of flat paint on wood cabinets and furniture provides many benefits. It covers nicely, doesn’t show imperfections, and is easily sanded between coats. Since flat paints don’t typically provide a washable or usable surface, you may need to cover them with some urethane sealer.

One important factor for using flat paint on your wood cabinets and furniture is preparing the item ahead of time. This is done with some sandpaper or liquid sandpaper, along with a good primer.

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After you have prepared the cabinets or furniture, you should cover the item with several thin coats of flat paint rather than trying to use a heavy coat. This will help to cover the area more evenly and will also provide a more durable and beautiful finish.

In between coats, use some 220 grit sandpaper to sand the surface. That will remove many of the imperfections and make it an even better job when you are finished.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/19/2022.

Can You Use Oil Paint On Wood Cabinets And Furniture?

Painting the furniture wood

For many years, oil-based paint was the go-to for painting items around the home. Is it still good to use oil paint on wood furniture and cabinets?

Oil-based paints are an ideal choice for painting wood cabinets and furniture. The paint covers well and dries to a smooth, shiny, and beautiful finish that can be used on a daily basis. Oil-based paint also is very washable, which makes it ideal for certain pieces of furniture and cabinets.

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The process for painting with oil-based paint is very similar to latex or acrylic. The primary difference, however, is not in the painting but it is in the cleanup.

There is a lot more work involved when cleaning up after using oil-based paint because you will have to use solvents rather than cleaning up with water. In addition, oil-based paints tend to have more fumes, which can be a problem.

Other than that, you will love the way that oil-based paint looks and acts after the job is done.

Can You Use Spray Paint On Wooden Cabinets And Furniture?

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Spray paint is perhaps one of the more convenient ways that we have for painting any item. Is it a good idea to use spray paint on wooden cabinets and furniture?

Spray painting is the best option for kitchen cabinets because it provides an even, beautiful finish that is free of brush marks. It is also faster to spray paint, and you can take the cabinet doors and drawers outside or into another area to paint them.

You can also spray paint wooden furniture, although it is not always necessary to do so. If you aren’t very good with a brush and are meticulous enough to cover every area, you could use spray paint to add color to a piece of furniture. If you choose the right spray paint, it will even provide a durable finish.

The bottom line is, that you shouldn’t limit yourself when it comes to spray painting or using a brush. Sometimes, you may even want to use both, as is the case with wooden cabinets. You could paint the boxes with a brush (not a roller) but the doors and drawers can be spray-painted elsewhere.

Can You Use Wall Paint On Wood Cabinets And Furniture?

Painting the furniture wood

Latex paint is a very popular type of finish that is used in many areas of the home. Is it also something that should be considered for cabinets and furniture that are made of wood?

You can easily paint wooden furniture and cabinets with latex paint and expect it to cover nicely. Modern latex paint is easy-to-use, dries quickly, and provides a durable finish. You can also increase the quality by choosing paint with acrylic rather than latex paint.

Although they call it latex paint, that actually isn’t a very good description. Latex paint does not have latex but rather, it has vinyl in it. The primary difference between many paints is if it has vinyl or acrylic. Some acrylic paint even has vinyl because it is less expensive.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend painting something with latex paint that is going to be used on a daily basis. Then again, if you have latex paint left over, you can always use it to paint the furniture or cupboards and then cover it with a urethane finish.

Can You Use Chalk Paint On Wood Cabinets And Furniture?

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Chalk paint has become very popular because it is easy to use. Should you consider using it for your cupboards or wood furniture?

Chalk paint is a fantastic choice to change the color of wooden furniture and cupboards. It covers nicely without as much prep work as other types of paint. As long as you protect the paint by using a urethane finish or a coat of chalk paint wax, it will last for a very long time.

Although some people will tell you that it is not necessary to use a primer if you are using chalk paints, that isn’t the case. The same is also true for sanding the finish before painting.

Chalk paint, or any other type of paint, will work better if you prepare the surface in advance.

You can paint wood cabinets and furniture with any type of high-quality paint. The real key is using the proper methods and if at all possible, using a paint that is acrylic based rather than latex (vinyl) based. It will cover better and you will have a more livable surface.

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