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Which Way Should Vinyl Plank Flooring Run?

If you made the decision to install vinyl plank flooring in your home, you’ve made a good decision. There are also other decisions to be made, such as which way you should run a vinyl plank floor.

A vinyl plank floor should be run so you are looking down the plank as you open the front door. This extends the perceived length of the room, making you feel that the home is larger. Otherwise, it should follow the sunlight.

Vinyl floor plank

As a flooring contractor, this is one of the most common questions I am asked by my clients. They all have the same concerns, and some of them have very specific desires.

When somebody asks me which way the vinyl plank floor should be run, I tell them the same thing I am telling you in this article. You should do it so you have the perception of having a larger room.

That being said, there is never a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to construction. Varying opinions can mean that at times, somebody may want the planks run in the opposite direction.

It can look good when you do it the other way, but most people agree that having the planks run long when you are looking into a room is the best option. At the same time, I always agree with my clients, because it is their home and their floor.

In addition, we live in a time in which everybody has an opinion and some people have very strong opinions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is wrong if their opinion differs from yours, even if you are a flooring contractor.

There are also going to be times when you run the floor from one room to another. Depending upon the circumstance, it would be impossible for you to have it running one way when looking in every room if you are unifying the flooring.

At the same time, however, there are always transition strips that can be used to make a difference in any installation. These are not going to be preferred by all people, but they are an option.

At the end of the day, you need to live with your decision and this includes your choice of vinyl plank floor and the direction it runs. If you aren’t happy with it after it’s down, you can always have it reinstalled at a later time.

Determining The Direction Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl floor plank

Now that you know it is really up to the homeowner to decide which way they run the vinyl plank flooring, let’s consider some of the different options so you can make that determination for yourself. You might even find that one works better than another, as will undoubtedly be the case.

The most important thing to consider when determining the direction of vinyl plank flooring is perception. The floor is going to be the centerpiece of the home and the eye will automatically be attracted to it.

If you install the floor in the right way, it will cause your home to look bigger and even more welcoming. If you install it in a different way, it may just attract the eye to an area of the home that is better avoided.

The general rule of thumb often centers on the front door. When you open the front door, you want the room to look large and welcoming.

Running the planks long ways so that you are looking down the length from the front door is going to be of benefit. Running them crossways will chop the room and make it look smaller.

There are also exceptions to the rule, aside from the fact that it is a personal preference. For example, what if you had a small room inside the front door and you had to turn a corner to get to the main home?

Obviously, you would not want to run the planks in a direction that would make it awkward once you reach the main part of the home. At that point, the front door is just a threshold but the other opening inside is actually the entrance to the home.

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Vinyl Plank Direction with Odd-Shaped Rooms

Vinyl floor plank

There are times when you may have an unusually shaped room with odd angles. This can make it difficult, as you may want to follow one of those odd angles as the primary direction of the vinyl plank flooring.

When I have a homeowner that wants to follow an odd angle in the room, I usually demonstrate what the end result will be. You can do this as well because it only takes a few planks to do it.

Lay down several rows of planks in the direction you want to go. Don’t attach them together, because you will just weaken the tongue and groove.

When you stand back with those planks in place, it will give you more of a visual of where your eye is taken. You might find it is not the best choice after all.

Hallways are also an important part of determining the direction of vinyl plank flooring. Unless you are insisting that the floor run across the hallway, it is always best to run the length of the hallway.

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This makes the hallway look spacious and, in some cases, it may even make it easier to walk. Having a hallway that is broken up and short because of the direction of the flooring could cause some people to stumble.

The problem is, when you run the flooring lengthwise down the hallway, you will not be running it into the adjacent rooms so you are looking lengthwise along the plank.

This can make the rooms look short and smaller than what they are. You may want to use transition strips at the doorway to allow a shift in direction.

There are also times when it makes sense to have the plank in either direction. There are other factors to consider in this regard, that can help you make your choice.

When all else fails, you can use the direction of the sunlight to help you determine the direction of the vinyl plank flooring. The vinyl plank should travel along the sunlight as if it were an extension of it.

If you have a long wall in the room, the general rule is to have vinyl plank flooring run along that long wall. This can help to elongate the wall and give you the perception of a larger room, depending upon where you are standing.

These, and other factors, can be used to determine the direction of the vinyl plank flooring. Although the final choice is up to you, when you use these factors, they can make the decision easier to make.

Why Is The Direction Of Vinyl Plank Flooring Important?

Vinyl floor plank

The decision of what type of floor to use is very important. The direction of the floor is also important, especially when you are using planks.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to choose the direction carefully. Here are a few to consider:

Perception: When the vinyl plank flooring is laid in the right direction, it gives you the perception of having a larger or smaller room. You can use vinyl plank flooring direction to enhance your home in a unique way.

Attracting the Eye: The eye will often follow the floor. If you put the floor in a pattern that attracts the eye in a bad direction, you will regret your decision. On the other hand, you can create a flow in the home by using the proper vinyl plank direction.

Room Size: One other factor to consider is the size of the room. This is something that many people overlook, especially when it comes to smaller rooms that may feel cramped.

If you install the vinyl plank floor properly, it can expand the room in your mind. This makes it more comfortable to live in the room, and you may even find that it is easier to place the furniture in some cases.

Tips To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Like A Pro

Vinyl floor plank

Once you make the determination of the direction of the vinyl plank floor, you need to get busy installing it. Here are a few tips that will help you to make the most of it.

Start in the Middle: Unless you are working in a small room, you should start in the middle of the room and work in both directions. This has the benefit of allowing you to work on the floor for half the room.

Since you will likely be installing the vinyl plank in a long, straight line, starting in the middle of the room also helps you avoid awkward angles at the edges. They are unavoidable, for the most part, but you can limit the look by starting in the middle.

Use Your Tools: There are a number of tools available for use when you install vinyl plank flooring. This includes an installation kit that is available at most hardware stores.

The installation kit will have the tools necessary to install the floor and to avoid some of the pitfalls, such as installing it too close to the edge.

A vinyl plank floor should be run so you are looking down the planks when standing at the front door or the entrance to any room. Otherwise, the floor should follow the sunlight or run along the longest, straight wall in the room.

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