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YouTube Full Screen Not Working

There are times when a window view of content on YouTube is completely sufficient for the needs of the viewer, but for those that want to have a wider view of the video they are watching, full-screen mode is a better option, but what if full-screen isn’t working on YouTube?

YouTube not showing full screen on TV might be due to incorrect aspect ratio settings. Navigate to your TV settings, select ‘Picture’ or ‘Display’, and adjust the aspect ratio to fit the screen size. Typically, selecting ’16:9′ or ‘Fit to Screen’ should resolve the issue, ensuring that your YouTube videos take center stage, providing a full, immersive viewing experience on your TV.

In some instances, the issue might stem from the YouTube app itself, particularly if it’s outdated or glitching. Ensure that your YouTube app is updated to the latest version to optimize performance and compatibility with your TV. Navigate to your TV’s app store, locate YouTube, and select ‘Update’ if available. Additionally, try clearing the app’s cache and data through the settings, as accumulated cache might hinder smooth functionality. Restart the app and check if the full-screen issue has been resolved, allowing you to dive into your favorite content without visual limitations.

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Moreover, the HDMI connection between your TV and the streaming device (if you’re using one) might be influencing the full-screen display of YouTube videos. Ensure that the HDMI cable is securely connected to both the TV and the streaming device. Try using a different HDMI port on your TV, as sometimes specific ports may have different display settings. Additionally, inspect the HDMI cable for any visible damage and consider replacing it if it appears worn or faulty. A secure and high-quality HDMI connection ensures that the digital signal transmitting to your TV is robust, providing a clear, full-screen spectacle of your YouTube adventures.

YouTube Full Screen Not Working

When using the window view video setting on YouTube, you are able to continue to scroll on the platform beneath the content that you are watching, can see the various stats of your phone at the top of the screen, are still able to view the time, and, depending on the device you are using, can work with another website while you have YouTube running. However, if you want to switch to full screen mode and you notice that it is not working, read on to see what can be done.

If full screen mode isn’t working on YouTube, try clearing the cache of the browser you are using, be sure YouTube has been set to full screen mode on devices connected to a TV through mirroring, delete and reinstall the YouTube app, and force stop the application.

YouTube Full Screen Not Working on iPad/iPhone

Watching youtube in laptop

With YouTube being a video sharing platform, there is a certain expectation that the content within this platform should be able to go anywhere your devices can take you and luckily for any iPad or iPhone users, they can do so without having to think twice. However, if you are using YouTube on either of these devices and you try to go into full screen mode while watching a video, what might be the cause of the problem if the video will not expand?

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If full screen mode is not working on YouTube with your iPad or iPhone, it could be that the cache needs to be cleared on the browser you are using. The way to complete this process will vary depending on what browser you are accessing YouTube through, but all are relatively simple.

YouTube Full Screen Not Working on TV

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If you own a smart TV, YouTube is available to you by either downloading the application on the TV itself, by mirroring your smart device directly to your TV when using YouTube, and can even be accessed through a web browser on your televisions. Regardless of the method you are using, YouTube will have the same interface across all methods, which means that window view will be the default view. If full screen will not work for you on your TV, take a look below.

If YouTube full screen is not working on your TV, be sure that you have YouTube in full screen mode if connected to your TV through mirroring. If you are using the YouTube app, uninstall the application, turn the TV off, then reinstall YouTube to see if it will go into full screen mode.

YouTube Full Screen Not Working on Android

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If you are someone who prefers Android over Apple, you may share a few differences as far as how your devices operate, but when it comes to applications and platforms that are shared between the two, many Android users find themselves using YouTube just as much as anyone else. If you have YouTube pulled up through the application or are using the platform through a web browser, but see that the full screen mode is not working, what can be done?

If full screen mode isn’t working on android and you are using the app, click on the app icon and press the option ‘App Info’ then select ‘Force Stop’ and confirm. Once done, go back into the application and try once more to see if you are able to view content in full screen mode.

YouTube Full Screen Not Working on Mac

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If you have a Mac, you can either access YouTube through a web browser or can get to the platform by going through the downloaded YouTube app. Depending on how much you use YouTube and what you use it for, you may prefer one method over the other, but when it comes to watching videos, especially those that are lengthy, most want to be able to do so in full screen mode. If full screen isn’t working on your Mac when using YouTube, what is the fix?

If full screen mode isn’t working on YouTube when using a mac, try accessing YouTube through another web browser. If this does not work, be sure you are watching a video that has not been embedded in another site, as you want the video to come directly from YouTube.

If full screen isnt working on YouTube, clear the cache of the browser you are using, be sure YouTube has been set to full screen mode on devices connected to a TV through mirroring, delete and reinstall the YouTube app, and be sure you are not watching a video that has been embedded into another site.

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