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Beko Dishwasher No Light/Flashing Problems

Beko dishwasher display panel lights will illuminate when an error has been detected. Is your Beko dishwasher trying to tell you something?

If your Beko dishwasher has no lights/flashing problems, it could mean either the dishwasher is not receiving power, or an error has been detected with the water pressure, the Rinse Aid or Salt compartments, or the heating element is not working correctly.

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There are a variety of reasons why your Beko dishwasher has flashing lights. Thankfully, not all lights mean there is a serious problem. This article will address some of the reasons why your Beko dishwasher has light/flashing problems.

Beko Dishwasher Lights Not Working

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The display panel on the dishwasher has lights to let us know which function is being selected or in use. What does it mean when there are no lights working?

If your Beko dishwasher lights are not working, the dishwasher is not receiving power. Check the power source to make sure it is receiving sufficient electricity. Inspect the main control board of the dishwasher for loose wires.

It is common for Beko dishwasher display lights to stop working if there was a recent power outage or surge. Unplug the dishwasher or turn off the breaker supplying power to the circuit the dishwasher is on for at least 5 minutes.

Another common reason for why the display lights are not working is due to the control board. The control board is responsible for communicating commands to the rest of the dishwasher. This board gets a lot of use so over time the wires could become loose or damaged.

The control board is not difficult to get to or replace but if your Beko dishwasher is still under warranty, it is best to contact a Beko technician to replace the control board.

Beko Dishwasher Flashing Start Light

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A flashing Start light might seem like a good thing but when it comes to your Beko dishwasher it actually means ‘Stop’. The reason why the ‘Start’ light is flashing is a simple one.

If your Beko dishwasher has a flashing light, the dishwasher is not able to begin the wash cycle. Make sure the dishwasher door is clear of any obstructions and the door can securely shut and be locked.

If the Start light is flashing and the dishwasher will not start, the Start button has been pressed too many times. Resetting the dishwasher will clear out this error.

There are two ways you can reset the dishwasher. The first way is by pressing and holding the Start button for 5 seconds or until you hear a beeping sound.

You can also disconnect the dishwasher for its power source, letting the dishwasher rest without electricity for at least 5 minutes. This will allow the dishwasher time to drain any remaining electricity remaining in the system and the error will clear out.

Beko Dishwasher Wash Light Flashing

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Is your Beko dishwasher Wash light flashing? Here is what the dishwasher is trying to tell you.

If your Beko dishwasher wash light is flashing, there is an issue with the water pressure. Make sure the water valve is open so that there is enough pressure to force water through. Inspect the drain hose for any obstructions or kinks that would prevent water from draining out of the dishwasher.

The wash light will also flash if the sensors inside the dishwasher are not working correctly. One reason how this could happen is detergent related.

Dish Detergent

Using the wrong kind of detergent for a Becko dishwasher will affect the performance of your Beko dishwasher.

When the detergent is too sudsy, or if you use too much detergent, the suds will affect the sensors inside the machine. The machine will not sense the water level and the wash cycle will stop, causing the light to flash.

Time Delay

If the Time Delay Start button has been pushed, the dishwasher will not start when you press ‘Start’. The Time Delay indicator light should be illuminated when this setting is chosen but if there is a short in the control board, the light will not flash. The only indicator you will have to let you know there is an issue is the ‘Wash’ light flashing.

The time delay command will need to be cleared out in order for the dishwasher to run a normal cycle. Press and hold the ‘Start’ button for 5 seconds or until you hear a beep. You can also unplug the dishwasher for 5 minutes.

Beko Dishwasher Wash and Dry Light Flashing

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We love knowing when the dishes are clean and dry. But it can be confusing when the dishwasher always says the dishes are clean and dry. Why is that happening?

If your Beck dishwasher wash and dry light is flashing, the appropriate temperature for washing, sanitizing, and drying the dishes cannot be reached. This indicates there is a defect with the heating element or the entire heating assembly.

Increasing the water temperature or replacing the heating assembly can be dangerous. A certified Beko Plumber will be able to safely and quickly diagnose the issue and make the necessary adjustments or repairs

Beko Dishwasher Stuck On Eco Light Flashing

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Economy settings on the dishwasher are ideal when you are trying to save on energy and be more efficient. But if the Eco light is flashing, this means the dishwasher has encountered a serious problem.

If your Beko dishwasher is stuck on eco light flashing, water has leaked down into the basin underneath the dishwasher, activating the anti-flood switch. The water will need to be drained out of the basin and the reason for the leak identified.

You can remove the water from the dishwasher basin by doing the following steps.

Step 1: Unplug the dishwasher from the wall outlet.

Step 2: Pull the dishwasher out from the cabinet space, if in one.

Step 3: Place a towel on the floor behind the dishwasher.

Step 4: Tilt the dishwasher backwards 45 degrees, draining the water out.

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Step 5: Return the dishwasher to its space and plug it back in.

Removing the excess water will reset the Eco setting. If the issue persists, call your local plumber to come and inspect the water pipes and valves supplying the dishwasher with water to identify where the leak is coming from.

Beko Dishwasher Salt and On Light Flashing

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Beko dishwashers utilize salt to help further sanitize the dishes and to help soften the water. If the ‘Salt’ light is flashing, it might be time to inspect the salt dispenser.

If your Beko dishwasher Salt and On light is flashing, the salt reservoir may be empty. The salt reservoir is located underneath the bottom dish rack. Remove the rack and then remove the salt reservoir cap. Use a funnel to carefully pour the salt into the reservoir.

When using the Salt reservoir for the first time, first fill the reservoir with 2 liters of water. The water will ensure the salt is fully dissolved before being dispensed into the dishwasher but it also means there will always be sufficient water in the reservoir for future salt refills.

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After filling the salt reservoir, run a test program to ensure that the ‘Salt’ and ‘On’ lights turn off. Running a test cycle will also wash away any salt that may have spilled inside the dishwasher.

Loose salt could easily scratch glasses and other delicate dishes so make sure none of those items are in the dishwasher during the test cycle.

If the light continues to come on, clean the salt reservoir with warm water. The salt could have formed a blockage that is sending a false signal to the control board.

It is also important to only use the recommended salt for your Beko dishwasher. Not all salts are created equal when it comes to using it in a dishwasher.

Beko Dishwasher Rinse Aid Salt and On Light Flashing

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Are the “Rinse Aid’, ‘Salt’, and ‘On’ lights all flashing? The reason could be less complicated than you think.

If your Beko dishwasher Rinse Aid Salt and On light is flashing, the dishwasher is not draining properly. Remove the pump and clean the filter. Inspect the drain hose for kinks or clogs that would prevent water from flowing out of the dishwasher.

The ‘Rinse Aid’, ‘Salt’, ‘On’ lights will flash if there is a problem with the dishwasher’s pressure system. The pressure system will be affected if food is blocking the filter or if the pressure hose in the back of the dishwasher is clogged.

It is also a good idea to make sure there is enough water pressure being supplied to the dishwasher. If the water pressure is too low, more Rinse Aid and Salt will be used, causing these lights to flash on the dishwasher.

Flashing Green Light On Beko Dishwasher

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Green lights are usually a welcomed sight because it means ‘Go’. Unfortunately, this green light means ‘Stop’.

The flashing green light on Beko dishwasher means there is an error within the dishwasher control system. Press and hold the ‘P’ button for 3 seconds. Turn the dishwasher off and then on again to reset it and clear any software glitches.

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