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Bose Microphone Not Working (How To Fix)

Whether you are using a wireless microphone or one that is connected to a headset, Bose offers users the ability to speak and not worry about sound accuracy, clearness, or feedback. If you are using a Bose microphone but it suddenly is not working, is there a fix?

If your Bose microphone isn’t working, confirm that the mic has not been muted, reset the product, use the mic with a different product, ensure it has been set up properly on your device, check that the mic is compatible with your device, use an adaptor, and be sure the jack is inserted securely.

Over the ear headphones with mic

When using a microphone, one of the most important things is that those listening are able to hear you without any type of straining required. The importance of the quality of the microphone is imperative, which is why Bose has risen above many other brands with the quality products they produce. However, although the technology within their microphones is second to none, there are times where glitches occur leaving owners wondering how exactly to fix them?

Bose Microphone Not Working

Over the ear headphones with mic

The intention behind using a microphone is being able to use your voice in a way that is completely transferable in its current structure to individuals, small groups, or even large crowds. If you were to have a microphone that distorts your voice, cut out during conversation, or had constant feedback after you had finished speaking, there would be no purpose in the piece. If you have a Bose microphone and it is not working, look below to find a solution.

If your Bose microphone is not working, first confirm that the mic has not been muted. To do this, simultaneously hold down both the ‘Volume +’ and ‘Volume -’ buttons for a few seconds. You will then hear a voice stating “Unmuted” which will then allow you to go back to a functioning state.

If you attempt this troubleshooting method and your Bose microphone is still not working, you may need to do product reset. To reset the microphone, turn off your microphone or headsets and wait for 30 seconds. You will then plug the headset into a product outlet through the use of a USB charger for 5 seconds. Once the 5 seconds have passed, unplug the USB cord from the product and wait one minute before turning it back on.

If you are still having problems with your Bose mic not working, but have only been using the microphone with one product, such as a laptop, try using the microphone with a different item. There have been times when the microphone does not work due to the malfunction of another product, rather than the microphone itself.

How Do I Turn on My Bose Microphone?

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When using any new product, there is often a setup period that will allow users to acclimate the item to other devices they are using it with. For speaker systems with Bose, the setup process will require users to charge their device then connect it directly to another item through the use of Bluetooth – a rather simple process that should only take a few minutes. Just as simple as a speaker setup though is the setup of a Bose microphone, but how do you do it?

To turn on a Bose microphone, there is actually no manual way to turn them off or turn them on within the hardware. This means that you will not be able to find any specific buttons indicating “On” or “Off,” but should be able to have immediate function as soon as the device is plugged in.

Bose microphone systems should be plugged into your computer and phone, then once paired should immediately begin to work with both sound and microphone completely functioning. However, once paired to a computer, you may have to manually select the microphone or headset within the “Recording Devices” menu of Windows by selecting ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Sound’ > ‘Recording Devices’ which will then display the mic and allow for selection.

If you have a Mac, pair your microphone by pressing the ‘Bluetooth’ button for 5 seconds and wait for the connection to be made. You will then click the Apple icon at the upper left-hand corner of the screen and select ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Internet and Wireless’ > ‘Bluetooth’ > ‘Set Up New Device’ > select the microphone you are trying to turn on and click ‘Continue.’ If the computer asks for a password, input ‘0000’ then press ‘Quit’ to complete.

How Do I Get My Microphone to Work on My Bose Headphones?

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Bose headphones allow users to hear their counterparts or other sound-operated entities with a crystal clear clarity that other headphones have a difficult time rivaling. Even more than this, when a microphone is paired with the headset, the technology within this mic also produces a smooth sound which helps to omit feedback from the mic while also giving users an easily audible voice. What do you do if the mic suddenly doesn’t work on your headphones?

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If the microphone on your Bose headphones is not working, it could be due to a variety of factors, including a loose connection, outdated firmware, or a software glitch. Try resetting the headphones by turning them off and on again, or disconnecting and reconnecting them to your device. Make sure the headphones are fully charged and that the microphone is not blocked by any debris or obstructions. If the issue persists, check for any firmware updates or try resetting your device’s audio settings. If none of these solutions work, contact Bose customer support for further assistance.

If your device isn’t compatible, this is the cause of your microphone not working which means that you will either need to use your headphones on another supported device or purchase a headphone and mic set that will work well with the device you have in mind. If you don’t want to purchase a new headphone set, you can purchase an adaptor to extend the functionality of your headset, but be sure it is of high quality so the sound coming to and from is not distorted.

If you are still having problems with your microphone not working on your headset, one of the most common problems is that the jack is not securely inserted on one or both ends. When setting up or simply your Bose headphones, be sure that the headphone jack is completely inserted into your device, as a loose jack will often cause the microphone function to go out first.

Bose Microphone Not Working Windows

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If you own a Windows computer and have purchased a Bose microphone, you would expect there to be no problem setting up and using this product with your own device. However, if you find that the microphone is not working on your Windows system, one of the first things you need to do is ensure that it has been set up properly. To find out how to set up a Bose microphone with Windows, see the previous section “How Do I Turn on my Bose Microphone?”

Once you have gone through the setup process for your Bose microphone on your Windows system, but notice that your product does not appear as an option within the ‘Recording Devices Menu,’ you have encountered a problem with pairing, as the mic should not be paired as a multimedia device.

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When pairing your device to your Windows system, be sure that you pair it as a “Bluetooth headset” rather than a multimedia device so that it will allow for the mic to function without issue. Also note that Skype and other types of conference software may have their own internet audio menu, which will require you to select which device will be used as a microphone on each call.

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