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Bose Keeps (Skipping/Cutting Out/Dropping Out/Stopping/Falling Out)

Nobody wants their music interrupted, especially when you’ve paid for quality speakers like Bose. Unfortunately, there have been many people struggling with Bose speakers or headphones skipping, dropping out, stopping or falling out their ears. This article will help you find a solution if you have been experiencing the same.

Bose speakers or headphones will be disrupted if your Bluetooth device is out of range, the batteries are low or there is interference. This can include other devices, the Wi-Fi network, background apps or physical barriers. If you have earbuds that fall out, they will need to be fitted correctly.

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I will go through some troubleshooting methods for these issues so that your Bose speaker or headphones work seamlessly once again. If you are struggling with your earbuds falling out and disrupting your music, you can find how to properly fit them to your ears below.

Bose Headphones Keep Cutting Out

An unstable Bluetooth connection is one reason why Bose headphones may keep cutting out. This can be caused by interference or signal blockage between the headphones and the audio source. To fix this issue, try moving closer to the audio source and staying within range.

There are several other reasons why Bose headphones may keep cutting out. One reason is a low battery. If the battery of your Bose headphone becomes depleted, it can repeatedly cut out until it stops turning on altogether. This is the easiest problem to fix with the headphones disconnecting. The device will often give you an audio notification while playing, telling you that the battery is low.

Another reason for Bose headphones cutting out could be a bad headphone connection cable. If you use the headphone jack connection method, then chances are that your cutting-out problem is coming from the cord. The cord may either be twisted or kinked which results in interrupted playing.

A third reason for Bose headphones cutting out could be due to software bugs or outdated firmware. Bose headphones belong in the high-end category of sound devices and have advanced features like ANC (active noise cancelation) and spatial audio. There have been multiple reports of users experiencing issues with sound delivery. You may want to make sure that the firmware is updated before making any conclusions.

Bose Keeps Skipping

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Bose devices tend to start skipping when they are out of range of your Bluetooth device or if there is some form of interference.

Bring the Devices Closer Together

Make sure your Bluetooth device is still within range of your Bluetooth speaker or headphones. This is usually around 30 feet, so you can certainly get this issue if you are playing music from your phone on the other end of the house.

Eliminate Interference

Interference includes a multitude of problems that can occur with your Bluetooth speaker. You should be able to check if this is the issue by plugging your speaker in via auxiliary cable. If the sound works perfectly when plugged in, it is interference of some kind.

One form of interference can be from devices that generate electromagnetic energy. This can include other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, cordless phones or a wireless router.

You can also get interference from too many applications running on your Bluetooth device. If your phone or laptop is trying to run too many applications at once, it will not have enough power to send a seamless audio signal at the same time. Try closing any unused apps or programs.

Some speakers have Wi-Fi capabilities as well and will automatically connect to the 2.4GHz network on your router. Because your home network usually runs on this network, your home internet will cause interference with the speaker.

Try changing the speaker’s connectivity to a 5GHz network in your router’s settings. This can be accessed by typing your router’s IP address into your web browser and entering its username and password. The default entries for these are found on the router itself or in the operating manual.

Another possibility is that there is a physical barrier between the Bluetooth device and your speaker. Some people have found having their phone in their pocket is enough to weaken the Bluetooth signal.

Clear the Pairing List

A great way to help eliminate interference is to clear the speaker’s pairing list. You can do this by holding down the ‘Mute’ button for 10 seconds. You should also clear the pairing list on your Bluetooth device.

Once you have done this, reconnect the device you are using with the speaker. This should help eliminate interference from other Bluetooth devices.

Restart or Reset the Speaker

You can restart the speaker by turning the speaker off and then on again. This is sometimes enough to re-establish the connection, which may be stronger than previously.

If you are willing to undergo a factory reset, you can do this by pressing and holding the ‘On/Off’ button for 10 seconds. Once the speaker has powered off, the factory reset is complete and you can turn it back on again.

You will need to re-pair the speaker to your Bluetooth device after a factory reset.

Bose Keeps Cutting Out

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The sound of your Bose speaker will start cutting out when the battery is getting low. In this instance, you will simply need to plug in into a constant power source, or recharge the batteries.

Sometimes the battery may play up if your Bose speaker has entered ‘Shipping Mode’. Bose devices will do this to conserve battery if they have not been used for extended periods of time. Exiting shipping mode is usually done by connecting to constant power.

With some devices, you may need to follow the steps to enter ‘Shipping Mode’, so that you can then exit.

Entering Shipping Mode

Step 1: Connect the speaker to power.

Step 2: Hold down the ‘Multifunction’ button for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Continue to hold the ‘Multifunction’ button while you disconnect the speaker from the power.

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Step 4: Release the ‘Multifunction’ button and attempt to charge or use your speaker again.

If your speaker does not have a ‘Multifunction’ button, try the ‘Play/Pause’ button or the ‘On/Off’ button instead. You can also try this using a USB cable in the computer instead of a wall outlet.

Disconnect from Other Devices

As I mentioned earlier, you should try to disconnect from other Bluetooth devices by clearing the pairing list. This includes devices such as the Echo Dot, which has been known to cause these issues.

The Echo will automatically attempt to connect to your speaker every time it turns on. Disabling this may help with the connection between your speaker and Bluetooth device.

Bose Keeps Dropping Out

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If your Bose Bluetooth connection continually drops out, you may want to try the restart/reset method mentioned above. Otherwise, you can also try the following options.

Update the Firmware

Sometimes Bose will issue updates that have unknown software bugs. These bugs will only be made clear when people have issues such as the ones you may be experiencing.

If you currently do not have the most recent update, doing a firmware update may fix your issue. This can be done using the Bose Connect app or the Bose updater on the computer.

Contact Bose for a Replacement

If you have attempted all the troubleshooting techniques, make sure to log the issue with Bose. They may even be aware of a fault in the product and issue you with a replacement.

Bose Keeps Stopping

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Sometimes the Bose speaker or headphones will keep stopping or pausing the music. This may be a Bluetooth connectivity issue, which can be solved using the methods above.

It may also be external sources. Some people have found that changing internet providers fixed this issue. This means that the internet provider was affecting the download speed when streaming the music.

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Others have found that it was background applications such as Google Assist. As I mentioned earlier, excess background activity can affect the playback on your speakers. You should therefore close any unused apps and consider closing all background apps if the issue persists.

One simple explanation may be that the ‘Play/Pause’ button or function is malfunctioning or being knocked somehow. It may seem like something simple, but worth looking into.

Bose Keeps Falling Out

Some people have had issues with their Bose earbuds falling out. This is something that relates to how the product sits in your ears.

All Bose earbuds come with three different sizes to try on. You should try all three before using the product to determine which feels the most comfortable and secure.

Most people’s issue is that they don’t realise that the earbuds are not designed to be inserted deep into the ear canal. This is a common misunderstanding, as this is traditionally how noise-cancelling earphones worked.

For Bose earbuds, the fitted piece is designed to rest in the inner-cartilage of the ear, with the speaker resting at the entrance of your ear canal.

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