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Bradford White Water Heater Noise Problem

Water heaters need a good amount of energy to turn them on or off. Like with any appliance, you may notice several different sounds that come from your Bradford white water heater. This is not always an indication of a problem, as some of the sounds come with the natural function of your water heater. It can also be a sign that you need to do maintenance or parts need to be replaced.

If your Bradford white water heater is facing a noise problem, it’s important to target what type of sound it is making. More often than not, sounds from your Bradford white water heater are due to a build-up of sediment over time. You should also check your connectors and vent valve to ensure that they are properly secured. 

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With your water heater, regular maintenance is important. This not only prolongs your water heaters’ lifespan but also prevents noise problems. If you are experiencing a noise problem and let it continue for a prolonged period of time, it is most likely to cause greater damage. This may lead to you needing to replace parts, or in extreme cases, the entire water heater.

Bradford White Water Heater Fan/Blowing Noise

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Water heaters, like all appliances, make noises. Because of the way that a water heater works, you will hear sounds when it is running. Depending on the sound, this is typically nothing to be concerned about.

If your Bradford white water heater has a fan or a blowing noise, this is typically normal. When your water heater is in use, your fan will be engaged to prevent your water heater from overheating. You should only be concerned if your fan is running while your water heater is cooling on or set on the off setting.

If this is the case, you may need to replace your Bradford white water heater fan. You can first check to make sure that there are no debris or obstructions that could make the fan noise more prominent than usual.

Bradford White Water Heater Popping Noise

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You may notice from time to time that your Bradford white water heater will make a popping noise when it is in use. This isn’t a noise that is typical with a new water heater. However, over time you may hear this.

If you can hear a popping noise in your Bradford white water heater, it is most likely due to a build-up of sediment. The heating elements on the inside of your water heater are exposed to calcium and magnesium over time. If this problem is not addressed, when the water heats up it forces its way through that build-up.

As a result of this, there will be a popping noise when the water breaks its way through. Regular maintenance and cleaning of debris and corrosion can correct this issue. If left for too long, you will need to replace your heating elements to prevent further damage to your water heater.

Bradford White Water Heater Clicking Noises

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When your Bradford white water heater comes on, there sometimes may be a clicking noise. While water heaters inherently make noise, this can be a normal noise, but it can also indicate that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

If your Bradford white water heater makes a clicking noise while in use, the first explanation could be your pipes expanding. When the heat runs through the pipes in your walls it causes them to expand, especially in older houses. Some people refer to this as the house ‘breathing’, as the pipes expand and then return to normal.

If the clicking is constant it may be due to the threaded lugs on top of your Bradford white water heater. If the noise continues, you can switch them out and install threaded connectors. This makes it easier, in the long run, to detach your water heater when you have to do service.

The noise could also be due to a foreign object stuck in the power vent. You should turn off the power to your water heater before removing the power vent cover to check for any signs of debris. 

Bradford White Water Heater Knocking Noise

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If your Bradford white water heater turns on and you hear a knocking noise, there are a couple of issues that you could face. The noise sounds almost like something is banging around your water heater. If you rule out that the sound is coming from your pipes in the walls, there are two other things that you should check. 

If your Bradford white water heater is making a knocking noise it could be due to calcium and other sediments. If not maintained, they build up over time. Once your water heater turns on, the water tosses these sediments around. Besides cleaning the sediments out of your water heater, one easy way to fix this is to install a reverse osmosis system.

A reverse osmosis system will filter out much of the heavy sediment in your water. It’s important to flush your water heater if you do install one. Otherwise, sediments will still be present in your water heater. 

You can also install a shock or hammer arrestor to prevent this noise. A shock or hammer arrestor is installed in the wall behind your water heater. It can reduce the level of sound that is produced through your pipes. 

Bradford White Water Heater Power Vent Noise

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When it comes to your Bradford White Water heater, one of the noises that you may encounter is a noise from the power vent. This is usually a high-pitched noise, similar to a tea kettle. If you hear this noise, it is usually an easy fix.

If your Bradford white water heater power vent is making noise, check to make sure that you have closed it all the way. If it is not closed all the way, hot water and steam can be released, causing a screeching noise. This can also be present if you’ve just had maintenance done. If the pressure isn’t properly released, the hot air will force its way out.

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Open your valve to reduce the pressure before tightening it fully again. 

Bradford White Water Heater Noise Proble

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When it comes to Bradford white water heaters, many noises, such as when it turns on and is running, are normal. You may experience noises, however, that are different from your daily sounds. One important factor in preventing your Bradford white water heater from making noises is regular maintenance. Build-up and debris can lead to unusual noises in your water heater.

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