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Can You Put Flagstone on Uneven Ground? (How To)

Whether you are trying to upgrade a walkway or create a beautiful seating place in your backyard, flagstone is a perfect way to complement the natural beauty of your garden. Flagstone naturally makes your space feel more organic and gives the entire yard or garden a beautifully finished look. But can you put flagstone on uneven ground? 

Yes. Flagstone is an excellent option for patios, walkways, or other solid surfaces in your yard, especially if the ground is uneven. Because each stone is set individually, the process of laying flagstone lends itself to taking uneven surfaces and making them level. Try flagstone in your yard.

Flagstone rock on the ground

 Below, we will show you how to lay flagstone on uneven ground and create beautiful spaces even in the most unlevel patches of ground. Your dreams of an outdoor space that is perfect for relaxing in the evenings or entertaining guests is just a few simple steps away.

Should You Put Flagstone on Uneven Ground?

Flagstone rock on the ground

Whenever you are upgrading your backyard to create a more inviting space, adding a seating area or a place to set up a grill is a common backyard addition. There are a lot of options out there for creating a patio space, if you are unsure which material to use, consider flagstones. Flagstones are just natural-looking stones that are cut to provide even stepping stones for walkways, paths, patios, and more. 

  Flagstones are ideal for yards with uneven ground because each stone is laid individually and can be made to perfectly line up with the others easily. Additionally, because the natural stone look of flagstone is uneven in nature, it can help make the space look more organic and appealing.

The only problem you may encounter while installing flagstone on uneven ground is if the slope is too great. This issue can make it difficult to keep the stones in place while installing them or if there is a lot of rain. Weather and natural wear and tear from usage will not impact flagstone in many cases, but heavy rains can create problems down the road.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Flagstone on Uneven Ground?

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Before you begin placing your flagstone walkway, patio, or other feature, you will want to gather a few essential supplies. These tools will help you to create an even and comfortable space to lay each stone and ensure it fits perfectly with the others while creating an aesthetic you will love. 

The first thing you will need is a shovel or a small trowel, the flagstones, and sand to compact the ground under each of the stones. The shovel and trowel are used to help dig out the area underneath each of the stones, while the sand is used to provide an even surface to place the stones on.

If you are trying to create an intricate pattern or a specific shape, then you might need tools to cut the flagstone. Tile cutters might be strong enough to break through smaller stones, but you will likely need a chisel and a mallet of some kind if you need to create specific shapes in the flagstone.

What Preparations Do You Need to Install Flagstone on Uneven Ground?

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The first thing you will need to do in order to prepare your space for installing flagstone on uneven ground is to pick the space in your yard for the new patio or path. Depending on what type of landscaping you are trying to create, you may need to mark out the specific area with string and stakes to ensure you have enough flagstone and sand to cover the space.

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  Before you can begin installing the flagstone, you will need to remove all the grass, vegetation, and debris from the area. This will help you to see how uneven the ground is and ensure you get a clean finished look. Use the shovel to remove the dirt and even out the area before you lay each stone.

 It’s not hard to prepare your yard for a flagstone patio or walkway. In fact, you can do so in just an afternoon by using the right tools to clean up the space and get it ready for digging out the dirt for placing the stones. If you are going for a specific look, try laying out the stones on the uneven ground before you begin to get an idea of where each piece will end up. This is another great way to get an idea for how many materials you’ll need to finish the project. 

How to Install Flagstone on Uneven Ground

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As mentioned above, before you begin installing flagstone on uneven ground, you will need to pick the location of your project and mark out the area. If you are planning to put in a patio, then you may want to clear the space and prepare the area as a whole instead of specifically shaping the ground under each stone.

 For a flagstone pathway, place each stone on the ground and trace around it with a trowel or shovel. Once you have a clear outline, remove the stone, and dig out the dirt underneath, fill it with sand, and place the stone on top. The edges of the stone should be even with the ground.

 If you are installing a patio instead of a pathway, you will want to excavate the entire space before starting to lay the stones. Clear out the whole shape of the patio and dig at least six inches down, then fill the space with sand, leaving enough room for the flagstones to be even with the ground once laid.

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After you have set the stones into the sand, you can fill in the gaps with sand, small stones, gravel, or other materials that help to reduce weed growth and create a clean and finished look. Another way to ensure weeds do not mess up your beautiful new patio is to ensure there is enough drainage from the area so that it does not stay damp or wet after rainfall.

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