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Can You Put Linoleum On Garage Floor? (How To)

There is a variety of flooring materials that are suitable for garage floors. However, linoleum may not be the best option.

Linoleum can be put on a garage floor, although it is not suitable for the main garage areas. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, garage flooring must be made of “certified, non-combustible material”. Linoleum is a natural product that can catch on fire.

Plain flooring of garage

The oils and other corrosive chemicals found in the typical garage make linoleum an unsuitable material with which to cover the floor where you park your car.

As your car will also introduce a large amount of moisture as well as sand, salt, and other debris onto the linoleum, it won’t be long before the material breaks down and either rots or comes apart.

However, there are parts of your garage where you can place linoleum on the floor, so long as the temperature is maintained above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should You Put Linoleum On A Garage Floor?

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum is a natural product that is suitable for a host of flooring uses. But, garages are home to many different chemicals and solvents that will destroy linoleum very quickly.

You should not put linoleum on the floor of your garage where a car is parked. The moisture and other debris will quickly destroy the linoleum. However, you can put the linoleum on those parts of the garage floor that are away from the water and liquids found under motor vehicles.

You can use linoleum in the high-foot traffic areas of your garage without worrying about the chemicals destroying the surface.

You can also use linoleum as a countertop covering. Its soft pliable surface resists cuts and scratches from dropped tools and knives and the material does not readily burn.

Before installing linoleum in a garage, it is best to thoroughly clean the floor, making sure that there is b= grease or oil left behind to seep into the linoleum. Any holes or other imperfections should be filled and the surface checked for smoothness before fitting the linoleum.

What Tools Do You Need To Put Linoleum On A Garage Floor?

Tools for linoleum

The simplicity of using linoleum is one of its best features. It can be sliced with a sharp knife, and there isn’t much equipment needed.

You will want a screwdriver, a putty knife, a scraper, and a very sharp knife. A metal straight edge or ruler, and some tape are all helpful tools. Applying latex sealant is best done using a caulking gun, and using an applicator will result in a more polished finish.

Linoleum is simple to cut with a sharp knife. You may make highly precise cuts by using a straight edge or ruler as a guide. You can accurately measure and determine how much linoleum you’ll need for the task with the use of a tape measure.

You’ll need a solvent to remove any oil, brake fluid, or grease from the floor before washing it and allowing it to dry. Filling any holes or imperfections will result in a cleaner finish and less likelihood of water getting under the linoleum and causing it to rot.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Linoleum On A Garage Floor?

Man showing the linoleum

The biggest danger to a linoleum floor in a garage is water and corrosive chemicals. If you can ensure that these are kept away from the linoleum, then the chances are good that the floor covering will last a long time.

To prepare a garage floor to receive a linoleum covering, wipe away all dirt and grease using a suitable solvent. Once the floor is clean, fill any holes and make sure the surface is smooth. Apply a liberal quantity of glue, making sure that you squeeze out any air bubbles with a heavy roller.

Once the floor is clean and smooth, make sure that the area that is covered by the linoleum doesn’t include any area on which vehicles will stand for any length of time.

The water, oil, and other corrosive liquids found under the motor vehicle will cause the linoleum to deteriorate very quickly and the covering will be ruined.

How To Install Linoleum On A Garage Floor

confused man standing

There is very little difference in installing linoleum on a garage floor when compared to any other surface.

However, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure that the linoleum lasts as long as possible.

When fitting linoleum to a garage floor, the most important concern is to prevent water, oil, and grease from penetrating the surface. To this end, avoid fitting linoleum on the floor where motor vehicles will be parked. Clean the floor with a solvent before putting glue down and fitting the linoleum.

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After using the solvent to remove any grease and grime from the floor, fill the holes and imperfections to ensure a smooth surface.

Measure the area you want to be covered and cut the linoleum to size using a sharp knife. Since the dimensions of your garage can vary, you can use butcher’s paper to create a template of the area before tracing the outline onto the linoleum.

Test-fit the linoleum to ensure a tight fit, before using adhesive, trim any edges that are in the way so that the joins are tight.

If your linoleum has a pre-glued surface and backing paper, remove the backing paper before putting it in place and firmly pressing the linoleum into its final position.

If you are using glue, place a liberal amount on the floor and make sure that it is evenly covering the area on which you wish to position the linoleum. Leave a little space around the edges so that the expanding linoleum has room to move.

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Once the linoleum has settled in place, glue the edges and make sure that you roll the air bubbles out from the center to the edges.

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