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Can You Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs? (How to)

Not only is sheet vinyl an attractive addition to any home, it is also versatile and easy to use. This common, and popular choice , for floors, is used in several areas within the home and office; it begs the question: can you put sheet vinyl flooring on stairs?

You can use sheet vinyl flooring on stairs. However, to install sheet flooring on stairs, you must ensure that you take accurate measurements. Proceed with caution as vinyl sheets are somewhat slippery. It is also advisable not to get any liquids on the vinyl sheet as this could cause accidents.

This article details how to install sheet vinyl on your stairs, problems to look out for, and the tools you would need for the installation process.

Can You Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs?

You can put sheet vinyl flooring on stairs. Sheet vinyl flooring is durable and, if installed properly, can last a very long time without the need to renovate. Not to mention that they are easy to maintain, relatively cheap, and help preserve the condition of your walls or stairs.

Generally, vinyl flooring gives the home a more contemporary feel. Despite their simplicity, they provide the home with a cool ambiance.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Vinyl Flooring on Stairs

Some important factors, to take into consideration before installing vinyl sheets, are:

Proper Planning

The first step to installing any sheet vinyl is to get your measurements right. If your measurements are slightly off, your vinyl sheets could have strange corners or disrupted patterns. Hence, ensure that your measurements are in order before working with sheet vinyl.

Having an Eye for Detail

Installing sheet vinyl can be tedious, however, this does not mean it is not achievable. All you need to do is follow the steps we will be discussing in the latter section of the article. Also, to ensure the success of the project, having an eye for detail is crucial. These details add up to give the overall refined look that comes with having vinyl sheets.

The best part, about having vinyl sheets, is that you can replace sheet it just as easily as you install it. If you’re easily bored or become tired of your home decor, vinyl sheets are the way to go. They allow you to explore and experiment with new designs without worrying about the huge financial burden that perhaps other types of flooring, for example wood or natural stone, would cost.

Should You Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs?

Although you can put sheet vinyl flooring on stairs, ideally you shouldn’t. Instead of using sheet vinyl, we suggest you use tiles or planks. This is because:

Problem 1: Sheet Vinyl is prone to cause accidents when wet.

Solution 1: If you must use vinyl sheets on your staircase, ensure that it is always kept dry, as water spills could cause serious accidents.

Solution 2: Alternatively, you can put carpet rugs on the stairs after installing the vinyl sheets. This would help prevent accidents and give you a better footing.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs?

Putting vinyl flooring on stairs is a meticulous task. As such, the tools required for this job include:

  • Vinyl sheets
  • Adhesive glue
  • Stair risers
  • Plywood Underlayment (optional)
  • Stair edging
  • Foam strip adhesive (optional)
  • Straight edge
  • Utility knife
  • Smooth, even surface for cutting the vinyl sheet
  • Small short nap roller (optional)
  • Hand roller

What Preparations Do You Need to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs?

Vinyl sheets should be glued down on a flat, dry surface in one continuous piece. They are usually applied to broad, unobstructed surfaces. However, here are a few steps to prepare your stairs for vinyl sheet installation:

  • Clean the stairs thoroughly, so dust and sand particles do not get in your way during installation.
  • After cleaning the stairs, seal them with caulking and paint.
  • If your stairs are in bad shape, you should start by installing a thin layer of plywood underlayment on the tread runs. This ensures a flat surface to lay your vinyl sheets on and improves the overall appearance of the sheets.

After prepping your staircase, the next step is to install the vinyl sheet flooring.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring on Stairs

Using vinyl sheets for your stairs can be quite challenging. However, with the following steps, you’ll be able to install vinyl sheeting in no time.

Step 1: Measure the Width and Depth of the Tread runs

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Because your staircase may not be perfectly symmetrical, taking precise measurements of each step will help you determine how much vinyl you’ll need.

To account for differences in the steps, it is best to measure each step separately. You should also measure each step multiple times to ensure that none of the sides differ. If there are differences between the two sides, divide the difference between them to get your measurement.

Step 2: Cut Out the Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Lay your vinyl sheet down carefully on a smooth, even surface. Once your sheet is in place, measure and mark the depth of the tread run on both sides of your vinyl sheet. With your straight edge, align the sheet and make clean, straight cuts of your measurements with your utility knife. If your vinyl has a pattern, ensure your cuts are also square with the pattern.

Step 3: Label and Place your Strips of Vinyl Sheet

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While cutting the vinyl sheets, indicate which piece of vinyl is for which step to avoid a mixup. After that, test the fit of the cut vinyl sheets on the designated steps to ensure that there are no mistakes, large gaps, or oversized areas. If everything looks good, it’s time to apply the vinyl.

Step 4: Apply glue on the Entire Tread Run Area

It might be easier to use a small short nap roller for this. Since you won’t be able to walk on the step once the adhesive is placed, only apply the adhesive to a few steps at a time. After applying the adhesive, leave it to dry for about 20 – 30 minutes.

Step 5: Place your Vinyl in Position

Carefully align the vinyl sheet by placing it down on one side and pressing it down while working your way to the other side. Firmly press down on the vinyl with your hands to ensure it stays in place.

Step 6: Roll the Vinyl to Remove Bubbles

Once the vinyl sheets are in position, rub a roller over them to remove any air bubbles and improve the adhesive. Roll the vinyl while applying strong pressure from the center to the edges. By doing it this way, all air bubbles are eliminated.

Step 7: Get Started on the Stair Rise

After installing all your vinyl, measure the height and width of your stair rise for each step. This measurement would help determine the material you need for the stair risers. You can purchase stair risers or choose to make them yourself.

Step 8: Install the Stair Risers

Apply some construction adhesive to the back side of the riser. Ensure the adhesive is at least one inch away from the end to prevent it from squeezing past the edges.

Step 9: Place your Risers

Set the riser in position and tap with your fist to help set the adhesive. After this, use a staple gun to secure the riser and help the adhesive. While using staples is optional, it helps keep your risers in place while the adhesive cures.

Step 10: Install Stair Edges

To install the stair edges, you must take accurate measurements across the step edge. Then, measure and mark the measurements for your step edge and cut the stair corner edging accordingly. To prevent creaking noises and weird sounds, install thin foam tape on the back side of the edging where it comes in contact with the riser.

On the stair edges, install the side with nail holes facing up, and each nail location should be about 8 inches apart.

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