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What Can You Use To Cut Ceramic Tile (How To)

If you are doing work around the home and need to cut ceramic tile, you are probably looking for the right tool for the job.

The best tool for cutting through ceramic tile is a wet saw. It has a blade that is covered with little diamonds and it will spin quickly so it cuts tile easily. The blade will also be kept cool by using a basin of water that soaks the blade while it is cutting.

Man cutting the tiles

If a wet saw were used as a dry saw, the blade would not last very long. It would heat up and eventually start smoking.

It’s all about friction when it comes to cutting ceramic tile. If you’re going to be doing a large job, there are options available but you can never beat the choice of using a wet saw for cutting ceramic tile.

What Can You Use To Cut Ceramic Tile (How To)

Although a wet saw is the best choice for cutting ceramic tile, it is by no means the only option available. In fact, there are a number of choices you may want to consider.

If you are doing a relatively small job and want to get by on a budget, you might consider using class cutters. It can make the cuts that are necessary and it can handle a few tiles easily.

There are also manual cutters that can easily cut a straight line in a ceramic tile. It is a bit time-consuming but it really is a very easy way to cut tile.

Even if you don’t have these tools available, you may be able to rent them at a local hardware store. Doing so can make the job easier and give you the chance to do a professional-looking job.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With An Angle Grinder?

Man cutting the tiles

Are you thinking about cutting ceramic tile with an angle grinder? Is it even possible to do so?

An angle grinder is one of the only handheld power tools that can be used to cut ceramic tile accurately. It is not the best tool for cutting tile, but it is one you may consider using if it is what you have available. As long as you use a diamond blade, you can cut straight lines or even curved lines to go around an obstacle.

If you are making a long cut on a ceramic tile using an angle grinder, you will have to secure the tile to a bench or another surface before you begin cutting. This will help to ensure the most accuracy when using an angle grinder.

You will be cutting through the tile so you want to be cautious about what you cut on. If you are cutting on a surface that should not be damaged, you will want to protect it in some way or another.

Angle grinders will also not likely cut the whole way through the tile on the first run. You may need to continue to make deeper cuts until it eventually goes through.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Dremel?

Man cutting the tiles

A Dremel tool is one of the most convenient tools you can have around the home. Is it convenient enough to cut ceramic tile?

A heavy duty Dremel tool can be used for making cuts in ceramic tile. It is not going to be the best option for a large job but if you just need to cut a hole in a tile that is already installed, it will be able to get through it easily. Make sure that you use a diamond blade so it will stand up to the task.

One of the reasons why Dremel makes such a convenient tool is because it offers so many different options. This is not only seen in the tool itself, it is also seen in the attachments that are available for it.

If you are going to make smaller, straight cuts with a Dremel tool, make sure that you use a diamond wheel blade. On the other hand, a tile bit can be used to cut circles or other irregular cuts.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Jigsaw?

Confuse worker man

Most of us tend to think about using jigsaws for cutting wood or soft material. Can you also use it for cutting ceramic tile?

A portable jigsaw is an indispensable tool for cutting ceramic tile, particularly if you are cutting small openings or notches in the tile. When using a diamond blade, you will be able to cut cleanly through the ceramic tile and leave behind an edge that is practically flawless.

Although cutting ceramic tile is possible with a jigsaw when you are doing unusual shapes, it is not necessarily the best tool for the job when doing long, straight cuts.

It is best to have a jigsaw on hand to make unusual or irregular cuts using a diamond edge blade. At the same time, you should also have another tool for the straight cuts, such as a wet saw.

If you have a room that does not necessarily have any unusual shapes or obstacles that need to be cut out, you may find that a jigsaw is not really necessary.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Circular Saw?

It is a circular saw able to cut through ceramic tile?

Confuse worker man

You can use a circular saw for cutting through tile and it is a very convenient choice for doing so. You must use a blade that is going to cut the tile cleanly, such as a diamond blade. Considering the fact that ceramic is such a hard material, you will have to use the diamond blade so that it cuts cleanly through the tile.

There are also options available for using the circular saw that will help you to make the most of the tool. This includes different types of blades, and one that will only score the tile.

If you are making straight cuts for the edge of the room that will be hidden under the baseboard, you might want to consider using a scoring wheel with the circular saw. It will cut enough of the tile to have it break cleanly when you put pressure on it.

Otherwise, you can use a standard diamond wheel that will cut cleanly through the tile so it can be installed without snapping.

Do not try to cut small pieces of ceramic tile using a circular saw unless you have them clamped to a bench. Never bet your fingers on the work you are doing.

You should also set up an area outside of the room where the tiles are being installed to cut the tiles. Using a circular saw can create a lot of dust, so do it in an area where cleanup can happen when you are finished.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Glass Cutter?

Man using cutting tools for the tiles

Do you have a glass cutter available? Is it possible to cut ceramic tile with it?

A glass cutter can be used for cutting ceramic tile for installation. It is used to score the tile so that it can be snapped along that line. Run the glass cutter over the tile using a straight edge several times to make the score mark. Put a small piece of material, such as a wire under the tile and it will snap at the line when you apply pressure to it.

Although a glass cutter is capable of cutting ceramic tile, most people don’t find it to be the best tool for the job. It can be used in a pinch or if you only have a few tiles to put down but otherwise, you will want to choose a more standard tool.

Think of it this way; just because something is capable of doing a job does not necessarily make it the right tool for doing the job. That is exactly what you have with a glass cutter.

It can cut the ceramic tile and many people use it for doing so, but if you have to cut many tiles, choose another tool.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Multi-Tool?

Tools for cutting the tile

One of the tools that many people have around the home is an oscillating multi-tool. Can you use it for cutting ceramic tile?

An oscillating tool can be used to cut tile and it is actually one of the best choices for the job. If you are only cutting a few tiles, you can use an oscillating multi-tool to replace the work done by other tools, such as a tile nipper.

Although you may want to use a multi tool for cutting ceramic tile, it is best used in conjunction with other tools. This would include a wet tile saw, which will make all of the straight cuts and do it much better than a multi tool could.

Typically, a multi tool is used for chipping away at the ceramic tile when you have to cut out a small piece of material. Perhaps it is a notch around an obstacle that needs to be removed and a multi tool can be used for that task.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Diamond Blade?

Man using cutting tools for the tiles

It is a diamond blade the right choice for cutting ceramic tile? Is there something better?

When cutting ceramic tile using a wet saw, angle grinder, or any other type of power saw, it is best if you use a diamond blade. The diamond blade is the choice that will make the cleanest cut in the tile.

It is not going to be a perfect cut, because a lot of that has to do with the tool you are using and any user error that comes into it.

There are also other types of blades they can be used for cutting ceramic tile. Some of these are used with very specific tools, such as a hacksaw. I’m talking about the carbide tipped blade.

Generally speaking, however, you are going to be using a diamond-tipped blade for the job.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Hacksaw?

Man using cutting tools for the tiles

Like most people, you have probably thought about how a hacksaw is perfectly suited for cutting ceramic tile. Is it possible to do it?

You can use a hacksaw to easily cut through ceramic tile, making odd shapes or perhaps cutting out a notch with ease. In order to do so, you would use a carbide-tipped blade and not the standard blade that came with the hacksaw.

You may also be able to purchase a hacksaw that is specific for the job. If you have to put down a considerable amount of tile, it may be worth the purchase.

Otherwise, you can just purchase a carbide-tipped blade and put it on your hacksaw that is typically used for cutting metal.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With An Oscillating Tool?

Confuse worker man

Are you considering using an oscillating tool to cut ceramic tile? Be sure you read this first.

You can do many things with an oscillating tool, including cutting ceramic tile. The vibrations that the oscillating tool uses to cut, sand, and scrape can be applied to ceramic tile but you have to use the right attachment.

Additionally, an oscillating tool is not going to be the best tool for the job but it can get you out of a pinch. Use it for making small cuts or when you need to do some fine-tuning of an existing cut that goes around an obstacle.

Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Miter Saw?

Man using cutting tools for the tiles

If you have a miter saw available, should you use it for cutting ceramic tile?

Although most people who install ceramic tile will use a wet saw, it is not out of the question to use a miter saw. If you have a miter saw that is large enough, it can cut through the tile and create any straight edge with ease.

As is the case with any type of power saw that can cut through different materials, you need to get the right saw blade for the job. In the case of cutting certamic tile with a miter saw, you should use a diamond blade.

One thing to keep in mind when using a miter saw is the possibility of cutting your fingers. When using a diamond blade on a wet saw, you may be aware that it won’t cut your finger easily. That isn’t the case with a dry, diamond tipped blade. It will cut your finger off if you get it in the way.

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Can You Cut Ceramic Tile With A Table Saw?

Man using cutting tools for the tiles

If you have a table saw, can you use it as a wet saw?

Although you can cut ceramic tile with a table saw, it is not recommended that you do so. One of the primary reasons why that is the case is because of all the dust that is created. A wet saw will keep the dust down but using a table saw will create a tremendous amount of dust that can damage the saw.

In addition, the dust that is created by the table saw can also be a hazard to you as well. Any time you are cutting something dry, you should wear a respirator, such as an N95.

That being said, if you only need to cut a few pieces of tile and you have a diamond blade for your table saw, you may be able to get by with using it. Just make sure that you explore the different options you have available before you settle in on one particular choice.

The bottom line is, you can use a table saw to cut ceramic tile but it is not the preferred method.

How To Properly Cut Ceramic Tile? (Tile Cutter)

Confuse worker man

If you are ready to get started on the project of installing ceramic tiles, then you need to know how to cut them properly. Here are the steps that should be taken.

The best way to cut ceramic tile is to use a wet saw with a diamond blade. The water will keep the blade cool and will reduce the dust to a minimum. In addition, there is less risk when using a wet saw because it will not cut your finger. Just make sure you don’t get your fingernail in the way.

Have you ever heard the expression, measure twice, cut once? I believe that applies to a wet saw more than almost any other type of cut. Measure carefully and then use a marker to mark the glazed side of the tile.

After cutting a piece of tile, set aside the scraps as they may come in handy in another area of the room.

If you don’t have a wet saw, you can typically rent one at a local hardware store. It won’t be ideal but you will be surprised with how much time and effort you save when you have the right tool for the right job.

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You can use almost any power tool to cut ceramic tile but you will have to use a diamond or carbide-tipped blade. It will make the cuts through the tile easily. The best tool for cutting ceramic tile is a wet saw.

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