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Dell Soundbar Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Using a computer is more than simply sitting at the keyboard and pounding away on the keys. It’s an entire experience that includes what we see and what we hear. That is why many people use a Dell soundbar but what can you do if yours is not working?

The easiest way to fix a Dell soundbar that is not working is to reset it. You should unplug the soundbar from the computer and the wall receptacle as well. Restart your computer and then plug the soundbar back in. That should be enough to get the soundbar working.

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Although it would be nice if things worked from the very time we try to fix them, there are occasions in which we may need to take things a step further. That includes issues with a Dell soundbar, and there are options.

Dell Soundbar Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

One of the options to consider is the cable you are using. This is a likely problem that should be investigated when you have an issue.

Since a Dell soundbar connects with a USB cable, you should try using another USB cable. Make sure that you are using the right technology, as USB has upgraded over the years.

You should also try using a different USB port. Most computers have many of these ports available. You can even try using one that you know works if you can disconnect something else temporarily.

If it works, try cleaning out the USB port that you were originally using. You can blow it out to make sure that there isn’t dust or dirt inside of the port and then use a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on it to swab the port.

Have you considered the possibility that you are having problems getting power to the Dell soundbar? You can try plugging it into a different receptacle or try plugging it directly into the wall.

Inspect the cable to make sure that it is not experiencing any problems. If you see any damage, such as burning on the receptacle or a cut in the line, you should replace the power cable.

Anything that could happen between the breaker panel and your computer should be investigated. If you see something that is not working, it is the likely culprit.

Finally, look in the control panel on your computer under systems and security. You can look for the hardware and sound section and then troubleshoot the audio playback.

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Windows will walk you through the system to complete the process of troubleshooting your soundbar. Sometimes, it does a good job of getting it working when you weren’t having any success otherwise.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific problems that can happen with a Dell soundbar and how to fix those issues.

Dell Soundbar Not Recognized

Black soundbar below the flatscreen tv

Windows typically does a good job of recognizing anything that is plugged into it automatically. What can you do if it doesn’t recognize your Dell soundbar?

A quick solution for a Dell soundbar that is not recognized is to connect the uplink cable to your Dell monitor and your computer using the USB ports. The LED should light up white on the side of the soundbar, indicating that it is connecting.

Typically, using the uplink cable is enough to get your Dell soundbar up and running without any other problems. If you continue to have difficulty, however, you should ensure that the uplink cable is connected properly.

There are two possible issues with the uplink cable, outside of the possibility that the cable itself is bad.

1. Not Plugged in – If you do not have the uplink cable seated properly in the USB ports, it is not going to work. You have to ensure that it is plugged in both to the soundbar and the computer firmly.

2. Wrong Port – There are also occasions in which the port itself is bad. Most devices and computers have multiple USB ports so you are given options to try different connections and see if they work.

If you are still experiencing problems with your Dell soundbar, open the device manager on your PC. The soundbar should be present within the device manager and you can even click on it to test various options.

If the soundbar is not present, try different USB ports. If all else fails, try plugging the soundbar into another computer or laptop and see if it connects automatically.

Dell Soundbar Microphone Not Working

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One of the frustrating issues we may experience at times is for a device not to work. What can you do if you plug in your Dell soundbar and the microphone is not working?

The easiest way to fix an issue with a Dell soundbar microphone is to check the microphone settings in the Windows settings location. Open up settings and go to privacy and look for the microphone. Check for the setting that allows apps to access the microphone and ensure it is turned on.

There may also be specific programs that you use on your computer and you may have to permit them to access the microphone as well. One of those is Microsoft Edge, the browser that belongs to Microsoft.

Check the settings and make sure that you allow Microsoft Edge to access your microphone. This is under the section that allows you to select the Microsoft store programs that can access the microphone.

If you have any other programs that regularly use the microphone, you should also ensure that they are selected in this area as well. Of course, you should guard your privacy and never allow something to access the microphone if you do not intend to use it.

Some other solutions can include ensuring that nothing is blocking the microphone and that you are close enough to it to be recognized.

Dell Soundbar No Sound

Black soundbar below the flatscreen tv

One of the main reasons why we enjoy our Dell soundbar is because of the awesome sound it produces. What if it becomes a problem where you can’t hear the sound?

One problem that could lead a Dell soundbar to not have any sound is for the external device to not be connected properly. Ensure that any device regardless of whether it is a monitor or a phone is connected properly using the cable. You should also ensure that the volume is not set at 0%.

Sometimes, you may be using your Dell soundbar with another device through USB streaming. This is a common way to use the soundbar but it can also cause problems of its own.

You may need to go into Windows and ensure that the volume controls are set to the maximum level. If that doesn’t work, try turning the volume knob on the soundbar higher.

Finally, check all of the cables and either clean or replace them. If that doesn’t work, test the soundbar with another device.

Dell Soundbar Static Noise

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If your Dell soundbar is not producing the cleanest sound, it is going to be a problem. What do you do if your soundbar produces static noise?

Your Dell soundbar should be firmly connected to the monitor without any loose objects touching the soundbar from elsewhere. Clearing the soundbar and ensuring that the plugs are connected properly will often reduce or eliminate the static noise.

Sometimes, you may be listening to the soundbar at a level higher than what it was designed for. If the volume knob is up and the window settings are up, it could produce static.

You can try lowering the volume to a lower level by rotating the volume knob in a counterclockwise direction. You can also try setting the volume in the window settings.

Dell Soundbar Volume Low

Black soundbar below the flatscreen tv

What can you do if your Dell soundbar is not producing enough sound? Here’s how to fix issues with the sound being too low.

One problem that can sometimes lower the volume is if an obstruction is blocking the sound coming out of the soundbar. This may sound like a simple fix but it works in most cases. Make sure that you have clear access to the sound from the soundbar.

Have you checked the volume knob on the soundbar? It should be turned clockwise to increase the volume. If you turn it up too much, however, you may get some static.

Finally, check the window settings for whatever application you are using. Make sure that the volume is turned up within the window settings.

Dell Soundbar Too Loud

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Sometimes your Dell soundbar may be too loud. This can be distracting and you may not like the solution.

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Unfortunately, the soundbar hardware for the Dell soundbar is flawed on some models. This has been a problem for several years and they are still waiting for a fix. Until that time, try reducing the volume in your window settings to the lowest level. You can also reduce any connected devices to a lower volume setting.

Make sure that you are updating the firmware in your Dell soundbar whenever it becomes available. When the issue is fixed, that is how it will be corrected.

How To Reset Dell Soundbar

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Do you need to reset your Dell soundbar? Here’s one way to do it.

To reset a Dell soundbar, disconnect the soundbar from the computer and any other devices that are connected to it. Unplug the soundbar and leave it unplugged for at least five minutes. After plugging the soundbar back in, you will see that the white LED light shows up and the connection will begin.

Unfortunately, a Dell soundbar is not created with a built-in reset option. Often, however, turning the power off and back on is enough to get it started again.

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If your Dell soundbar is not working, it may be a problem with one of the cables. Inspect the cables for any damage and replace them with other cables if possible. If that doesn’t work, try swapping to a different port on the connected device.