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Dewalt Drill Battery / Charger Problems

When you go to use your Dewalt drill and find that the battery hasn’t changed, it is the last thing that you want. When it comes to issues with charging, it can either be related to the battery or the charger itself. 

If your Dewalt drill is facing battery issues, one of the first things to consider is that your battery is flat. If your battery is flat, it can no longer be charged properly. Batteries, especially in tools that you frequently use, do not last forever. If the issue is with your charger, often resetting it can solve the problem.

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There are a few issues that can cause your Dewalt drill battery or charger. Here are a few ways to fix them.

Dewalt Drill Battery Won’t Charge

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If your Dewalt battery won’t charge, the first step should be to make sure that it is plugged into an outlet that is working. Plug it into an outlet that you know is working. If your charger is plugged into a power strip, unplug it from the power strip and plug it directly into an outlet. If your battery still isn’t working when you come back to check on it, there are a few other tricks to try.

If your Dewalt drill battery won’t charge you should check to see if there is any debris in your contacts. The battery contacts are what connect the battery to the electrical circuit. If they are dirty or have been impacted by rust, your battery will not be able to charge or operate properly. 

If your contacts are dirty, take a clean rag, you can even use a microfiber cloth. You want to gently wipe both the battery’s contacts and the ones where it connects to your Dewalt charger connects to the battery. You can also use compressed air to blow any dust or debris out. Just be sure to keep the can about ten inches away to prevent damage. 

If you notice that rust or corrosion is forming on your battery or charger, you need to clean it off. To do this, first ensure that your charger is unplugged. Next, take a cotton ball and white vinegar. Gently scrub with the vinegar until you notice that the particles are starting to break down. You want to then use a cloth with water to remove the remaining corrosive particles.

Make sure that your battery and charger contacts are fully dry before you attempt to plug in your battery charger again. 

You can also kick your Dewalt drill battery by connecting it to another battery. Use wire to connect the positive terminal on your Dewalt drill battery to the positive terminal on the other battery. They do the same, but with negative reports. This should take about five minutes. Carefully remove the wiring and check your battery again. 

Dewalt Drill Battery Not Holding Charge

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We’ve all been there, our battery indicated that it was fully charged. Soon you find out that your Dewalt drill isn’t lasting as long as it should, causing a halt in finishing your project while you wait for it to charge again. This could either be an issue with your battery or your charger. 

If your Dewalt drill battery is not holding a charge, you can try charging your battery little by little. Like with any other battery, if you leave your Dewalt drill battery without a charge for too long, it doesn’t charge as effectively. Over time, if you continue to let your battery die before charging your battery, it causes your battery to die sooner than it should.

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A flat battery or a battery that won’t charge properly needs a little extra TLC. To get your battery back from being flat you want to charge it for a few seconds at a time. Think of five seconds of your max. Remove the battery just before the light comes on. Repeat this step on and off for about 30 minutes. At this point, your battery should have gained enough of a charge that it can again hold a charge properly.

Dewalt Drill Battery Charger Not Working

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Similar to when your Dewalt drill battery won’t charge, the first thing that you want to rule out is the power source. If your charger is not working, check to make sure that it is plugged into an operational power source. If you have a power strip, remove it from this and plug it directly into your outlet.

If your Dewalt drill battery charger is not working, first unplug it from its power source before unscrewing the back of your charger. Once it is unscrewed, place it with the electrical components facing up and plug it back in to test the voltage. This way you can rule out any damaged parts that have no or too low of a voltage.

If there is no voltage, you need to access the fuse. This is on the back of your drill’s computer chip. Disconnect your charger from power again and turn over your chip. You want to look for the input chip towards the bottom of the left-hand corner. You will need to jumpstart the fuse.

To do so, you can use wire and use another battery to kick that fuse into working properly again.

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Dewalt Drill Battery Charger Blinking Red Light

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When using your Dewalt drill charger you will notice that there is a light. When the light is red it means that the battery is being charged. When the light turns green it’s a sign that your battery is ready to go. Where some people get confused is when they see a flashing red light.

If your Dewalt drill charger has a blinking red light it can mean one of two things. Either your Dewalt drill battery is not properly connected to the charger, or your battery is dead. First, try removing and reinserting the drill battery into the charger. 

If that doesn’t work, you need to get an additional jolt of power into your battery. You can either do that by using the slow charge method, or you can connect it to a battery volt pack.

Dewalt Drill Battery / Charger Problems

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Issues with your Dewalt battery are frustrating. The last thing that you want to come across when attempting to finish a project is a dead or dying battery. As with all power issues, you should always make sure that your charger is getting electricity. Otherwise, you could face issues with the battery itself, or the charger. You should make sure that your contact points on both your battery and your charger have been cleaned. You can also jump start your battery by attaching it to another one.

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