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Dewalt Drill Chuck Problems

Your drill chuck is a key component to using your drill. The chuck is the part of the drill that is designed to hold the drill bits or other extensions to the spindle. If you run into problems with your drill chuck you won’t be able to properly use your Dewalt drill. 

When it comes to Dewalt drill chuck problems, one of the best ways to resolve them is to remove your drill chuck. This way, you can easily access the spindle that your drill chuck is connect to.

Dewalt offers both keyed and keyless drill chucks. How you remove the chuck depends on the type of chuck that you have.

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There are a few issues that you can run into with your Dewalt drill. The good news is that there are some easy troubleshooting tricks to help you solve the problem without investing in a new drill.

Dewalt Drill Chuck Not Turning/Not Spinning

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I’ve had instances where I go to use my Dewalt drill and the chuck won’t turn or seems like it is turning incorrectly. This issue renders your Dewatt drill unusable. 

If your Dewatt drill chuck is not turning or spinning, one of two issues causes this. You should first make sure that the drill bit has been properly screwed into the center of the chuck. As a general rule, I like to remove it and reinsert it to make sure that it is properly inserted. If your drill bit is even a little off-center, this can stop the chuck from working properly.

You should also check to ensure that the chuck is attached properly. Like with the drill bit, even if it is slightly off or loose, your chuck will not spin when you are attempting to use your Dewalt drill. 

Dewalt Drill Chuck Won’t Tighten

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Your Dewitt drill chuck may occasionally run into a problem where it won’t tighten. This is an issue that you run into when you are going to change your drill bit. The good news is that this issue is usually very simple to fix.

If your Dewalt drill chuck won’t tighten, check your drill bit. Make sure that your drill bit is screwed in and tightened. If your drill bit is not screwed in properly it will prevent your drill chuck from tightening.

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I find that the first step should be detaching and reattaching your drill chuck again if you’ve just inserted a new drill bit. 

Dewalt Drill Chuck Won’t Loosen or Release/Stuck

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It is frustrating when your Dewalt drill chuck refuses to loosen or seems stuck when you try to release it. It also prevents you from being able to access the screw to install a new one. You won’t be able to remove it by hand, with a few simple tools, you can release your chuck.

If your Dewalt drill chuck won’t loosen or release and is stuck, you’ll need a hammer, a large Allen wrench, and another drill that is the same diameter as the screw head inside of the chuck. Insert the drill bit as close to the center of your screw as possible. Hit the drill bit with a hammer, be sure to hit the bit lightly. You don’t want to pound too hard and damage your drill.

Using a drill, get out as much of the screw head as you can access. After removing your drill, tip it upside down and empty out the metal residue from the screw. After making sure there is now residual residue coming out, insert a large Allen wrench into the chuck. Turn it so that the horizontal piece is to the side and hit it with the hammer.

This process will unstick your chuck and you can unscrew it. After the chuck is off, remove the remainder of the screw by gently turning it counterclockwise. After that, you can put the chuck back on without the use of tools. As you’ve removed the obstruction, it should screw back on easily. After the chuck is back on, you can put a new screw into your Dewatt drill and use it properly.

Dewalt Drill Chuck Keeps Spinning

Yellow drill use for wall and woods

You may find that your Dewalt drill is working fine until you go and drill something and the bit comes out – but your chuck keeps spinning. There is a pretty simple explanation for this issue.

If your Dewalt drill chuck keeps spinning it means that you haven’t properly locked it. Turn your drill chuck to tighten it as much as you can. You will hear a clicking noise. As soon as it is as tight as you can get, turn your drill chuck back one click. 

This process will lock your drill chuck into place, which will prevent your drill chuck from continuing to spin while your drill bit does not. Another factor to consider is the drill bit itself. Make sure that it has been properly inserted as well. 

Dewalt Drill Keeps Cutting Out

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You may find that you are going to use your Dewalt drill and it keeps cutting out. What this means is that it’ll spontaneously stop working as you are using it, if your battery is fully charged. Other issues could be behind this. 

If your Dewalt drill keeps cutting out, you should stop using it. If your Dewalt drill is cutting out, it means that it is overheating. It can also be an indication that you haven’t attached your drill chuck or drill bit properly. Additionally, make sure that you are using your drill in the intended method. 

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Dewalt Drill Keeps Stopping

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When your Dewalt drill keeps stopping, it’s never a good sign. When operating your drill you should never let it overheat. If overheating is not behind your Dewalt drill stopping, there are some other areas to check. The good news is they are easy to fix.

If your Dewalt drill keeps stopping, make sure that your Dewalt drill chuck is screwed on correctly. You should also check to see if the drill bit is properly screwed into the center and locked. One way to rule out either of these issues is by detaching and reattaching everything. 

Your Dewalt drill can also keep stopping if you are using it improperly. If the angle that you are attempting to drill at is awkward, that can lead to your drill not working.

Dewalt Drill Chuck Problems

Yellow drill use for wall and woods

When it comes to issues with your Dewalt drill chuck, many of the problems stem from either the drill chuck or drill bit. If either is attached wrong, your Dewalt drill will not function properly. As a general rule, it is a good idea to detach and reattach both to try and resolve the issue. 

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