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How to Fix Delay/Lag/Slow Response on Insignia TV

There may be nothing more frustrating than sitting down to relax while watching your favorite show, and your Insignia TV starts to lag. The good news is that how to fix delay/lag/slow response on Insignia TV is usually not difficult. 

The most effective way to fix delay/lag/ slow responses on Insignia TV is to reset the television. Reset the television by unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Keep it unplugged for 15 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. This properly resets the television and should prevent the lag from occurring again.

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If that doesn’t stop the issue, then the problem may be a lag with the Insignia TV remote and not the actual television. In this case, you should try replacing the batteries in the remote or checking to ensure none of the buttons on the remote are stuck. If you find any stuck buttons, use a toothpick to help pop them back into place. If the button doesn’t come unstuck, a replacement remote will need to be purchased and programmed to the television. 

How to Fix Audio Delay on Insignia TV

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It is not uncommon for Insignia televisions to experience audio delays. This is especially true in apps and on the Fire Stick. While the issue is an annoying one, it is typically easy to fix.

When dealing with an audio delay on Insignia TV, the first thing to try is to perform a power reset on the television. If that doesn’t work, then change the audio settings on the television. Navigate to your television’s settings and select “Audio”, then “Digital Audio Format/Audio Delay.” Next select “Audio Format” and change it to “PCM”. Turn the television off and then back on. Check to see if that fixed the audio delay.

Another thing to consider is whether your television’s firmware is up-to-date. Out-of-date firmware can cause a variety of issues, including audio delays. The best way to keep your television working properly is to regularly update its firmware. Most Insignia TVs have an option for automatic updates. Selecting this option means your television will stay up-to-date without you having to manually download the updates. In fact, this option is typically recommended to ensure all electronics receive the updates automatically and stay at the top of their game.  

Insignia Fire TV Is Very Slow

If your Insignia Fire TV is running very slowly, it may be due to excessive cached data and app clutter. To resolve this, go to the Settings menu, select Applications, then Manage Installed Applications. From there, clear cache and data for the apps that are causing slowdowns, and consider uninstalling unnecessary apps to free up storage space, which should significantly improve the device’s speed and responsiveness.

How to Fix Input Lag on Insignia TV

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Insignia televisions are often used for more than just watching shows and movies. Many owners use them for video games. Unfortunately, this can lead to lag on the television, which greatly affects your ability to play games. 

To fix the input lag on Insignia TV, you will need to disable the picture processing features. To do this, go into the television’s settings on the screen menu and then select “Advanced Video Settings”, and turn off/disable all picture processing options. 

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Furthermore, check to see if the game console has an option to use PC video output. You can find this setting in the game console’s menu options. If so, selecting this on the game console can help reduce lag on your Insignia TV. If all of those options do not help reduce the lag, then check to see if the lag is occurring when you’re merely watching television. If you are still experiencing lag even when not playing video games, the TV may need a hard reset. 

Smart TVs use memory, and the more apps you run on your television, the more memory it uses. A television with low memory can cause lag, delays, and various other problems. When you find your television is lagging, turn off the TV and unplug it from the electrical outlet. This helps to clear and reset the memory. After about a minute, plug the television’s power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn the television on.

How to Fix Insignia TV Slow Startup

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A slow startup can quickly cause frustration and anger, especially if it is something that continues to occur with your Insignia TV. A hard reset can fix the issue, which is typically caused by a glitch or too many apps running in the background. 

You can fix an Insigia TV with a slow startup by performing a hard reset. This will require turning the television off and unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Let the TV stay unplugged for 60 seconds before plugging it back in, and turning it on. 

Hard resets are one of the best methods to fix a wide array of issues with Insignia TVs. It is not uncommon for electronics such as televisions to experience glitches and malfunctions. When you add apps to the mix, this can cause even more glitches. Resets help to clear out these glitches, resetting its memory, and get the television to work as it was designed to. Slow startups can also be caused by glitches with streaming sticks installed on the television. Make sure to also perform hard resets on all the streaming sticks as well if you are still experiencing slow start ups even after resetting the television. This is done in the same manner as resetting the TV. Unplug the streaming stick from the television and wait about a minute before reconnecting.

How to Fix Insignia TV Slow Internet Connection

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If your television is connected to the internet for streaming, then you have properly experienced a slow internet connection. This can cause videos to buffer and play at low quality. If the internet connection is really slow, the media may not play at all. While this is a huge annoyance, especially if you rely on streaming services instead of traditional cable, it is not one that you just have to deal with. There are some options available to help fix the slow connection. 

To fix Insignia TV slow internet connection, you will first need to check the current resolution for the input source.  Unfortunately, not all Insignia TVs are designed for high resolution, and playing videos at the highest resolution can clog your internet connection. By reducing the resolution a bit, you can help speed up the internet connection. 

If you have a streaming stick connected to your Insignia TV, such as a Roku or Firestick, they can also contribute to slow startups and delays. You can help clear out potential problems with these devices as well by unplugging them from the television and the electrical outlet for 30 to 60 seconds. This helps to reset the device. In addition, make sure the streaming sticks are also up-to-date with the latest firmware.

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