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Electrolux Dryer Not Working

An Electrolux dryer is one of the best dryers on the market. It heats the air in a closed-circuit system and then pushes it through the loaded wet clothes to dry them. However, like any other washer, the dryer can run into problems that may render it non-functional.

If your Electrolux dryer is not working, it may suggest problems like a defective thermal fuse, faulty start switch, broken door switch, blown motor, faulty belt switch, broken drive belt, faulty power source, etc. that need repair or replacement to revert the dryer to its operative state. 

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This guide outlines the various problems that may make your Electrolux dryer fail to work and how to solve the problems to restore the washer to its working state.

Electrolux Dryer Won’t Power On

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Generally,  the Electrolux electric dryer won’t start if it’s not receiving sufficient power from the electrical switch. Also, the gas-powered dryer, which relies on electricity to power its control panel, won’t start if it’s not receiving enough power from the main switch.

Unplug your dryer and plug in a smaller, functional electrical device in the same socket to establish if the power outlet is defective.  The power outlet is faulty if the new device doesn’t start. 

However, the power problem might also emanate from other components of your home’s electrical system. Before replacing the power switch, inspect your home’s electrical system for any tripped breakers, and broken fuses for replacement. If any of these is the culprit, be sure to test the dryer after correction before replacing the switch.

Finally, refrain from extension cords as many of them cannot transmit the amount of power that the dryer requires without overheating.

Remember to reset the dryer after troubleshooting your home’s electrical system.  You don’t have to worry if your dryer lacks a reset button. All you need is to unplug the machine, then plug it back after three minutes.

Electrolux Dryer Door Not Closing

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Did you know that your dryer cannot start if its door has not latched correctly? You can tell that the dryer’s door is not shut if its start/pause button is repeatedly flashing.

To stop the door problem, you need to push it firmly to ensure that it latches properly before starting the dryer again. If the door doesn’t lock and there is no obstacle preventing it from closing, the chances are high that the latch is defective and needs a replacement.

For your information, the door latch makes a clicking sound after engaging. So, you can tell when the latch is defective by listening for the absence of the clicking sound.

If you don’t hear the clicking sound, use a multimeter to test the electrical components of the door switch for continuity. Replace the door latch if it lacks continuity.

Electrolux Dryer Overheating

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The thermal fuse in a dryer prevents its internal components from overheating. In other words, the fuse blows up to break the continuity when it detects excess heat in the appliance, to prevent the dryer from overheating. 

You can suspect a defective fuse if the machine clicks but fails to start when you press the start button.

The broken fuse needs replacement to create a complete electrical path and restore the dryer to its operative state. In electric and gas models, you can locate it near the heating element and the gas burner, respectively. Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the fuse before replacement.

Note: The broken fuse problem indicates a blockage in the dryer’s vent system, resulting in overheating. It would help if you cleared any restrictions in the dryer’s vent system to prevent the fuse from blowing in the future.

Electrolux Dryer Disable Delay Start

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When the delay function is enabled, it means that the dryer will start operating after the lapse of a set duration. This is likely to happen if the kids or pets in your compound accidentally press the delay button. Or if you accidentally press the delay function while moving the dryer. 

When activated, the dryer would display the remaining amount of the programmed delay time.If your dryer doesn’t have a display, you can detect that the delayed timer is on by the presence of a flashing light beside the timer.

To disable the delay feature, switch off the dryer, then wait for three minutes before starting it again. Use the child lock feature to prevent accidental programming of the dryer by your children and pets in future.

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How To Turn Off Child Lock On Electrolux Dryer

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If your dryer is not working but displays a padlock or LOC, the child lock feature is engaged. When enabled, the child lock feature disables all the control panel icons to prevent accidental operation of the dryer by kids, cats, and other curious creatures in your compound.

To disable the child lock feature, press the control panel’s B and C buttons simultaneously and hold them until the padlock or the LOC indicator goes off.

However, the key combination may differ from one model to another. If the above keys don’t deactivate your device’s child lock feature, you can confirm the right key combination in your manufacturer manual.

Electrolux Dryer Faulty Start Switch

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Another reason why your Electrolux dryer may not work is the faulty start switch.  You can conclude that your start switch is defective if the machine doesn’t hum after turning it on. 

Before starting the repair/replacement process, unplug the dryer from the power outlet and plug another small appliance. Here,  the idea is to test whether the power outlet could be defective. inspect also the power cord for any frayed wires. Replace the start switch if the above sections are okay. 

Replacing the faulty start switch is simple. Use a multimeter to test its continuity and replace it if it tests negative.

Electrolux Dryer Faulty Drive Motor

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If your machine is humming, but the drum is not turning,  there could be a problem with the drive motor or one of its related components. The drive motor is responsible for rotating the drive belts and the tumbler.  When defective, the engine won’t turn the tumbler, meaning it won’t dry the clothes. 

Unfortunately, you cannot repair a drive motor once it has blown, and the only option you have is to replace it. 

Use a multimeter to test for the continuity of the wire harness connecting the motor to the drum and other components. Also, be sure to test the motor for continuity section by section. Replace it with a new motor from an original equipment manufacturer if any of its units lack continuity. 

While a dryer will hum when the motor is defective, it’s important to note that it may also hum due to a defective thermal switch, faulty door switch, seized drum, a broken belt, malfunctioned drum rollers, and loose/broken write harness.

[This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/05/2022]

It is advisable to inspect the above culprits for any damage before working on the motor. 

Electrolux Dryer Belt Keeps Breaking

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Another possible cause for the failure of your dryer is a broken drive belt. Essentially, the drive belt utilizes the power from the motor to rotate the tumbler, which in turn dries the clothes. The motor would continue operating if the drive belt is broken, but it won’t spin the drum.  However, some dryers feature a switch that turns off the power transmission in the dryer when the drive belt is broken.

The drive belt may break out of the normal wear and tear.  However, sometimes it can break if the drum is stuck.

Like the motor, you cannot repair the broken drive belt, and the most appropriate solution is to replace it with a new belt from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Electrolux Dryer Drum Not Spinning

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As mentioned earlier, the machine won’t dry the clothes if the drum is not spinning. While a broken belt may be the significant culprit, sometimes the drum may be stuck due to failure of the bearings.

Sometimes, the drum might get stuck if a piece of linen lodges between the agitator and the bottom of the drum.  The other possible culprits for seized drums include broken rollers, worn drum glides, worn roller axles, and damaged support shafts.

You can conclude that the drum is completely seized if it cannot rotate swiftly at the push of a hand when the drive belt is off. A seized drum is hazardous as it may overwork the motor or damage it.You need to inspect all the above parts for a replacement to allow the drum to spin freely.

Electrolux Dryer Heating But Not Drying

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As earlier mentioned, the Electrolux dryer circulates heated air through its system to dry the clothes. When the heating element is defective, the machine would start but won’t be able to heat the air. The dryer would circulate cold air, and it won’t be able to dry the clothes. 

Replacing the faulty element is a breeze. Unplug the dryer from the wall, then locate the heating element in the heating chambers. Test it for continuity and replace it has blown out.

Note: The dryer may fail to heat the air if one of the wiring connections to the heating element is broken. Thus, it’s advisable to ensure that the wiring harness to the element is intact before removing the element

Electrolux Dryer Thermostat Error

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The Electrolux dryer features a high limit and cycling thermostats, which track and maintain the dryer temperature at optimal levels. 

More specifically, the thermostat opens up to interrupt the electrical connection to the heating element to prevent it from overheating the dryer. And, when the temperature in the drum drops,  the thermostat recloses to complete the connection to the heating element. 

That implies that a faulty thermostat might interfere with the thermal fuse, assuming it fails to open after closing.

[This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/05/2022]

You can suspect a faulty thermostat if the temperature in your dryer keeps fluctuating or if your dryer heats up and then cools down.

To replace the faulty thermostat, ensure that the machine is off and disconnected from the power socket. Open up the dryer to access the duo thermostats in the heating chambers, close to the heating element. Test their continuity using a multimeter. Replace them if they don’t have continuity.

Sometimes the failure of the thermostat might emanate from frayed wires, which may cause fluctuations in the flow of current. We recommend you inspect for any loose and broken wires to correct them before replacing the thermostat.

Electrolux Dryer Control Board Not Working

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The main control board acts as the brain of the dryer. It receives instructions from the control panel and then initiates the implementation of the instructions in the dryer. 

For instance, when you press the start button, the main control board receives the information from the starter and then relays the information to the motor and other components to get started.

If one of its elements has blown, the main control board may fail to execute some instructions. Unfortunately, testing and repairing this if broken is almost impossible, given its numerous elements and complex nature. Replacing the entire component remains the most viable option.

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Electrolux Dryer Faulty Igniter

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Your gas-powered dryer won’t dry the clothes if the igniter is defective.  FYI, the igniter in your dryer activates the gas burner to heat the air in the dryer during the cycles. When it fails, the dryer cannot execute its job well.

Replacing the faulty ignitor does not have to be complicated. Turn off the gas-powered dryer and disconnect it from the mains. Locate the igniter in the burning chambers and test it for continuity. Replace it if it lacks continuity.

Electrolux Dryer Faulty Solenoid

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The solenoid valve in a  gas dryer allows gas to pass to the ignitor through the gas valve ports. If the valves are defective, they won’t be in a position to pass enough gas to the ignitor for heating the dryer.

To examine the gas valve solenoid: switch off the dryer and unplug it from the wall > use a screwdriver to open the dryer to locate the solenoid valve in the combustion chambers>start the machine and turn on the igniter to see if it glows. 

The solenoid valve is okay if the igniter glows. Otherwise, you need to replace the solenoid with a new one from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

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As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why an electric Electrolux dryer may not work, including broken door switch, faulty thermal fuse, blown motor, damaged start switch, broken drive belt, defective belt switch, faulty power source, broken power cord, and problems in the main control board.  

On the other hand, a gas-powered Electrolux dryer may fail to work if it has a faulty solenoid valve, broken ignitor, damaged flame sensor, etc. 

You need to correct the above problems to revert the dryer to its operative condition.

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