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Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation/Labor Cost Calculator

It’s always been a challenge to determine the cost of a Vinyl plank flooring project if you don’t know what you need to include or exclude in the cost.

To estimate the cost of vinyl plank flooring project, you need to multiply the length of the room to the width, exclude any space that won’t need flooring, multiply that to 110% in case of errors and multiply that to the cost of the flooring per square foot and then finally add the labor cost to your total.

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Photo of someone installing vinyl planks with hammer.

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How to calculate your vinyl plank flooring project

To be more specific, you’d like to determine how big the room is and exclude any areas you don’t need flooring. For example, if you are installing flooring in your kitchen then you don’t need flooring where the kitchen island is.

Determine the size of the room, then determine any areas you don’t need flooring. Calculate by multiplying the length of the room to the width of the room and then deduct the area of where you don’t need flooring.

Next, you would need to multiply that to about 110%, this way you have enough flooring in case there was an error somewhere.

Then you find out what type of vinyl planks you want and determine the price per square footage from sites like Lowes, Home depot or amazon. Vinyl plank cost between $2.50 to $5 per square foot, depending on the quality of the material. You would need to multiple the square footage to how much your specific flooring is. This will determine your total material cost or at least for the vinyl planks.

What other items should you include in your estimate?

Your vinyl plank project cost estimation won’t be complete if you don’t include other costs that are necessary to complete your project.

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Do you need to move existing furniture? Moving furniture might seem easy for some but for many it’s actually quite a hassle. So be sure to factor in moving furniture if you have a room full of stuff.

Do you need trim pieces for your vinyl plank floors. Do you transition from one type of flooring to another, you need take into consideration the trims that match the type of transition you need.

Do you need to pull up existing floors? You need to factor that cost in even if you are doing it yourself. How much per square foot or how much for the whole job.

Do you need new baseboards or repainted baseboards? Most newer homes have baseboards so once you remove the old flooring you would remove the old baseboards as well, you could repaint those or just get new ones, you need to factor the cost of new or repainting the baseboards.

Do you need to dispose old flooring? Typically, if you pull up existing flooring you’d have a lot of junk at the end of the job, be sure to take into consideration the cost of removing the old flooring some are harder than others that would cost a little more.

If you are replacing vinyl plank floors due to water damage be sure to allocate budget to potential subfloor repairs or water damage mitigation.

How about installation cost? In expensive areas like San Francisco or New York the labor is quite high. You would need to find out how much the labor cost per hour in your area and factor that in. Average labor cost of vinyl flooring contractors is about $36 per hour.

You might also get a vinyl plank install kit to help you with your install if you don’t already have the tools.

And finally taxes, some places have significant taxes just like what I have. I like in the San Francisco Bay Area and our local taxes is quite high at about 9.75% so be sure to include that as well.

Here’s a sample bill of one of my vinyl flooring projects.

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Sample vinyl plank flooring bill.

You can use the calculator below to easily estimate the cost of your vinyl plank flooring upgrade.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Project Calculator

Area to be covered

Length: feet inches
Width: feet inches

Area 1 to be subtracted (such as cabinets/island/etc)(optional)

Length: feet inches
Width: feet inches

Area 2 to be subtracted (such as cabinets/island/etc)(optional)

Length: feet inches
Width: feet inches

Cost In Your Area

Trim Pieces Cost:$
Pull up old flooring Cost$
Freight Cost(Delivery or Disposal)$
Other Misc Cost$
Floor Cost per Sq. Ft$
Labor Cost Per Hour:$

1. Calculator adds 10% of area to be covered for errors and waste.
2. Calculator assumes about 4 yards per hour.
3. Calculator computes labor without the added 10% area.

Estimate Results Below:
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