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Miele Vacuum Won’t Turn On

Miele vacuumed are canister vacuumed that are designed to provide durability, power, and long-lasting engineering. However, like all vacuums, there are issues that you can come across if you do not properly care for your Miele vacuum. If you find that your Miele vacuum won’t turn on there is no need to panic, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you should take. 

The most common problem that will cause your Miele vacuum to face issues is the result of a faulty cord reel. Miele vacuums can also run into issues when it comes to the motor of the vacuum. You should always check your Miele vacuums for blockages, which can cause your vacuums to fail. 

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If you’re facing issues with your Miele vacuum not turning on, here are a few issues that may be behind the problem and how to fix them.

Miele Vacuum Won’t Stay On

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When it comes to your Miele vacuum not staying on, the first thing that you should check is the power source. If you have plugged your Miele vacuum into a faulty power source that will be the root of your issues. If you’ve checked that the power cord is secure and the power source is functioning properly, there are a few other issues that you could be facing.

If your Miele vacuum won’t stay on one of the most common problems could be with your power cord reel. The power cord reel is the part of the Miele vacuum that retracts the cord and stores it on your vacuum. With Miele vacuums, the power source is part of the cord reel, which is unlike many vacuums. 

Like with any cord reel, you use it frequently, and over time that power cord can begin to shift from its original position. If this happens, you will see an interruption in the connection and your Miele vacuum will not stay on. To remedy this you can replace your cord reel. 

Remove the hose from your Miele vacuum and then remove the canister. After doing this you will then have to also remove the lid of the vacuum. This does not require any tools but does need to be slowly detached. After doing that, use a screwdriver to remove the speed control box. You will see two clips that are connected by one screw.

Next, use the screwdriver to remove the main body of your Miele vacuum and you’ll be able to see the power cord reel. Disconnect any further connections and lift out the power cord reel. After this step, you can either check to see if there is a way to get the power cord reel back on track, or you can replace it with a new one. If your Miele vacuum is not that old, simply rewind the power cord onto the reel and replace it. If you have an older vacuum, the power cord reel will wear down after long-term use.

If your reel is not affected, the next thing that you should check for is blockages in your Miele vacuum.

Miele Vacuum Power Switch Not Working

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If you go to turn on your Miele vacuum and nothing happens when you flip the power switch, there are a couple of things that could be behind this issue. You should first try to see if your power outlet is working properly. If your power outlet is functioning properly it could be an issue with the power switch itself.

If your Miele vacuum power switch is not working it may be the result of a faulty switch mechanism, or your power switch being compressed unnecessarily. If this is the case the good news is that new power switches are inexpensive and easy to replace on your own. 

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To replace the power switch first remove the cover over the switch. Once the cover is off, disconnect the two wires from the terminals. The two wires and the terminals control both the on and off mechanism. Insert the new switch by connecting the wires to the on and off ports. 

Miele Vacuum Keeps Overheating 

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You may run into the issue where you find that your Miele vacuum is overheating it is often related to a blockage in your Miele vacuum. Because vacuums are used so frequently and pick up several materials that can mix together, blockages are common. A blockage will force your Miele vacuum to work harder.

If your Miele vacuum keeps overheating first check your vacuum hose to see if there is a blockage. Because of the length and angle of the hose, blockages can occur with the amount of debris built up over time. If your Miele vacuum hose isn’t blocked, don’t rule out a blockage in another area just yet.

Be sure to also check your Miele filters and vacuum heads. These are other areas that can become blocked and can cause your Miele vacuum to overheat. It’s important to address this issue when you first observe your Miele vacuum overheating. 

Oftentimes people don’t realize just how important it is to ensure that your Miele vacuum doesn’t have a build-up of debris that leads to blockages. Continued use of your Miele vacuum, if there is a blockage, will only exacerbate the issue and cause damage to other areas of your vacuum’s motor. 

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Miele Vacuum Won’t Charge

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As with any power-related issues, if your Miele vacuum won’t charge, first check to see if your outlet has power. If you find that you can use the outlet for other electrical items properly, or that your Miele vacuum will not charge in other outlets, then there could be a couple of things behind the issue.

If your Miele vacuum won’t charge, first check to see if the outlet is working, then check to see if when you plug in your charging dock has lights on when you plug it in. If there are no lights, you’re looking at an issue with either your charging dock or the adaptor. 

If you are still facing issues with your Miele vacuum not charging, this could be an indication that there is a problem with the battery. Batteries, especially in appliances that are frequently used, have a shorter lifespan. It’s a good rule of thumb to replace the battery in your Miele vacuum around the three-year mark.

Miele Vacuum Won’t Turn On

If your Miele vacuum won’t turn on, the first area that you should check is the power cord. If this becomes dislodged or worn down, your Miele vacuum will not be able to get reliable power. If there are no issues with your power cord reel, check to see if there are any blockages that could be causing issues with the Miele vacuum’s motor.

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