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Eureka Vacuum Not Working

Eureka make a range of vacuums that perform very well, and look great. From time to time parts need to be changed such as the belt, and the filters. Other times they can not work at all, so today I will explain how to troubleshoot a Eureka vacuum that isn’t working.

There is a thermal fuse which will stop a Eureka vacuum from turning on if it has overheated. This can be triggered if there is a blockage and the engine needs to work too hard. Let it cool off for 24 hours. While it’s cooling off, try a different wall outlet to see if that’s the issue.

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

The fuse that controls the wall outlet can have been tripped, and the wall outlet isn’t providing any power. There are also a range of specific issues such as the roller – also called a beater bar – not spinning, no suction, not charging, and making a loud noise. So, below I will cover how to fix all of these issues.

Eureka Vacuum Not Working

A Eureka vacuum like many other popular vacuums does have consumable parts. These will wear out and need replacing. Other times certain functionality of a Eureka vacuum will just stop working on its own for apparently no reason, so here’s what to start with when your Eureka vacuum doesn’t work.

Overall, start by trying a different wall out, and/or verify that the wall outlet works by plugging something else into it. If the wall outlet is working fine and your Eureka vacuum won’t turn on, it’s virtually guaranteed it has overheated and the thermal fuse won’t allow it to start for 24 hours.

Provided the wall outlet works, then wait 24 hours and try to turn it on again. The thermal fuse stops the engine from getting damaged when it overheats. Generally, if this was the cause then it will start working again after 24 hours. If it does it means the engine strained itself and got too hot. Or, one or more of the air vents was blocked somehow and caused the engine to overheat.

The filters that trap dust and debris and stop it from getting into the engine can be full. In general, they need to be tapped out, and cleaned every 3 months.

For other specific issues such as the roller not turning refer to each of the step by step fixes for each of them outlined below.

Eureka Vacuum Not Spinning

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Eureka vacuums are the type of vacuum that has rollers on the underside. These kick up debris in the carpet which provides a better clean, and helps them to suck up more dust and debris on hard floors, and carpet. These rollers can stop spinning for various reasons so here’s what to do if this happens.

There is a rubber belt that turns the roller that needs replacing periodically. The roller can also have coins, hair, and/or lint stuck in it which stops it from turning. Clear the brushes of any debris, and replace the belt if it’s broken or doesn’t work because it’s worn out.

If you smell burning rubber it’s a clear sign the belt needs replacing. The belt is positioned on the side of the roller. Use the owners manual for your specific Eureka vacuum model to see how to remove the panels on the underside of your vacuum to get at the rollers.

Take a quick look, you may be able to see where you can unclip it and open up this area to clear the brushes, and inspect the belt.

Eureka Vacuum Not Charging

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Eureka makes cordless vacuums that need to be charged. When you plug it in there is a light that flashes to let you know that it’s charging. If nothing happens when you plug it in and it’s not charging this is what to do.

Generally, start by checking that the charger is plugged in properly on both ends. The end that’s plugged into the wall outlet, and the end that’s plugged into your Eureka vacuum. Then test another device on the same wall outlet to verify the wall outlet is working. After that, try the steps below.

Eureka says on their official website to check that the pins on the charging port aren’t bent out of shape. It can happen that when you plug the charger into your vacuum the pins can get bent out of place. This generally occurs if it was plugged in quickly or at an angle where it wasn’t completely straight.

Visually inspect the part of the charger that plugs into the vacuum to see if any of the pins are out of place. If they are, they can be bent back into place gently. Just be careful only to do so with the charger completely unplugged from the power.

Also if the battery is completely drained it can take quite a long time to be fully charged again.

Eureka Vacuum No Suction

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

A common issue with vacuums is that from time to time they can have an issue where they have no suction or have a lot less suction than it had before. There are a few steps that you should do to see what’s causing the issue and return the suction back to normal.

Overall, inspect the filter inside the bin, the hoses, the opening at the base where debris is sucked up, and the brush roll at the base. Clear any blockages where necessary. The filters can be tapped out, and washed gently with water. The hoses can be cleared using a broom handle.

No suction is almost always caused by something blocking the air flow. The filters are designed to trap fine dust so it doesn’t get released into the air again when you empty the bin. But, once they get completely full it’s very difficult for air to pass through them.

As a result the suction from start to finish is blocked. Also, if the bin is almost full there is less room for the air to be sucked through, this reduces the suction. A Eureka vacuum has one continuous path from the suction motor to the where debris is sucked up.

So, when there’s less suction or no suction you need to inspect each of the parts such as hoses, and filters along this path to identify where the blockage is.

Note, that each Eureka vacuum model is slightly different. But, the places to check for a blockage are the same regardless of which Eureka vacuum model you have.

Eureka Vacuum Not Turning On

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Eureka sells both corded and cordless vacuums. The cordless vacuums have a battery that you charge, whereas, corded vacuums work off a wall outlet. Both of these types of vacuums should turn on when you press the power button, but if they don’t this is what to do.

As a general rule, for a corded Eureka vacuum test the wall outlet is working by plugging something different into it. For cordless Eureka vacuums, check that the battery has some charge. If the wall outlet is working the thermal cutoff can have been triggered and needs 24 hours to cool off.

It’s possible your Eureka vacuum will cool down enough before 24 hours. But, 24 hours is more than enough time and if it doesn’t start after that, then there is some other issue with it. Provided the wall outlet works, then you can be sure that there’s an electrical fault with your Eureka vacuum.

In this case you should contact Eureka support. In general, they will ask you a few questions and get you to try a few things. They will also let you know how it can be repaired or replaced. You can send them an email, talk to them on the phone, or over live chat on their official website.

Eureka Vacuum Roller Not Spinning

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

The roller on the underside of a Eureka vacuum kicks up dust, and small particles and works great to provide a better clean to your carpet. The cleaning performance is much less when the roller isn’t spinning, and for some models it’s harder to push the vacuum around. If you run into a situation where your Eureka vacuum roller isn’t spinning, this is what you need to do.

Overall, the roller can have hair, lint, or something else stuck in the roller, or wrapped around the sides, that will jam the roller. Eureka vacuums also have a rubber belt on the side of the roller that turns the roller. This rubber belt is a consumable part and needs replacing when it wears out.

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Try turning the brush roll by hand. If it is stuck, make sure there is no debris or hair clogging the brush roll. Scissors or a sharp knife can be used to cut the hair so it can be removed from the brush easily. Usually, this needs to be done every month or so.

If the brush roll turns freely, the belt may need to be replaced. The belt sits on the side of the roller, and a motor turns the belt which turns the roller. After some time it wears out and you need to order a new one.

With your Eureka vacuum on its side and unplugged, visually inspect the belt. When rotating the brush with your hand you’ll be able to see if it’s intact and working properly.

Eureka Vacuum Beater Bar Not Working

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

A beater bar, also called a brushroll, is prone to getting jammed over time unless you clear it out semi-regularly. In other cases it can just stop working all together. The beater bar really affects how well a Eureka vacuum cleans carpet and hard floors, so here’s how to fix it when it’s not working.

Overall, turn off your Eureka vacuum, unplug it at the wall, and see if it will turn using your hand. If it doesn’t, remove hair or fibers that are wrapped around it using scissors, needle nose pliers, and your fingers. If the brush is completely clear the rubber belt can be broken.

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There is a beater that is turned by a rubber belt that is hooked up to a motor. This belt will wear out eventually. This will cause it to snap, and in some cases, when it does it will wrap around the side and jam the roller. To inspect the roller and the rubber belt:

  1. Unplug your Eureka vacuum
  2. Turn it on it’s side or flip it over so you can easily see the underside of the head of the vacuum
  3. Turn the roller using your hand and look on the side of it to see the condition of the roller.
  4. If it needs replacing, you can either contact Eureka support and ask them what they recommend to do. In general, they will direct you to a service center where they can replace it for you.

The exact way to do it for a Eureka vacuum will be slightly different but not so much so, that you won’t be able to work it out yourself. If it seems too hard then contact Eureka and ask them where they recommend to get the brushroll belt replaced.

Eureka Vacuum Keeps Shutting Off

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Unless you use the power button to turn your Eureka vacuum off it will stay on virtually forever. It can happen that there is some problem with your Eureka vacuum and it shuts off as you’re using it for no reason. To stop this from happening this is what you should do.

Generally, this is because of the internal wiring being loose and needs to be repaired by a vacuum technician. Eureka vacuums also have a thermal cutoff fuse, this will turn the vacuum off when it overheats and won’t allow it to turn back on until it cools down.

However, this won’t trigger unless there is a blockage in the vacuum that causes the motor to strain, and overheat. If you notice your Eureka vacuum is louder than normal when it’s operating it indicates that there is a blockage somewhere. In that case, you should clear the blockage to stop the motor from overheating.

But, in all other cases this is generally because one of the internal wires is a bit loose. And as you move the vacuum around, it comes loose enough that the connection is lost, and the power shuts off. This type of issue is best repaired by a vacuum technician.

Eureka Vacuum Making Loud Noise

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

A Eureka vacuum is not overly loud, and it has a comfortable operating volume. When there’s an issue with your Eureka vacuum it will cause it to be much louder than normal. This is a summary why this happens, and how to return it’s operating volume back to normal.

Overall, there is something stuck in one of the hoses, or one or more of the filters needs to be cleaned. When a Eureka vacuum makes a loud noise it’s generally because the motor is straining to stay on because there is something blocking the normal air flow.

To stop this from happening you want to inspect each of the parts where there can be a blockage. These are:

  • The hoses
  • The filters
  • The brushroll and opening at the base

I’ve explained how to inspect each of these and also put a helpful video a bit further up in this article. Scroll to the heading that says ‘Eureka Vacuum No Suction’, and follow the instructions there to stop your Eureka vacuum from having a louder operating volume than normal.

Eureka Vacuum Overheat Reset

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

If you’re using your Eureka vacuum and it suddenly shuts off and won’t start again, it’s usually because of the thermal fuse. This is of course provided the plug hasn’t been pulled out accidentally, or the fuse for the wall outlet hasn’t blown. So, here’s what to do if this happens, and how to get it to turn back on again.

As a general rule, a Eureka vacuum won’t turn on for 24 hours after it has shut off because it has overheated. There is a safety feature known as a thermal fuse on Eureka vacuums. It will not allow it to turn on when the engine is above a certain temperature.

While you wait for it to cool down check that the wall outlet is working by plugging something else into the same wall outlet you were using. If the wall outlet is indeed working, wait until your Eureka vacuum has cooled down by waiting 24 hours.

After 24 hours if it’s still not turning on, then one of the internal components or the internal wiring has failed and it needs to be repaired. Contact Eureka support to advise them of the issue, and they will let you know if you should send it back to them, or take it to a repair center near you.

Overall, start by checking that the wall outlet your Eureka vacuum is plugged into has power. Plug something else into the same wall outlet and see if it works. If it does, then typically the thermal cutoff is stopping your Eureka vacuum from turning on, wait 24 hours and try to turn it on again.

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