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Fire TV Ethernet/WiFi/Internet Not Working

Fire TVs are Amazon’s contribution to the streaming device market, but sometimes they don’t do what they are supposed to. All Fire TV devices have experienced internet connectivity issues at one point, which is why I have created this troubleshooting guide.

Your internet connection on a Fire TV device may not work because of outdated firmware, incompatible network settings, a disrupted signal, faulty Ethernet cable or because you are logged out of your Amazon account. You should start by restarting all devices, then work through each of these issues.

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You can find more details about how to fix your WiFi connection in your Fire TV below. You can also find the specific network settings that you need to make your network compatible with the Fire TV.

Fire TV Not Finding/Recognizing WiFi

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If your Fire TV is not recognising the WiFi, there is either an issue with the modem/router or with the Fire TV detecting the network. The solutions below are applicable to all Fire TV devices.

Restart You Fire TV

First, try holding down the ‘Select’ and ‘Play/Pause’ buttons together for five seconds, or until the Fire TV restarts.

You can also try unplugging your Fire TV’s power from the wall socket. After three seconds, plug it back in.

Restart Your Modem/Router

Step 1: Unplug your Fire TV from the wall.

Step 2: Unplug your modem/router from the wall and wait a full 30 seconds.

Step 3: Plug the modem back in. If you have a router, plug this in after the modem is up and running again.

Step 4: Plug in your Fire TV once the modem/router have fully restarted.

If your WiFi is still not showing up, you may need to check the settings of your modem/router, detailed below.

Check Your Modem/Router Settings

Step 1: Type your router’s IP address into the address bar in any internet browser. This should be located on the back of the device.

Step 2: Enter the username and password of the device, which is located on the back or in the manual for the router.

Step 3: Ensure the settings match those listed below.

If you are using a 2.4GHz network;

· Choose a network channel between channels 1-11.

· Check the broadcast signal of the router is either B, G or N. The Fire TV will not support other signals.

If you are using a 5GHz network;

· Choose a network channel between channels 36-48 or 149-165.

· Check the broadcast signal of the router is either A or N. The Fire TV will not support other signals.

For both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks;

· Try changing the network security to ‘Open’.

· Change the radio mode of your router to g/n only.

· Update the firmware.

· Ensure you have not reached the maximum number of network connections (11 for 2.4GHz, and 23 for 5GHz).

Factory Reset the Fire TV

Note, this will erase all downloaded content and system preferences, so it should only be done as a last resort.

Step 1: Hold the ‘Back’ and ‘Right’ navigation buttons for 10 seconds.

Step 2: Select ‘Continue’ or wait several seconds for the Fire TV to automatically reset.

Fire TV Not Connecting To WiFi

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If your Fire TV is unable to connect to the WiFi, you should first check other devices in your home that are connected to the internet. If not, try restarting your modem/router.

If so, you should check the signal strength of your network. This can be done using the following steps on any Fire TV device.

Testing Your Network on the Fire TV

Step 1: Open the Fire TV’s ‘Settings’, then select ‘Network’

Step 2: Highlight your home network.

Step 3: Press the ‘Play/Pause’ button on your remote to test the network strength.

If there is a poor connection, consider moving your Fire TV. For the Fire TV Cube, place it in an open area or closer to the router, instead of in a cabinet. For any of the Fire TV Sticks, Amazon recommends that you always use the HDMI extender, as this boosts the WiFi connectivity.

Firmware Update

Alternatively, keep your Fire TV up to date, using the steps below, to remove any firmware bugs.

Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for System Updates

Otherwise you can reset ay Fire TV back to its factory settings, detailed above. Older firmware may fix the issue.

You can find more reasons for your disrupted WiFi below.

Fire TV Keeps Dropping/Disconnecting From WiFi Won’t Stay Connected

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A signal that is weak or being blocked may cause drop out. First, recheck the position of your Fire TV Cube or use a HDMI extender for the Firestick, as mentioned above.

However, weak signals may be due to physical barriers within your home. If these barriers are between your modem and any Fire TV device, the signal will be weakened and drop out. These barriers can include the following.

· Thick walls, such as concrete or timber.

· Metal and floor heating.

· Water, such as in-built hydronic systems or a large aquarium.

· The TV, which is a challenge with the Firestick.

There may also be other WiFi devices disrupting your network. These can include the following.

· A neighbours network

· Baby monitors

· Microwave ovens

· Bluetooth

You may also like to try some of the solutions mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Fire TV Keeps Losing Internet Connection But Connected To WiFi

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Losing your internet connection can be from any number of issues that have already been discussed in this article. However, if your Fire TV device still displays a good connection to the network, try reconnecting. Alternatively, try logging back in to your Amazon account.

Reconnect to Your Network

To disconnect from your network, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Network.

Step 2: Hover over your home network and press the ‘Menu’ button (three lines).

Step 3: Select ‘Forget Network’.

Step 4: Search for your network again among the list of available networks and reconnect.

Log Back In To Amazon

You may also have troubles with the WiFi if you have been logged out of your Amazon account. You can log back in using the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings > My Account > Register.

Step 2: Type in the email address assigned to your Amazon account and select ‘Next’.

Step 3: Type in your Amazon password and select ‘Sign In’.

Fire TV Says WiFi Not in Range

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This WiFi issue is not as common as those listed above, but can still appear from time to time. If none of the other solutions are working, there may be other router settings that are contributing. As I mentioned earlier, you can log into your router by typing the IP address into your web browser.

Some routers have a setting known as ‘Smart Connect’. This works for most WiFi devices in the home, but Fire TV devices do not have the same network technology as your laptop or smart phone. For this reason, simply turning this setting off may solve the issue.

Another setting you could consider is the WiFi encryption. Again, because Fire TVs are not as advanced as other devices, they can only process WPA1-PSK, WEP or WPA-PSK encryptions. Sometimes these settings may need to be changed after a firmware update to the router.

Fire TV Not Accepting WiFi Password

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If the Fire TV is not accepting your password, first make sure that you are not making one of the simple, yet common, mistakes below.

· You recently changed your password.

· You are entering your Amazon password instead of the WiFi password.

· You forgot that the password is case sensitive.

If you are certain that the password is correct, try forgetting the network, restarting the Fire TV and reconnecting to your home WiFi. You can find how to do this above.

Fire TV Ethernet (Wired Connection) Not Working

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Ethernet cables are supposed to be the most reliable form of internet connection, but sometimes even they fail. If this is the case, you should go through the following troubleshooting methods. Both the Fire TV Cube and Firestick can have these issues, as you can purchase an Ethernet adaptor for the Firestick.

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Faulty or Broken Cable

Try your Ethernet cable in different devices, such as a laptop. If it still doesn’t work, the issue is with the cable itself. Once you replace the cable, your Ethernet connection should be restored.

If the connection is not restored, it may be the network port on the Fire TV. You will need to contact Amazon support for repair or a replacement. Before you assume the port is broke, you may like to try some of the other methods in this section.

Restart the Modem/Router and Fire TV

The process of restarting your modem/router and your Fire TV has been detailed above. However, when there is an Ethernet cable involved, you will need to make sure the cable is inserted while all devices are unplugged. Sometimes the device will search for the connection on start-up, meaning it is not registered if plugged in afterwards.

Check the Network Settings on the Fire TV

Sometimes it may be the Fire TV’s network settings, which can be found following the pathway below.

Settings > System > Network

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In these settings, check the IP settings are set to ‘DHCP’, instead of being set to static. You should also make sure that the wired internet connection has not been disabled.

Alternatively, it could be that the IP address of the Fire TV is doubled up with another device on the network. To check the IP address of the Fire TV, follow the pathway below.

Settings > My Fire TV > About

Once you have the Fire TV’s IP address, you can log into your router admin page on a computer and find that specific IP address to connect to. Sometimes shutting down all devices for 5-10 minutes will automatically generate a new IP address as well.

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