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Galanz Microwave Door Won’t Close/Open (How to Fix)

Galanz microwaves are quite popular for their quality and affordability, but like any other appliance, these microwaves can sometimes malfunction. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of your Galanz microwave door not closing or opening, you’re not the only one!

There are many reasons why a Galanz microwave door can refuse to close or open. From door latch assembly issues to door springs not working properly, many factors can affect how easily the door opens or closes.

Open microwave door

Fortunately, all these problems have relatively simple solutions, so if you’re having difficulty getting your Galanz microwave to open or close, you don’t have to despair.

Galanz Microwave Door Won’t Close

Putting food into your microwave to be heated just to find that you can’t close the door can be super annoying. This will mean you’ll have to fix the problem before you can use the microwave again. So, just what can cause a Galanz microwave door to not close?

If your Galanz microwave’s door won’t close, it might be because there is a problem with its door latch assembly. The door could refuse to close if one of the hooks protruding from the door is broken. If that’s the case, it may be best to replace the assembly so the door can be closed again.

The hooks that protrude from the door have to fit into the door switch holder and they are what keep the door closed. But when they’re broken, they can actually stop the door from closing. There is no way to fix them, so you’ll have to replace them, sadly.

Another reason why the door could be having difficulty closing is a torsion spring that broke. These springs are in place to keep doors that open downwards closed properly. To determine if the torsion spring is the cause of your difficulty, remove the microwave’s outer and inner door panels. 

Inspect the spring and if you notice that it has been broken, you will have to replace it so you can close your microwave’s door properly again and use it as intended.

Galanz Microwave Door Won’t Open

The opposite issue of having a microwave door that won’t close properly is having a microwave door that won’t open. That can be just as frustrating, and many people will pull on the door so much that they cause even more damage. 

A Galanz microwave door not opening can be caused by four problems: something could be interfering with the door latch, the door button could be to blame, the door latch lever may be the cause, or the door spring could be the culprit.

Before you fix the problem, you’ll have to determine which of these four issues is the reason behind your microwave door not opening. Unplug the microwave so you can troubleshoot and find out exactly what is going on with your appliance.

Interference with the Galanz microwave’s door latch is the most likely issue, and it’s not really uncommon for obstructions to cause this kind of problem. You may have to press the microwave release button to solve the issue, after which you just have to pull the door open directly. Or, it may be possible that you’ll have to access the control panel to get access to the door latch so you can open it. Whatever you do, do it with care so you don’t damage the microwave door permanently.

If the door button is the cause of your problems, you may have to replace it. To determine if that’s the case, test the button’s resistance when you press it. If there is no resistance, it’s possible that it’s not connected to the door mechanism anymore. If the button refuses to be pressed, there may be a jam that’s causing a problem. If the button can be pressed but clicks, it’s possible that the button fails to trigger the microwave’s door release mechanism.

The microwave’s door latch lever could also be the reason why it’s not opening. This is a plastic hook that has to catch the door and release when you press the open button. If this lever doesn’t rise, the door can’t open. You will have to open the microwave and inspect the door latch lever closely to see if that’s the reason for the door remaining shut. If it’s not just stuck in the mechanism and broken, you will have to replace it.

The last possible reason why your Galanz microwave’s door won’t open is the door spring not working as it should. It’s meant to help the door spring open and if it breaks, the door won’t be able to do that. You should be able to manually release this spring and get the door open, but you will have to replace it if you want to continue using the microwave as normal.

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How to Unlock Galanz Microwave Door

It’s possible that your microwave door is locked and just won’t open because of a simple malfunction with the buttons. Although you may think this problem can’t be solved manually, there is something you can do, fortunately.

If you want to unlock your Galanz microwave door, you can try by pressing and holding one of its function buttons for much longer than normal. You can also press one of these buttons several times in a row. 

Press the button for at least five seconds and then let go. If you find that this does not work, try pressing a different button for five seconds. Proceed to press every function button several times if this does not work.

The Quick Start function button should be able to unlock the microwave door, but if that doesn’t work, you may have a microwave that has been child locked. This feature prevents children from using the microwave without supervision. To cancel the child-proof lock, you just need to press the pause or cancel button for three seconds. A beep sound will indicate that the child-proof lock has been turned off.

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