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Galanz Microwave Problems (How to Fix/Reset)

Galanz microwaves are popular because they’re mostly quite reliable and pretty affordable. However, they can malfunction and be difficult to deal with, just like any other kitchen appliance. Fortunately, most problems that you face with these microwaves can be handled swiftly and without too much hassle.

A Galanz microwave could need to be reset or fixed for many reasons, such as power connection problems, a broken voltage diode or magnetron, or even communication problems between the control panel and the rest of the microwave.

Modern microwave in the kitchen

To determine if you have a power connection problem, you have to check if the power supply is connected as it should be. If it isn’t, or if the power cord doesn’t make proper contact, your microwave won’t work.

Galanz microwaves need a voltage of 220 volts to work properly. If the voltage is lower, the microwave won’t work. It may be necessary to turn off other high-power appliances if that’s what is causing difficulty with using your microwave, or you will have to replace the voltmeter.

If your microwave’s voltage diode is broken—which is actually a common problem—then you’ll have to replace it. If the disk is spinning but the food isn’t heated, it’s likely because your Galanz microwave’s high-voltage diode has been damaged. 

A broken magnetron is usually the reason why your microwave’s power light is on but there is no actual heating happening. Check the capacitors for discharge to determine if this is why your microwave is not heating your food.

Galanz Microwave Error 30

Modern microwave in the kitchen

It can be quite frustrating and annoying to try and use your microwave only to be treated to an error code without an explanation of how to fix the said error. There are many error codes that could possibly pop up, and Error 30 is one of them.

An error 30 shown on a Galanz microwave means that there is a communication error between the control board and the power transporter. The most common reason for this problem is a defective breakdown in the inverter system or a loose wire. 

You will have to open the microwave to determine if there are any loose wires that are causing the problem. If there aren’t, you may have to call a professional repairman to solve the issue for you. It is best to call a professional because they’re better at identifying problems and solving them quickly.

You could also try to press function buttons for five seconds at a time and see if they are able to reset the microwave. If that doesn’t do anything, you should consider calling the manufacturer for assistance.

Galanz Microwave Keeps Beeping (How to Turn Off Beeping)

Modern microwave in the kitchen

If your microwave suddenly starts beeping without reason, you won’t be blamed for thinking it has somehow become haunted. But that is, most likely, not the reason for the beeping and a mechanical malfunction is probably to blame.

A Galanz microwave suddenly beeping could mean there is a problem with the keypad or something is obstructing the normal functions of the microwave. You can try to stop the beeping by pressing random buttons. Most likely, you will have to replace the microcontroller, which can be quite expensive.

If pressing random buttons doesn’t work, you should hold down the reset or stop button until it beeps. This might stop the beeping because it’s possible that the microwave has been locked after the lock button was pressed for a few seconds too long. This feature will result in beeping if someone tries to use the microwave without unlocking it again.

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Another solution could be to disconnect the microwave from its power source for a few minutes. After that, you should inspect the keypad and the main control to make sure neither of them is broken or damaged and needs replacement.

Galanz Microwave Not Spinning

Modern microwave in the kitchen

It can be quite frustrating to put your food in the microwave only to find that once you’ve closed the door, nothing happens. The glass tray not spinning can be caused by damage on the inside.

If your Galanz microwave’s tray isn’t spinning, you should first make sure the motor is still working correctly. If not, it should be replaced. However, if the motor is working as it should, it’s likely that the cause of your issue is the microwave’s drive bushing.

The drive bushing is the plastic mechanism at the bottom that makes the tray turn on. It could be worn out or simply broken. To fix this problem, you’ll have to open up the microwave.  Carefully open the microwave after you’ve ensured that it is plugged out of its power source.

Note that there is a high-voltage capacitor in the microwave that could still have a charge and this could cause a lethal shock to anyone operating on the appliance. After taking off the cover, be careful not to touch any of the wiring and proceed to discharge the capacitor.

To do this, locate it (it should be near the big chunk of metal in the microwave, which is the high-voltage transformer) and use alligator clips to touch the capacitor’s terminals. You may hear a snap sound that indicates the capacitor has been discharged, and to be safe, touch the terminals several times to ensure that it is truly discharged.

When you are certain it is safe to continue, you can remove the microwave’s ‘guts’ and check the drive bushing. Replace it if you need to.

Galanz Microwave Making Loud Noise

Modern microwave in the kitchen

We are all used to microwaves making noises when we are heating our food, but loud noises are not expected. Rather than running away when your microwave makes a loud noise, turn it off and take a closer look at the appliance. Of course, be careful not to get hurt!

Your Galanz microwave could be making loud noises for several reasons, such as a faulty magnetron or diode, a cooling fan not properly working, or a broken turntable motor.

If your microwave is making louder-than-normal sounds, it could be due to the magnetron, which is designed to create electromagnetic waves to cook food. You may be able to hear the magnetron when you use the microwave on a low setting, but if you’re hearing loud noises, it could be a faulty magnetron causing high-pitched sounds. 

To determine if an old or broken magnetron is to blame, use the microwave on a low setting to see if the noise stops as the magnetron shuts off and on. If there is also a burning smell present, you will likely have to replace the magnetron.

If a faulty diode is to blame for the noise, you will be able to tell by unplugging the microwave, discharging the capacitor, and using a multimeter to test the diode for resistance. Be careful when discharging the capacitor and don’t work on the microwave if you haven’t done that.

Your diode should have a resistance reading of between 50,000 and 200,000 ohms. If it doesn’t, it’s very likely that you’ll have to replace it because it’s defective.

Another possible explanation for loud noises coming from your microwave could simply be a faulty cooling fan. Debris can get caught in the fan, or it can become dislodged and cause a rattling sound. Also, it’s possible that the fan is old and needs to be replaced. You should be able to hear the cooling fan making a buzzing noise from the rear of your microwave if it’s the cause of the issue.

If the microwave’s turntable motor is faulty, it could also be the reason for loud noises. Typically, this noise will be a grinding or clicking sound. You should be able to access the turntable motor from underneath your microwave, but if you can’t, you’ll have to remove its casing and determine if the motor has been damaged or is old and needs to be replaced.

As always, be careful when opening the microwave to avoid getting hurt.

Galanz Microwave Buttons Not Working

Modern microwave in the kitchen

Malfunctioning buttons on a microwave is one of the most common issues people have to face. It can be frustrating and annoying but typically doesn’t require professional repairmen to fix it.

Buttons not working properly on a Galanz microwave can be caused by a defective control panel or main control board. The microwave will have to be opened to solve this issue, and caution is recommended.

A defective control panel isn’t uncommon in even the best microwave, and the first sign is usually buttons that don’t work. You will have to replace the control panel because fixing them is very complicated and difficult.

Make sure the microwave is unplugged and the capacitor has been discharged and remove the front grill to access the internal components. Consult your manual on how to open the microwave without causing damage and how to properly replace the control panel.

If you find that the control panel is still in good condition, it may be that the main control board is to blame instead. This board is supposed to send voltage to the microwave’s membrane switch so all the buttons work. If the board doesn’t work, the buttons won’t function. You can replace the board, but if you have an old microwave, you may be better off simply buying a new one.

Galanz Microwave Start Button Not Working

Modern microwave in the kitchen

There are few things as annoying as putting your food in your microwave and pressing the start button just to find that absolutely nothing happens. After checking if the microwave is properly plugged in, you may have to take a closer look on the inside to find the reason for this issue.

The start button of your Galanz microwave not working can be caused by a faulty control board. You will have to open the appliance and check the control board to make sure it’s still functioning and doesn’t need replacement.

Make sure that you unplug the microwave properly and that you discharge the capacitor before you inspect the control board for damage.

Galanz Microwave Turns on by Itself

Modern microwave in the kitchen

When your microwave turns on by itself, you may be tempted to go out and buy sage and find a priest to bless your home. But such drastic measures are probably not necessary, and you’ll simply have to examine your microwave closely to determine why it’s turning without your input.

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One of the main reasons why a Galanz microwave will turn on by itself is a stuck switch. It’s possible that the interlock switch got stuck, or that the interlock relay on the microwave’s control panel is stuck.

If the interlock switch is to blame, you can replace it with a new one quite easily. Consult your user manual for the best way to do this. If a stuck switch is not the problem and you need to replace the microwave’s board, you may have to contact the manufacturer to get the correct replacement.

Is There a Reset Button on a Galanz Microwave? (How to Reset)

Modern microwave in the kitchen

Microwaves are designed to make our lives simpler and more convenient, so they have many features that make them a great addition to any kitchen. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to reset them so they can work properly again.

Your Galanz microwave should have a reset button, but some models don’t have obvious buttons. To reset your microwave, you will have to press a few buttons and open and close the door until you hear a beep, which indicates the appliance has been reset.

To do this, the user manual suggests that you press the start button until the screen shows “00:00”. Then you have to press the number buttons from one to zero in order (start with one, move to two, three, four, and so on) and then press the power level button. After that, press X2, Prog, Switch, and Stop, then Start.

You should then see “00:18” on the screen. Now, you need to open the door, close it, and open it again. You should hear a beeping sound that signals that the microwave has been reset to its factory settings. This may feel like a strange ritual, but you should achieve what you wanted to.

How to Reset Galanz Microwave Clock (Or Change Time)

Modern microwave in the kitchen

Setting the time on a microwave can be annoying because it can reset when the appliance has been unplugged or if there is a power outage. For this reason, it’s important to know how to reset the clock and change the time again.

To set the clock on your Galanz microwave, you need to press and hold the clock or time button for three seconds. The display should show the hour mode and you will have to press the button to choose which one you want.

Once the hour mode has been selected, you should be able to use the number pad to enter the correct time. Next, press the start button to confirm the time, and you should have the right time set up. If you hear two beeps, you’ve entered an invalid time.

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