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GE Washer Lid Keeps Locking / Unlocking / Clicking

Most GE washers are known for their high-quality capabilities and features. However, that doesn’t mean that these machines never experience problems. If your GE washer lid keeps locking, unlocking, or clicking, the answer could be as simple as unplugging your washer!

When a GE washer lid keeps locking, unlocking, or clicking, the problem could be anything from a faulty lid lock to a failing lid lock sensor. Clicking locks often signify a snapped plastic component or insecure lid attachment. Replacing the lid lock, latch, or sensor may solve the problem.

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This troubleshooting guide can help you figure out why your GE washer lid keeps locking, unlocking, or clicking. Once you know what’s causing these issues, you can choose the best possible fix, helping you get your washer back into working condition.

GE Washer Lid Keeps Locking and Unlocking

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If your GE washer is a front-loading model, it likely has a lid or door lock to keep the unit watertight. Many top-loading models also have lid locks to keep curious children from accidentally opening the lid mid-cycle.

When your washer lid keeps locking and unlocking, the problem is likely a faulty lid lock. However, minor electrical glitches can also cause your washing machine lid to lock and unlock itself.


Figuring out why your GE washer lid is locking and unlocking is a relatively straightforward process. The first thing you’ll want to do is examine the lid latching mechanism. Looking at the latch can be tricky if your washer lid is currently locked.

If possible, wait for it to unlock, then take a peek at the plastic pieces that help the lid latch closed. Sometimes, these pieces snap off and get stuck inside the latch, causing the door sensors to malfunction.

As a result, your washer constantly registers the lid as being both open and closed, causing the lock/unlock phenomenon. However, sometimes the issue is a minor glitch that affects your lid sensor.

Unplugging your appliance, waiting one minute, and plugging it back in could solve this problem. In the worst cases, you may need to replace the sensor or additional internal wiring.


If you’re dealing with a faulty lid latch or lock, you can either order a replacement and install the new piece yourself, or you can hire a technician to help you with your repairs. In the meantime, you could use a screwdriver to pry the tiny bit of plastic from the latch.

You might not be able to use your washing machine until you replace the latch, but at least it won’t continually lock and unlock itself. Of course, if the issue isn’t physical, a simple washer reset should do the trick. Be sure to reference your Owner’s Manual to find out how to reset your particular model.

When the sensor is to blame, you may want to consider hiring an appliance technician to help you with your replacement. Reaching the door sensor can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with basic electronic appliance repair and assembly.

GE Washer Lid Keeps Clicking

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Is your GE washer lid continually clicking? Some clicking is relatively standard, especially when opening or closing the lid. The soft click you hear when you open or close your washer’s lid indicates a secure connection with the lid latch mechanism. However, perpetual clicking could be a problem.


When a GE washer lid keeps clicking, it may indicate a locking and unlocking washer. It could also be the rattling of a loose latch piece. Note when you hear the clicking, and check to see if your machine is locking or unlocking when you hear this sound. If it isn’t, you might need to replace your latch.


If a locking and unlocking washer door causes the clicking noise, you’ll need to reset your washer or replace the door sensor. But if the problem is a broken latch, you’ll need to order a replacement or contact a technician to help you replace the latch mechanism.

GE Washer Clicking Noise Won’t Start


A clicking noise coming from your GE washing machine may indicate a few different issues. One of the most common causes is a faulty lid switch. If the lid switch is not functioning properly, the washing machine won’t start. Another possible issue is a malfunctioning motor. If the motor is not working properly, the washing machine won’t start or may make unusual noises. A faulty control board or capacitor can also cause the machine to click and not start.


To fix the issue, you can try checking if the lid is closing properly and if the switch is functioning. If it’s not, replace the lid switch. You can also check if the motor is getting power and replace it if it’s not working properly. If the control board or capacitor is faulty, replace them. If you’re not comfortable with troubleshooting and repairing your washing machine, it’s best to call a professional technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

GE Washer Lid Lock Bypass

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GE washing machines naturally lock (and stay locked) during use. This safety feature can be annoying, though, especially if you need to add fabric softener halfway through a wash cycle.

Additionally, a faulty lid lock could cause your machine to lock permanently, which is why it’s crucial to know how to bypass this feature.


A permanently-locked or unlocked GE washer lid might be the result of a faulty lid lock. You’ll want to override this mechanism to allow your machine to wash clothes.

Fortunately, bypassing this built-in safety feature isn’t too challenging. Still, if you’re uncomfortably handling wires and performing maintenance, you may want to contact a local appliance repair company.


To bypass your GE washer’s lid lock feature, you’ll need to identify your model’s control panel. Once you know where it is, you can unplug your washing machine and open the control panel to reveal its wiring.

Locate the lid switch wiring harness and use a jumper cable wire to divert the circuit into the cable. Replace the wiring and secure the control panel door before plugging your washer back into an outlet.

You’ll need a soldering iron for this repair, as well as spare cable and wire cutters. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help if you don’t already own these tools or don’t feel comfortable performing this repair.

GE Washer Lid Won’t Lock

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Having to wait to wash a load of laundry because your GE washer lid won’t lock is frustrating but fixable. If your washing machine’s top doesn’t lock, the culprit could be lint. But it could also be a snapped latch, a faulty lid sensor, or a failing control board.


When your GE washer lid doesn’t lock, you’ll want to take a quick peek at the latch mechanism. A broken or chipped latch could fail to catch, resulting in an unlocked lid. Lint is also a common cause behind unlockable washer lids.

But if your latch is in excellent shape and there’s no lint to be found, you might need to contact an appliance technician for assistance. A failing control board isn’t a straightforward fix, and replacing a faulty lid sensor requires a little finesse.


The simplest solution to an unlockable washing machine lid is a quick lint clean-up. Broken latches are slightly more challenging, though the average homeowner could replace this small part without much help.

On the other hand, a failing control board often requires professional repair and replacement services. The same is true of a faulty lid sensor. Unless you feel comfortable handling wiring harnesses and soldering sensors, it’s better to seek repair services.

GE Washer Not Unlocking

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Is your damp laundry stuck inside a locked washing machine? Before you get your sledgehammer, you might want to work through these potential causes and solutions.


If you’re currently in the middle of washing some clothes, your washer lid won’t unlock until the drum is entirely still. This is a safety feature designed to help reduce accidental flooding and injury.

But if you’re not using your washing machine and the door still won’t unlock, you could be experiencing a minor technical glitch. Luckily, you can fix this problem in a matter of minutes.


Try resetting your GE washer to unlock the lid door. To do this, unplug your machine and wait for one minute. Then, plug it back in. Using your Owner’s Manual, perform the precise steps to activate the internal system reset. You may need to press a specific arrangement of keys to start the reset.

Suppose your model requires you to open and close the lid to reset the machine, and it remains locked after you unplug/replug. In that case, you may need to contact a professional technician to help you unlock the lid and replace a broken mechanism or faulty wire that could be causing the top to remain locked.

GE Washer Lid Lock Light Flashing

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Some GE washing machines feature an LED lid lock light. If your machine’s lid lock light is flashing, you might be dealing with control board problems, faulty wiring, or excess lint. Before you contact your local electrician or appliance repair technician, you’ll want to check your lid latch.


A flashing lid lock light is often indicative of insecure lid closure. The first thing that could cause this problem is excess lint. When lint gets stuck along the lid latch, it can trigger sensors that cause the washer to think the door is open.

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It can also inhibit the latch from catching, causing the lid to remain partially ajar. Fortunately, lint can be pulled and vacuumed away. However, if your latch is clear of any debris and is in excellent condition, you’re likely dealing with a more severe issue.

Your washing machine’s control board could fail to register that the lid is closed, or the motor wiring could be faulty. Both cause a flashing lid lock light.


If lint is causing the lid lock light to flash, simply remove it and close the door. The flashing should immediately stop.

If you’re dealing with control board or motor wiring problems, it might be worthwhile to hire an electrician or appliance technician to help you with repairs and replacements. Such issues are often complex, requiring in-depth knowledge of GE washer assembly and operation.

GE Washer Lid Lock Sensor

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When you close your washer lid, the lid lock sensor should register the change. When it doesn’t, you might not be able to start a load of laundry, as the machine believes the lid is open.

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If your machine’s lid shuts firmly and clicks closed, but it doesn’t lock or register as closed, you’re likely dealing with a faulty lid lock sensor. Replacing this sensor is often the best way to solve the problem, as repairing it is far more challenging.


Lid lock sensors can fail due to electrical surges, consistently-high temperatures, overuse, or time. When these sensors fail, your washing machine won’t know when the lid is closed. As a result, you won’t be able to wash any laundry until you replace the sensor or perform a lid lock bypass.


If your lid lock sensor is faulty, you’ll want to replace it. Fortunately, replacement lid lock sensors are relatively affordable. Depending on your GE washing machine model, you might spend between $15 and $60 on a replacement sensor.

You’ll need to perform some electrical work to replace this sensor, so be sure to practice proper safety techniques. Naturally, you could also choose to schedule a repair service.

Final Thoughts

Is your GE washer lid continually locking and unlocking? If so, you might be experiencing control board issues, problems with a snapped latch, or faulty wiring inside your machine’s motor. However, a defective lid door sensor could also be to blame.

It’s crucial to check your door latch for signs of physical damage or lint before investigating your control board, wiring, and sensors. Doing so could help you avoid time-consuming troubleshooting and help you solve the problem in a flash.

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