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GE Washer Won’t Spin Correctly

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GE washing machines are a trusted household favorite. They’re simple to use and even easier to repair with the right tools. The most common issue that people experience with their GE washer is that it stops spinning efficiently.

A GE washer won’t spin correctly when there is an insufficient power supply or if the washing machine needs repair. A damaged control panel, broken door latch, or a malfunctioning timer can interfere with the spin cycle. Replacing defective metal parts will restore the washer’s spinning power.

This article will discuss the most common reasons why your washing machine won’t spin properly and how to fix them. I’ll also explain ways you can troubleshoot this malfunction at home and when to call a GE technician.

GE Washer Won’t Spin: Causes / How To Fix

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When your washing machine isn’t spinning at all, it’s usually the result of a loss of power. Check the circuit breaker and test the wall outlets in your home to ensure the washer is getting adequate electricity.

Suppose the electricity in your home is functional, but the washer still won’t spin. In that case, your washing machine requires a new control panel or another important metal part.

To test if the control board is faulty, check the functionality of your washing machine’s buttons. If some buttons work and others do not, the user control panel is the source of your problem.

Only a skilled GE technician can solve this type of problem. Fixing a washer that won’t spin by yourself is not recommended. To avoid damaging your washer, reach out to a professional who can safely solve the issue.

What To Do if the Control Board Is Not the Issue?

After the control board has been inspected and certified working, the next step is to test that the washer is closed correctly.

For a washer to start spinning, all the doors must be sealed.

Clothing can get stuck in the doors and stop the washer from closing fully, especially with a heavy load.

Try reducing the load and see if that affects the washer in any way. If the washer spins with a half-load, you can be sure that you were overpacking your machine. Avoid this in the future.

GE Washer Won’t Stop Spinning: Causes / How To Fix

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When your washer is stuck in the spin cycle, the timer has malfunctioned. Resetting your machine can solve this type of defect.

In most cases, following these steps will stop your washing machine from constantly spinning:

  1. Unplug the washer. Wait 30 seconds for the machine’s components to completely reset.
  2. Turn the timer back to the starting position.
  3. Plug the washing machine back in and turn it on.

If these steps do not work, your timer is completely broken. Replace it.

Contact an appliance store and ask for a skilled handyman who can help.

GE Washer Won’t Do Final Spin: Causes / How To Fix

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A washer that won’t do its final spin is a sure sign of a damaged timer. The machine is not receiving the timer’s signal to start the last cycle, so it never does.

There are no at-home fixes for this type of problem.

Homeowners should contact a GE technician immediately to service the machine and make repairs. Ignoring a broken timer will permanently damage your washing machine over time.

GE Washer Won’t Complete Spin Cycle: Causes / How To Fix

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A failing lid switch assembly or a damaged door lock will cause your washing machine to stop mid-cycle.

To determine which of these parts are responsible, test them with a multimeter. Replace the pieces that show a lack of continuity.

Consult your washing machine’s manual for repair instructions. You must get the correct replacement parts that match your GE washer’s make and model for a successful at-home fix.

Otherwise, get in touch with a trained professional who will repair your machine as soon as possible.

GE Washer Won’t Spin and Drain: Causes / How To Fix

Guy crouching and pulling laundry out of washer and putting them into a basket

When a washer’s drain pump is clogged, the water will not drain. Small items like socks or underwear can make their way into your washing machine’s pump and prevent the water from emptying.

If you can locate your washing machine’s drain pump, detach it and get rid of any obstructions.

The position of the drain pump will differ for different washing machine models. Always have a look at your washer’s user manual before trying to remove the machine’s pump.

GE Washer Won’t Spin With a Full Load: Causes / How To Fix

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A washer overloaded with thick fabrics like towels and rugs will not spin. If there are too many clothing articles in your washing machine, removing some of the items will help your washer to spin.

However, a washing machine that is not overloaded but won’t agitate signals a loose belt.

While your machine is full, open the front panel of your washing machine. Carefully inspect the belt and the pulley. If the belt appears to be slipping, replace it as soon as possible.

If you have experience working with washing machines, you can do this at home. But for the best results, talk to a GE professional.

GE Washer Won’t High-Speed Spin: Causes / How To Fix

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GE washers deliver high-speed performance; therefore, a slow spin means your washer’s transmission is failing.

Power down the washing machine and visually inspect the transmission. On most washers, you can find the transmission at the back of the washing machine.

Signs of wear and tear, leaking oil, or broken gears means it’s time for a new transmission.

A GE parts dealer will supply you with the ideal transmission for your washing machine. You can switch out the transmission on your own or seek the assistance of a GE repairman.

GE Washer Sometimes Won’t Spin: Causes / How To Fix

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For a washing cycle to activate, the washing machine has to be closed entirely. The lid assembly and door latch tell the machine’s circuitry that the door is closed. So a washer that only spins sometimes is a sign of a faulty lid assembly or a weak door latch.

Check both parts for continuity with a multimeter. The device will tell you which parts to replace.

If the issue persists after the repair, reach out to your local handyman or find the nearest GE technician.

GE Washer Makes a Clicking Noise and Won’t Spin: Causes / How To Fix

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A clicking washing machine is the result of a clogged water drain or damaged control panel.

When the draining system is blocked, noises come from the water pump as the liquid struggles to get out. Clearing out the water drain can fix most noisy washing machines.

However, if the clicking is coming from the GE washer’s control board, that means there is an electrical issue. In that case, switch out the control panel. Replacing the control panel is complicated and should only be done by a skilled handyman.

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GE Washer Keeps Spinning: Causes / How To Fix

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A washer that keeps spinning needs a brand new timer.

The most likely cause is that the timer broke while being in the spin cycle. Therefore, as long as the old timer is in the machine, the washer will spin forever.

A GE technician can replace the timer and restore the washing machine to its normal functions.

Final Thoughts

GE technicians should always be your first choice when fixing a washer that won’t spin. Maintenance specialists can fix common washer problems in just a few hours.

Any repairs that you can do at home are outlined in your washing machine’s user manual.

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Remember to buy the correct replacement parts that suit your washing machine to solve the spinning problem once and for all.

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