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How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator

Normally, Whirlpool refrigerators do not usually require much normal maintenance. Sometimes, though, a Whirlpool refrigerator can begin to break down and even fail to keep food at a safe and normal temperature. This type of dysfunction can also cause elevated energy bills.  Read on to learn about some simple troubleshooting steps you can take to delineate what the problem is with your Whirlpool Refrigerator and how you can reset it.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator, you can perform a hard power reset. Unplug your Whirlpool refrigerator from the wall socket power source. Leave the refrigerator unplugged for thirty minutes. Then plug it back in and determine if your Whirlpool refrigerator is reset or not.

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Is There a Reset Button on Whirlpool Refrigerator?

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Some Whirlpool refrigerators do have a reset button while others do not. If your Whirlpool refrigerator does not have a reset button it will be necessary to perform a factory reset.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and if there is a reset button on your Whirlpool Refrigerator, these buttons are usually located inside the refrigerator door. Press and then release the buttons. Check the display on the refrigerator to see if it has gone blank.

Then your Whirlpool refrigerator should return to normal functioning.

If this does not work, you can also open the door of the freezer and locate the freezer switch. Long press on this switch until the freezer reactivates. If your refrigerator has a water filter, press the water filter icon until you no longer see that it is blinking.  You can also long press on the refrigerator icon to reset the refrigerator.

How to Factory Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator

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If you need to perform a Factory Reset on your Whirlpool Refrigerator, it can be accomplished in several easy steps. This will reset your Whirlpool Fridge back to the original setting present when the refrigerator was originally manufactured.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and perform a Factory Reset as well, go ahead, and power off the refrigerator. Then, plug the refrigerator back into the wall socket. Now see if the refrigerator is cooling normally and if the main power board of the refrigerator is working.    

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator Control Board/Panel

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The Control Board /Panel of a Whirlpool Refrigerator is also known as the Jazz Board of the refrigerator. It is responsible for controlling all the cooling functions of the refrigerator as well as controlling all possible alerts that can alert you to major problems that could end up in a disastrous shutdown of your Whirlpool refrigerator.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and reset your Whirlpool refrigerator Control Board/Panel, first open the door of the refrigerator. Locate the door switches. Go ahead and press the door switches and the temperature button of the refrigerator 3 times within a period of ten seconds.

When you release the buttons, you should then see a S indicated in the freezer display section and an E in the display section of the refrigerator.

Now, press the refrigerator temperature button. You should see   numbers appear and then you should see the number 1.

After this, the refrigerator display should go completely blank.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator After Changing Filter/Filter Light

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Sometimes, you will see the filter light glowing orange even though it has a water filter present and enclosed in it. This light does not indicate any particularly severe problems, but it can be very irritating and annoying.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and want to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator after changing filter/filter light, first, press the Options button. Then, you will see a notification of 3 different possible options. Go ahead and select Filter Reset.

Press the Confirm Button and then wait for 3 seconds to hear a beeping sound indicating that the reset has occurred successfully.

You should be sure to change the filter in your Whirlpool Refrigerator at least every six months. This will keep the water in your refrigerator nice and clean and will also filter out any unnecessary minerals and toxins.

When you change your filter on a regular basis, you also decrease the odds of it breaking down or leaking.

It is a good idea to write in a permanent marker on the new water filter, the date that you changed the water filter so as not to miss the six-month deadline on which to change the water filter.

You can also purchase EveryDrop Water Filters that are manufactured by Whirlpool that fit exactly into the water filter recess and are very durable and reliable.

In fact, if you purchase and use an EveryDrop water filter for your Whirlpool Refrigerator, it makes sure that the Warranty for your Whirlpool Refrigerator remains solidly in effect.

If you continue to have severe issues with your Whirlpool Refrigerator, and it is continually not functioning properly, or chronically is breaking down, it is probably time to take your refrigerator to a Certified Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair Facility for full and complete evaluation.

You can also have your Whirlpool Refrigerator evaluated in your home by a Certified Whirlpool Certified Technician. This will not only resolve your issue with the refrigerator, but will also ensure that your refrigerator keeps valid for the warranty or extended warranty.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator After Power Outage

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If the power goes out in your home, it can be both frightening and inconvenient. Luckily, you can take the following steps to reset your whirlpool refrigerator after a power outage.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator after a power outage, press and then hold the Power Button and the Lock and Filter Buttons for a period of 3 seconds.  This, then, should reinstate all the cooling features of your Whirlpool Refrigerator.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker

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Many times, the problem with a malfunctioning ice maker is that there is a large piece of ice that is obstructing the main water line. This should usually be avoided by different parts of the freezer unit that are made to prevent this.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and reset the refrigerator ice maker, unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket. Turn off the water supply. Take the ice maker out of the freezer so that you can evaluate it.

Unplug the wire harness of the ice maker carefully and examine it for any jams or blockages. Check in the freezer and look at the water line that feeds into the ice maker. If there is any ice blocking the water line, simply take a sharpened object and remove it. If this is not the case, continue with your troubleshooting analysis.

You can also see if the issue is that your Whirlpool refrigerator freezer is not becoming cold enough to allow the ice maker to make ice.

To make ice, the freezer needs to be at a temperature that is below ten degrees Fahrenheit. It may take up to a full day for the freezer to get to the required temperature before ice can be made. Sometimes, it can take up to a full forty-eight hours to fill the entire ice bin with ice cubes.

Also, carefully check the temperature dial of the freezer that you can often find on the top of the inside of the Whirlpool refrigerator.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator Temperature

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It is crucial that your Whirlpool refrigerator temperature be kept at a proper level to keep your family’s food fresh and well refrigerated. If your Whirlpool refrigerator temperature is not staying in a steady state, it is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous to your family’s health and welfare.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and want to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator temperature, check the condenser coils to see if they are clogged up or coated with dirt. If they are clogged or dirty, they will not release heat properly.

Move the refrigerator away from the wall to get a better look at the condenser coils that are on the back and lower part of the refrigerator and have the shape of a common snake.

Take off the toe guard and you will see the coils that are now exposed. Use your narrow vacuum cleaner hose to clean out the condenser coils.

Also, vacuum out all the other parts that are near the condenser.

Now use a dryer type brush to scrub the coils to clean them of any dirt and debris.

Then, use the larger attachments of the vacuum to clean out all other areas where there is dirt and debris.

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If cleaning the condenser coils has not solved the problem, check the door seal to see if it is damaged or loose in any way or has any gaps and if therefore, there is no cool air left in the refrigerator.

If the seal is loose or damaged it will need to be replaced.

You can also look for any evidence of a power failure. Check to see that the refrigerator power cord is not frayed or broken or loose in any way.

Also, check the circuit breakers to make sure that no fuses have blown out that are in circuits that control temperature function.

If this is the problem, go ahead and replace the affected fuse.

Finally, check to see if the fan motor and condenser motors are faulty or not functioning properly. If this is the case, they will need to be replaced by a Certified Factory Trained Whirlpool Refrigerator Technician.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

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Most Whirlpool refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months to keep your water supply having good taste and in good sanitary condition. It is easy to replace the water filter and then to remove it and replace it.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and reset the refrigerator water filter, first, lift the door covering the water filter. Remove the existing water filter and then discard it. Take the new water filter and remove the water filter coverings. Then, put the filter into the water filter housing and make sure it is properly placed and aligned.

Close the water filter door gently and then let several gallons of water drain through the system to flush out the new water filter. Now, hold the water filter down for more than three seconds and wait for it to turn a blue color.

How to Reset Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor

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If you need to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator Compressor, it is usually a major issue that needs to be accomplished quickly. The compressor uses refrigerant that is under low pressure to cool the food in your refrigerator. Adjusting the refrigerator’s thermostat causes the compressor to turn on, which causes the refrigerant to go through fans that move cool air into the different compartments of the freezer.

If you want to reset your Whirlpool Refrigerator and reset your Refrigerator Compressor, first make sure to unplug the Whirlpool Refrigerator from the power outlet. Keep the refrigerator unplugged for several minutes.

Now, go to the Control Panel and select to turn off both the freezer and the refrigerator using the control panel directly. Go ahead and then set the temperature control to zero. Now plug the refrigerator back into the wall socket.

Reset the controls of the freezer and of the refrigerator. It is usually recommended to keep the refrigerator at a temperature of forty degrees Fahrenheit, which usually means a setting of level four or five.

You should now anticipate waiting for approximately 24 hours for the refrigerator temperature to fully reset.

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