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How To Fix Slow Response On Sony TV

Having a Sony TV is like having a tablet with a giant screen. You can connect your Sony TV to the internet and access hundreds of streaming apps. With the dual function of the Sony TV, however, comes the dual issues.

You can fix slow response on Sony TV by clearing the memory cache and doing a soft reset or factory reset of your TV. Turn off the automatic update feature on your TV. Keep the remote clean. Replace the remote batteries. Re-pair the remote to the TV.

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Because our Sony TV functions much like a tablet or computer, the dual options can create performance issues. This article will address how to resolve problems with a slow remote response, a slow TV response time, and even Wi-Fi issues.

How To Fix Sony TV Slow Response To Remote

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Thanks to remotes, we no longer have to sit with our face up against the TV screen to change channels or adjust the volume. We can sit comfortably on the couch and control everything with the remote. Sometimes, though, the remote is slow to respond.

You can fix Sony TV slow response to remote by re-pairing the remote. Press the Home button on the remote. Go to ‘Remote & Accessories’. Choose which option you prefer to pair remote via: Bluetooth or Activate. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

Sony TV remotes communicate to the TV via an infrared signal. This signal needs an unobstructed path. Remove any objects that could block or interfere with the signal. Keep the signal receiver on TV clean and unobstructed as well.

If the remote is continually slow despite the above tips, use a smart device, such as your phone or tablet, as the remote. This will also help to determine if there is a hardware issue with the remote or the TV.

How To Fix Sony TV Slow To Turn On Or Start

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When it comes to our electronics, we expect them to turn on when the power button is pressed. The TV is no different. If it is plugged in, it should turn on. But what if your Sony TV is not quick to respond when you press that power button?

You can fix Sony TV slow to turn on or start by removing unused apps from your TV. The more apps you have installed, the more memory space they are taking up. Memory space is required to install regular updates for both the TV and the streaming apps.

Because smart TVs are basically giant computers, we need to do maintenance on the TV much like we would our computer. If the computer is slow to respond, we can do a scan to see what we can remove. We need to do the same with our Sony TV.

Clear Memory Cache

The memory cache is much like a cookie jar. Each time you use your Sony TV or use an app, data, or a cookie, is stored in the memory cache, or cookie jar, to provide faster and more customized service.

Once the ‘cookie jar’ is full, the TV will start to operate more slowly. Removing some ‘cookies’ will free up space for new cookies and this will improve the TVs speed. You can manually clean out the cookie jar by doing the following.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

Step 3: Select the ‘Sony Select’ app.

Step 4: Select ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Depending on the model of Sony TV you have, you will also need to go to the ‘Sony Shelf’ app and select ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’.

Automatic Update

Updates typically happen without our knowledge because the automatic setting is turned on. This setting allows the TV software to continually be on the lookout for any new updates and then quickly install them.

It is nice not having to worry about continually checking for updates. The problem, however, is when this setting causes the TV to run slowly. If your Sony TV is still running slow or is slow to start after cleaning out the memory cache, turn off the Automatic Update setting.

How To Fix Sony TV Slow To Change Channel

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Changing channels is a luxury. Instead of having three channels to choose from, you have hundreds. You can switch back and forth between multiple shows. When you are switching back to your main show, you don’t want the channel to change slowly.

You can fix Sony TV slow to change channel by always closing out apps on the TV. Pressing the Home button in order to exit an app keeps the app running in the background. The more apps running in the background will compete for resources that will slow down your TV.

If your Sony TV is slow to change channels, there could be a few different reasons for this issue. One of the most common causes is a weak signal from the cable or satellite provider. Check if the signal strength is strong enough and if the cables are properly connected.

Another possible reason could be outdated firmware or software. Check for any available updates and install them if necessary.

Additionally, a full reset of the TV may also solve the issue. Try resetting your TV to its factory settings and see if the channel changing speed improves.

Another reason why your Sony TV is slow to change channels could be due to the remote.

The remote gets a lot of use and abuse. Sticky fingers are pressing buttons. It gets sat on and then squeezed between couch cushions. If one button on the remote is stuck, the remote will not work correctly.

Remove the batteries from the remote and then use a damp cloth or Q-tip to gently clean the remote. While the batteries are still removed, press each button on the remote individually, two times. This will ensure no buttons are stuck.

Take the time, too, to inspect the battery compartment, Clean this area of any dust or debris. Inspect the battery coils, too, making sure they are not bent.

Leaving the batteries out of the remote will also reset the remote, removing any potential bugs within the hardware. When you replace the batteries, use only fresh alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries do not have the strength or life-span your Sony TV remote requires.

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How To Fix Sony TV Slow After Update

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Updates are essential to our Sony TV working properly. Updates keep the electronic bugs out and help improve the security features of the TV so the TV can function at its best.

You can fix Sony TV slow after update by making sure your model of Sony TV and operating system is still compatible with the apps you have installed. As apps update, the requirements of the TV software often change. Visit the app website for a list of Sony TVs that are no longer compatible.

If the TV does not get an update, the old, outdated data lingers and creates problems within the software. While updates are installed automatically and without us even knowing it, you can manually update the TV.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Device’.

Step 4: Select ‘Software Update’.

Step 5: Select ‘System Software Update’.

Step 6: Select ‘Check For A System Update’.

Step 7: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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Soft Reset

Each time your Sony TV receives a new update, the software within the TV goes through a process of removing the old data and installing the new. Resetting the TV will refresh everything so the new data can take over.

You can reset your Sony TV two ways. The first way is by simply unplugging the TV for 60 seconds. The second way is by pressing the green Standby button on the remote for 10 seconds.

Factory reset

Sometimes an update gets interrupted and is not correctly installed. The mix of old data with new can cause the TV to get confused and either respond slowly to commands or not work at all.

A factory reset will delete all saved data and installed apps but will resolve any technical problems. Some Sony TV models have a reset button on the back of the TV. Press and hold the button until the TV restarts. It usually takes a few seconds for the TV to restart.

If your TV does not have a reset button, here is how you can manually reset your Sony TV.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the remote.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Storage & Reset’.

Step 4: Select ‘Restore Factory Settings’.

Step 5: Select ‘Erase All Data’. You will need your PIN to confirm the request.

How To Fix Sony TV Slow WiFi/Internet

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We all prefer wireless but sometimes we have to go old school for a good internet connection, especially when using a streaming service. Connecting the internet directly to your TV will improve the speed and bandwidth of your network.

Increase Bandwidth

If there are too many devices connected to the network at the same time, this will create a traffic jam with the network signal, affecting the bandwidth. Reduce the number of connected devices as well as the number of apps running in the background to increase the bandwidth.

Higher Frequency

Consider switching to a higher frequency. Higher frequency means faster internet. Most routers are programmed to accommodate two frequencies – 2.4 and 5 GHz. Smart TVs require a higher bandwidth for high-resolution movies so switching to 5GHz will boost your Wi-Fi performance.

You can fix Sony TV slow WiFi/internet by increasing your internet signal. Increase your internet signal by moving the router closer to the TV or by purchasing a Wi-Fi extender to boost the internet signal. Contact your ISP to increase your internet speed to 15 Mbps.

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