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How To Reset Acer Laptop

Resetting an Acer Laptop comes in handy when selling it, but it’s also a powerful troubleshooting method. Some Acer laptops hang due to clutter, bugs, or downloading corrupted files, and resetting them may be the only way to keep them working in optimal condition. Here’s how to reset Acer laptop.

Resetting the Acer laptop is possible through different methods. I usually start by resetting it to factory settings. If it’s not effective I reset the battery, password and administrator password, laptop network settings, laptop bios and laptop bios password, as well as the RAM, laptop CMOS, and the Wi-Fi settings.

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Resetting an Acer laptop restores it to the original out-of-box state, hence the need to save essential files or documents that could get erased. I usually save them in an external hard drive, USB flash disk, or the cloud for safekeeping. Resetting an Acer laptop isn’t limited to one method. There are multiple ways to reset an Acer laptop. Read on to find out more:

How To Reset Acer Laptop To Factory Settings

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The most effective way of resetting an Acer laptop is to reset it to factory settings. This method is often a last resort when other troubleshooting techniques are not working or when the laptop has more severe problems. A factory reset also comes in handy when recycling the laptop because it ensures no one recovers the data or files therein.

Resetting the Acer laptop to factory settings involves several steps. Open the Windows Start menu> Acer Care Center> Recovery Management>Restore>Reset>Get Started. In the next window, click on Remove Everything and Reset. For Acer laptops using Windows 10, pressing Alt + F10 is a shortcut to the reset process.   

Sometimes the Alt + 10 keys don’t set off the reset process if the operating system has just been re-installed or if the recovery partition is formatted or deleted. Hotkeys depend on drives to operate. As such, they hardly work when the drives are deleted after the operating system is re-installed. If that’s the case, it’s best to use a repair or installation disk to reset the laptop to factory settings. Since I didn’t have one, I downloaded the Windows ISO file to help me set up a repair disk. Once it’s set up, it’s ready to reset an Acer laptop to factory settings. 

How to Reset Acer Laptop Battery

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A battery reset is another effective troubleshooting method of resetting an Acer laptop. It comes in handy when the laptop doesn’t power on or off and has charging problems. A battery reset disconnects and reconnects the internal battery, temporarily resetting the laptop.

Resetting the Acer laptop is pretty straightforward. Simply unplug the laptop from the power adapter, press, and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds to initiate a software battery reset. If the battery is removable, I would remove it from its compartment and reconnect it after the set period.

Some Acer laptops have a pinhole reset button which makes it easy to reset the Acer laptop battery. If the laptop is still unresponsive, press and hold the pinhole button for five seconds to reset the battery.

How to Reset Acer Laptop Password

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I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to reset the Acer laptop password. I often forget it and can’t log into the device. A password keeps my files protected from unauthorized access, but it can also lock one out of their computer. There are different ways of resetting Acer’s laptop password, but the most effective one is using a password reset disk. 

Resetting an Acer laptop password using a password reset disk is easy. Click on the ‘Reset password’ icon on the screen after typing in an incorrect password and install the password reset disk into the laptop. Then click on the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password and use it to unlock the laptop

This method helps if one has created a password reset disk on the system. I hadn’t made one and had to install a password reset disk with a third-party Windows password tool using another accessible laptop.

How to Reset Acer Laptop Administrator Password

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Resetting the Acer laptop also comes in handy when one doesn’t have the administrator password. Acer laptops using Windows 10 have administrator passwords that can lock out the user from the laptop if lost. Resetting the Acer laptop administrator password can be done in two ways. First, change the user password to blank from the control panel of the Windows 10 user account to unlock the laptop without a password. 

How to reset Acer laptop administrator password begins with opening the Windows Start menu. Choose Settings>Accounts>Info>Manage Microsoft Account> More Actions> Edit profile on the drop-down menu. Click on change password and enter the new and current passwords. Save and restart the computer.

Alternatively, use a password recovery tool to remove the Windows 10 administrator password and recover the lost password. The tool removes administrator and user passwords on Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista, and XP, without losing data. 

How to reset Acer laptop administrator password using the password recovery tool begins with downloading the software. Once set up, a Windows Password Recovery interface appears on the screen, ready to initiate the process. Click Windows 10>Administrator>Reset Password> Yes. The unknown password becomes blank, allowing me to unlock the Acer laptop without the administrator password.

Setting up the password recovery software is pretty straightforward. I usually plug a bootable USB flash drive into my Acer laptop to launch it, then press F12 or Fn+F12 to activate the software. The laptop boots from the USB allowing the password recovery tool to run. A Windows password recovery interface appears to select the respective OS from the system list and initiate the reset process.

How to Reset Acer Laptop BIOS

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Acer laptops use BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) to configure hardware components like optical drives and hard drives. The system also sets specific settings like a laptop’s boot sequence. However, changing BIOS settings occasionally affects the system negatively, making it unstable. Resetting Acer BIOS settings helps restore them to factory settings.

Reseting Acer laptop BIOS settings begins with rebooting the laptop. Wait until it shows the Acer logo on the screen, a process that lasts 30 seconds. Then press Delete for laptops and F2 for notebooks to enter BIOS settings. Next, press F9 and enter to activate the default configuration and F10 and Enter to save and exit.

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How to Reset Acer Laptop BIO Password

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Sometimes I need to open BIOS to make hardware changes but find BIOS is secured by a password. The only way to access the BIOS password is through a reset that is slightly different from resetting regular Acer passwords. There are three ways of resetting the Acer Laptop BIOS password. The most common is through Acer eSettings Management. Here’s how:

Reseting Acer laptop BIOS password begins with installing Acer Empowering Technology. Then click on the start menu>All Programs> Empowering Technology>Acer eSettings Management. Click on BIOS passwords and create a new one while removing the old one. The system is now accessible.

Another way of resetting the Acer laptop BIOS password is through the manufacturer’s backdoor password. I found that Acer manufacturers build backdoor passwords for their tech experts to access when servicing hardware easily. Be sure to look up the BIOS manufacturer to find out if there’s a standard password. However, I quickly learned that this method might not be effective on Acer laptops because the manufacturer hardly resolves issues with BIOS passwords. Instead, Acer requires customers to send their laptops for fixing at a fee.

I also found removing the CMOS battery an effective way of resetting the BIOS password. I started by unplugging the laptop from the power source and removing the case to expose the CMOS battery. The battery is flat, round, and metallic. Disconnect the battery from the latches and wait for 10-25 minutes before screwing it back. Plug in the laptop to a power source and open BIOS. If done correctly, BIOS won’t ask for a password.

How to Reset Acer Laptop Network Settings

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Although internet connection experiences downtimes, sometimes the problem could be the laptop. If other devices within that space can still connect to the network and load websites, chances are the Acer laptop network settings need resetting. 

Resetting Acer laptop network settings is straightforward, as it involves clicking on the Start Menu>Settings>Network and Internet. Then select status, click on the Network reset link, and select Reset Now. Click on the Yes icon to start the reset process. The laptop reboots but there’s time to save documents and close other applications.

Note that once the laptop restarts, the network connection isn’t active and needs reconnecting. If network settings detect internet connection automatically, the connection should resume without problems. Other network software like VPN may need to be reconfigured.

How to Reset Wi-Fi Settings on Acer Laptop

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Besides a network reset, Acer laptops need the Wi-Fi setting reset, especially after a Router firmware update, anti-virus update, or Windows update. The computer may also be experiencing windows firewall blockage, airplane mode, or the system may have virus, malware, or junk. Whatever the reason, resetting the Wi-Fi setting on the Acer laptop goes a long way in keeping the connection upbeat.

Resetting Wi-Fi settings on Acer laptop requires one to open the Control Panel. Click on Network Sharing Center>Network Status> Adapter settings and right-click the‘ Wireless Network Connection icon.’ Then click on Disable from the menu and wait until the icon turns color. Right-click again and Enable the connection.

How to Reset Acer Laptop Keyboard

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Acer laptops are often wrought with keyboard problems. Some keys become unresponsive, and sometimes all of them stop functioning. It could be the keyboard driver is old and needs updating, the keyboard is locked, or the filter keys are actively preventing the keyboard from working correctly. Restarting the laptop and changing the settings can solve the problem, but a keyboard reset may be more effective. It is possible depending on the root problem. The Fn key has locked the keyboard, and unlocking is all it needs to reset it. 

Resetting an Acer laptop keyboard involves Opening the Run application, typing ‘osk,’ and clicking OK. Right-click the taskbar and choose ‘show the touch button.’ then double-click the new keyboard icon, and press Fn and F7 or F8 keys to unlock the keyboard. If the screen doesn’t show the Fn key, click the Keyboard menu and select a keyboard format with the Fn key.

How to Reset Mouse on Acer Laptop 

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Another problem affecting Acer laptops involves the mouse. It becomes unresponsive and fails to respond correctly. Oftentimes the laptop develops hardware errors that cause the USB ports to stop working. This happens when the mouse is connected and disconnected frequently or after making new software updates. Whatever the problem could be, resetting the mouse restores its function.

Resetting the mouse on Acer Laptop may require one to update the touchpad or mouse driver. A third-party tool may come in handy. Download, install and use it to scan the laptop for problems. Then click update to download the correct driver. I usually click the Update All icon to ensure any missing or outdated drivers are updated.

How to Reset RAM on Acer Laptop

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The RAM (Random Access Memory), the most important part of an Acer laptop can fill up, causing other programs to run slow. To solve the problem, I need to reset RAM using a special program. Here’s how to do it:

Resetting RAM on Acer laptop begins with downloading a third-party program like RAM Def 2.6 Xtreme. Save and unzip the file and follow the instructions to install it. Fine-tune the settings to ensure the program sends notifications when the RAM is almost full. Also, click start to initiate the defragmentation process.

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Alternatively, clear out the memory cache regularly to prevent idle processes from taking up valuable RAM space. I often do this to keep all the programs on the laptop running actively. 

How to Reset the Touchpad on Acer Laptop

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Acer laptops also develop touchpad issues causing them to become unresponsive. It can be frustrating, and using trial and error methods to fix it can be frustrating. Resetting the touchpad goes a long way in fixing the problem. Here’s how to do it:

Resetting the touchpad on Acer laptop is simple. The touchpad may have been disabled, and re-enabling it gets it working. To do this, press the Function Key and F6 or F7 simultaneously or the function Key and the touchpad icon. Check if the touchpad works; if not, try out other remedies.

Another way to reset the touchpad on Acer’s laptop is to remove any connected devices, including flash drives, hard drives, external keyboards, and other peripherals. I also restart my laptop to make the touchpad responsive.

How to Reset Acer Laptop CMOS

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Several reasons lead to resetting the CMOS of an Acer laptop. It could be the laptop doesn’t boot or freezes during the process. It’s also necessary when BIOS error alerts like ‘CMOS Checksum error appear after inserting a new BIOS chip or updating the BIOS. 

Resetting Acer laptop CMOS is possible without removing the battery. Simply press the power button to discharge power. The BIOS is reset during the process causing the CMOS memory setting to reset. Turn on the laptop, fine-tune BIOS settings, save them, and reboot. Repeat the process until successful.

Note that CMOS-reset is best done on the motherboard with jumpers. However, if the Acer laptop doesn’t have one, e.g., Acer Notebooks, and needs CMOS to reset, remove the CMOS battery for a few days. If it still doesn’t work, check the laptop’s cable connections and components and remove any dirt.

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