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How To Reset Dell Printer

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When we purchase any type of electronic equipment, we expect it to work straight out of the box. The unfortunate reality is, however, there are sometimes problems. This happens with a Dell printer on occasion so how do you reset it?

The easiest way to reset a Dell printer is to unplug it from the wall, disconnect all cords and then reconnect everything after 60 seconds. After the startup process has been completed, the Dell printer has gone through a soft reset and should be clear of any errors.

As you will see, there are many different reasons why we may experience this problem. If you were to call customer service, this would be the solution that they provided. Then again, there are some solutions that are provided by Dell that you may not hear from customer service.

For example, there are times when you need to do more than a soft reset of your Dell printer. We will review that particular step-by-step process in this article.

For a more thorough reset, you may need to use the settings menu that is built into the printer that was provided. This is going to be different from one printer to another because each printer has its own specific method of resetting.

Generally speaking, you will press the up or down button to get to the reset menu option. Once there, you will select okay and then you will have to scroll through using the up and down buttons until you reach the factory reset screen.

Typically, you will have to verify the fact that you actually want to factory reset before it is done. What you do, however, the reset process will start and it will run until its completion.

Let’s take a look at some of the different factors associated with your Dell printer. When you are experiencing problems, these are the solutions that will help.

How To Reset Dell Printer

Resetting a Dell printer does not need to be difficult. In fact, it may be something that you can do within a matter of minutes without ever having to contact customer support.

The simple solution for resetting a Dell printer is to turn it off and back on again. You may need to take things a step further, however, and actually disconnect the printer. Here are the steps necessary for a more thorough reset:

Step 1

Disconnect the printer from everything. Unplug all of the cords, regardless of whether they are going to the network or if they are going to your computer.

Step 2

Unplug the printer from the wall. If you don’t have access to the receptacle, you may need to turn off the circuit breaker. Be aware that in many cases, you will be turning off more than the printer if you turn off the circuit breaker.

Step 3

Wait at least five minutes before proceeding. This gives enough time for any residual energy that is left in the printer to dissipate.

Step 4

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. If there is any energy left in the printer, this will often cause it to drain immediately.

Step 5

Plug the printer back into your computer and reinsert any wires that are running to other devices, such as a scanner or the Internet.

Step 6

Wait a few minutes for everything to reconnect and for the printer to be fully recognized by everything that is plugged in.

Step 7

Reestablish power to the printer. If you plug it back in or turn on the circuit breaker, you should then press the power button to turn on the printer. Allow it to run through its full startup cycle.

At this point, your printer has been soft reset. Any error messages or small issues with the printer should be resolved.

Read on to find out more about how to fully hard reset or factory reset the printer and how to deal with issues with the ink or toner.

How To Factory Reset/Hard Reset A Dell Printer

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Although a soft reset may work to correct certain errors, there may be times when you need to restore the Dell printer back to factory defaults. How can this be accomplished?

To reset a Dell printer back to factory defaults, you need to access the control panel on the printer and choose the options menu. This will differ from one printer to another, but it is often in the configuration mode of your Dell printer.

Take the following steps to hard reset the Dell printer and get it back to factory settings again:

Step 1. Turn off

Use the power button to run the printer through the shutdown mode and completely power it off. You should wait until it is entirely powered off before proceeding.

Step 2. Turn on

The next step is to turn the Dell printer on while pressing the right arrow on the control pad. You should hold the power button and the arrow at the same time until a progress bar shows up.

Step 3. Release

After the progress bar shows up on the screen, you should release both the power button and the arrow right button at the same time. The printer will then go through the sequence of powering on and it will land in the configuration option.

Step 4. Select

Finally, scroll through the options with the right arrow until you reach the option to restore factory defaults. You can then select it and the process will begin.

There may be slight variations from one Dell printer to another. You may need to refer to the operator’s manual for your specific printer in order to check for any variations if this standard method does not work.

How To Reset Dell Printer Drum

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Sometimes, you need to reset the printer drum on a Dell computer back to zero. Regardless of why it needs to be done, the process is not difficult.

Resetting a printer drum counter on a Dell printer involves a multistep process. You should turn the printer off, access the continue button on the interior of the printer and hold both the power and continue button while the process takes place.

The counter is not going to be reset automatically. It is hidden behind a number of steps in order to keep it from occurring accidentally and resetting the counter. Otherwise, you could lose count very easily.

As you hold down the continue button and power on the computer, there will be an LED error light that begins to shine solid. At that point, you can release the continue button and you will be in the correct mode for resetting the drum counter.

Press the cancel button four times and an LED will light up to indicate that the toner is low. Press the continue button and hold it in until the LEDs begin to cycle through a continuous sequence.

Turn the power to the printer off and wait for it to completely shut down. You can then turn the power on and once it fully starts up, you will press the continue button one more time.

At this point, the counter should be at zero and you can print a settings page.

How To Reset Dell Printer Cartridge Chip

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At times, a cartridge chip in the Dell printer needs to be reset. This is something that requires a very specific process.

If you need to reset a laser printer toner cartridge chip in a Dell computer, you have to purchase a resetter that will walk you through the process. This tool is connected to the cartridge and tells the printer chip that it’s time to reset the memory.

After connecting the cartridge to the tool, you should push the button on the tool. In some cases, there may be pins that need to be pressed.

As you hold down the pins or button, the cartridge LED light will turn green and you may hear an audible beep. This alerts you to the fact that the cartridge is reset. You can reinstall the cartridge at this point.

How To Reset Dell Printer Cartridge

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At times, you may need to reset the cartridge in your Dell printer. It is not difficult to do but it does require a specific process to be completed.

The Dell printer cartridge can be reset from the software installed on your computer. Open the Dell printer utility and look for a dialog box named ‘Complete-A-Print’. Uncheck the check mark in the box on this dialogue and select okay.

That is all that is necessary to reset the Dell printer cartridge and allow you to continue using it. There may be times, however, when you need to physically remove the cartridge and reinstall it if the software method does not work.

How To Password Reset Dell Printer

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Dell printer admin features are password-protected, although that option is not always set up. If you need to reset the password, it is not difficult to do.

To change the password on your Dell printer, enter the configuration tool on your computer. There should be a link that allows you to reset the password. You have to know the old password before you reset it to a new one. Select okay to exit out of the tool and save your password.

In order to change your password on your Dell printer, you may need to enter the administration option. That is true if it is the first time you are changing the password.

The default admin username is ‘admin’. You will not be able to change that username. If the printer is new or if you have never reset the password, the password field should be left blank.

How To Reset Dell Printer Admin Password

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There are slight differences between changing the admin password for your Dell printer and changing your personal password. In either case, it requires that you use the tool on your computer.

When you installed your Dell printer, you likely installed a tool on your computer that allowed you to monitor the printer and make changes on the backend. Open that tool and choose the ‘Set Password’ link to begin the process.

You will be able to reset your password. If it is the first time you are using this feature, the password for the admin is not set. The field should be left blank.

If you have already reset the password in the past, you will have to type in the old password before you can change it to a new password. If you don’t know the old password, you will have to factory reset your Dell printer.

How To Reset Dell Printer Error

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If an error message shows up on your Dell printer, how can you reset it?

An error message can be easily reset by doing a soft restart of your Dell printer. To accomplish this, unplug all of the connections to the printer, including those to the computer and network. Fully power down the Dell printer using the shutdown process and then unplug the printer.

After you unplug the printer, you should wait a few minutes for all of the residual energy to fully dissipate. You may also benefit from holding down the power button for 30 seconds to completely flush out any remaining energy.

Reconnect all of the cables, including the one to your computer. After reconnecting those cables, plug in your printer and press the power button.

Allow the printer to fully restart and at that point, the error message should be gone.

Although this may remove the error message, it is not going to always correct the error that caused the message to appear. Check your user’s manual for why the error message appeared and take appropriate action.

How To Reset Imaging Unit Counter Dell Printer

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If the imaging unit counter needs to be reset, it can be done by following the correct series of steps. This may differ from one printer to another, but there is a general method that tends to work.

Step 1. Power on

The power should be on and the Dell printer should be fully started at the beginning of this process.

Step 2. Open Door

Open the front door of the Dell printer to access the interior control buttons.

Step 3. Cancel

There should be a red cancel button on the inside of the computer. It typically has an ‘X’ on it. Press and hold the cancel button for 10 seconds. During this time, the indicator lights on the computer will flash and the life counter will be reset.

Step 4. Close Door

Close the front door on the printer fully. This should start a restart sequence automatically.

Step 5. Restart

The restart sequence should have started automatically. If it didn’t, you should power down the printer and allow it to start up again. When it is fully restarted, the counter is reset and the imaging unit is ready to go.

How To Language Reset Dell Printer

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You can change the language settings on your Dell printer by selecting the appropriate language in the setup option. Here are the steps necessary to do it.

Step 1. Power on

The power to the printer should be turned on and the printer should have run through the startup process fully.

Step 2. Access menu

Scroll through the options on the control panel located on the printer. Use the arrows to scroll through the process until you get to the setup option. Select the setup option.

Step 3. Language

After selecting the setup option, scroll through until you reach the language option. This will allow you to access the language of your choice.

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If you need to reset your printer back to English, you can turn off the printer and hold the start button while you hold the right arrow button. Turn on the printer while holding those buttons and it will be reset to English.

How To Reset Dell Printer Toner

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There are times when you may need to reset the toner cartridge on your Dell printer. This is often a simple matter of removing the cartridge and replacing it. Follow these steps to do it:

Step 1. Access cartridge

Open the front door or lift the lid on your Dell printer to access the cartridges.

Step 2. Pinch and remove

Pinch the toner cartridge tabs to loosen the cartridge and pull it straight out of the printer. It should remove easily without forcing.

Step 3. Reinsert

If you are reinserting the old cartridge just to reset it, you should push it back in until it clicks in place.

Step 4. Install New Cartridge

If you are installing a new cartridge, remove the tape from the cartridge and insert it into the printer until you hear it click in place. This will also reset the printer cartridge.

Step 5. Close

After reinserting the toner cartridge, you can close the access cover.

How To Reset Dell Printer Network

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There may be times when the network needs to be reset on the Dell printer. You can follow these steps to do so:

1. Menu

Access the control panel on the printer, and press the menu button to start the process.

2. System Set up

Scroll through the menu using the arrows until you are at the ‘system setup’ screen. Press the green OK button or checkmark to continue.

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3. Admin Menu

Continue to scroll through the menu until you reach the ‘Admin Menu’. Press the green OK button or checkmark to continue.

4. Network

Scroll through the menu using the arrows until you reach the Network option. Press the green OK button or checkmark to continue.

5. Reset Wireless

Scroll through the menu using the arrows until you reach the ‘Reset Wireless’ menu. Press the green OK button or checkmark to continue.

This will reset your network. You may need to confirm that you actually want the network to be reset. Once you start the process it automatically runs through it to completion.

If you have to reset a Dell printer, power it down and unplug it from the wall for 5 minutes. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to remove any remaining energy in the Printer. Restart the printer and allow it to go through the startup process. Your Dell printer is now reset.

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