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How to Reset Google WiFi

If you’re having issues with one of your Google WiFi routers, or you need to remove all the settings then you need to do a soft reset or factory reset of your Google WiFi. In this article, I will explain both methods, first here’s a summary of how to do a soft reset of a Google WiFi router.

To reset a Google WiFi device unplug the micro USB cable from the device to disconnect the power to it. Alternatively, turn it off at the wall. This performs a soft reset which does not wipe any of the data. A factory reset is done through the Google Home app.

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There are also other things to do with the Google Wifi such as resetting the password, resetting the IP address, and how to reset the DHCP. I’ll explain all of those below, starting with how to do a factory reset of a Google Wifi.

How to Reset a Google WiFi Router

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A factory reset can be done in one of two ways. The easiest is with the Google Home app, but it can also be done by holding down on the WiFi router. This is how to do both of these methods.

There are two types of resets on a Google WiFi, a factory reset and a soft reset. A soft reset is good to try first as it can solve a large percentage of issues without deleting all of the data and settings on your device. If that doesn’t solve it do a factory reset explained below.

As mentioned at the start of this article doing a soft reset on a Google WiFi router is done by disconnecting the power. For details of how to do a factory reset, which has a video that shows how to do it, skip to the next heading below. Google WiFi routers are powered by a cable that plugs into the wall and then plugs into the Google Wifi router with a micro USB connection.

You can either turn it off at the wall or pull it out at the wall if your wall outlet doesn’t have an on/off switch. Or, you can pull the micro USB cable out from the back of the Google WiFi router. This will cause the Google WiFi router to turn off.

Then plug it back in again and it will power back on. Google Wifi routers have a software that is controlled via the Google Home App.

Disconnecting the power will cause the software to load up again. Similar to restarting a computer can get a computer working again if it’s frozen.

How to Factory Reset Google Router

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A factory reset removes all of the current settings, and you need to go through the setup process again. This, however, is necessary if you’re having an issue with your Google router that wasn’t solved by a soft reset or for a myriad of other reasons. To do a factory reset this is the method:

The easiest is to do it on the Google Wifi app. You can reset only one of the Google Routers or all of the Google Routers on the network. To reset all go to the Google Home app and select Wi-Fi > Settings > Factory reset > then tap OK.

It says in the title of the video that it’s for an extender router but this method also works for the Google WiFi that’s plugged into your modem. This is also the method recommended by Google on their official support page for Google WiFi devices.

Google Router Password Reset

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For some reason, you may need to reset the password for your Google WiFi router. It is listed in the Google Home app, which also makes it easy to share the password with other people. But, here’s how to reset it.

The Google Router password can be reset through the Google Home app. This is used when you first set up the Google Wifi Router. On the Google Home app tap on Wi-Fi > select Show password > select Edit > select Change password > type in the new password > then select Save.

It’s generally advised to use a strong password. This is one that contains letters and numbers, as well as a mix of upper and lower case.

It’s unlikely someone will try to guess your password, and the chances of guessing a simple password correctly would generally get most people to give up. Just don’t make it ‘password’, ‘admin’, or a password that’s generally a default password.

How to Reset Google WiFi Password

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A Google WiFi has a password for the WiFi connection that you use to connect devices such as laptops and smartphones to a Google WiFi. If you need to reset/change it this is done through the Google Home app, here’s how:

Reset it through the Google Home app by selecting Wi-Fi, then Show Password, then Edit, then Change password. This will then give you the option to type in a new password. After doing that select save to save the new password.

After that when you use a device such as a smartphone to connect to it. You select the Google Home network from the WiFi settings on your device and use the new password you just created.

Google WiFi Reset IP Address

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From time to time the same IP address can be given to two different devices. This causes a conflict and one or both devices won’t be able to connect to the Google WiFi’s WiFi connection. To fix this issue you need to reset the Google WiFi IP address, below are instructions for how to do it:

This is done through the Google Home app. From the Google Home app select Wi-Fi > then Settings (cogwheel icon) > Restart network. To change the IP address of a device you’re connecting to your Google WiFi, this must be done in the settings of the device you’re connecting to the Google WiFi.

For example, on a smartphone, you can go into the settings and change the IP address. And as you may be aware, on a Windows computer you can use the common /ipconfig renew to change the IP address of your Windows computer.

Google WiFi Reset DHCP

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If you live in an apartment building, or otherwise have close neighbors the WiFi signals can interfere and it’s a good idea to change the DHCP to a different range. This is done by resetting the DHCP, to do this on a Google WiFi here’s what you should do

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Use the Google Home app. On the app tap on the Wifi nodes or node depending on how many you have connected. Select the main node, the one that is connected to the router (the main node). Then select Settings > Advanced networking > LAN > DHCP Address Pool > remove the current DHCP settings.

Once that’s done go back to the list of Wifi notes, and select ‘restart network. This will refresh the DHCP, and assign a new one. Alternatively, you can put in a custom DHCP Address Pool range.

What to Do if Google WiFi Reset Button Not Working

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The reset button method for doing a factory reset on a Google WiFi is the easiest. But, if you can’t get it to work there’s another method you can use. Here’s the other way to do it as explained by Google.

Use the Google Home app to reset your Google Wifi if the reset button is not working. To reset a single Google Wifi device not all of the devices from the app select Wi-Fi, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Factory reset Wifi point’, then select OK. The instructions to reset all devices is below.

To reset all devices open the Google Home app, select Wi-Fi, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Factory reset’, then select OK. From the instructions, it appears as if this will only reset the Wi-Fi settings but it resets your Google WiFi device.

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To soft reset, a Google WiFi device unplug it from the power, either remove the micro USB cable from the back or unplug it at the wall. To do a factory reset open the Google Home app and select Wi-Fi > Settings > Factory reset > then tap OK.