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LG TV Apps Not Working

LG TVs are the more affordable version of smart TVs out there. While they are more affordable, they are not perfect. There are times when the apps we have installed do not work as they should.

One reason why LG TV apps may not be working is due to outdated firmware. Issues can arise when an app is updated, but the TV’s firmware is not updated. To fix this, check that your TV’s firmware is updated. For WebOS 5.0 and higher go to [SETTINGS] > [ALL SETTINGS] > [SUPPORT] > [SOFTWARE UPDATE].

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There are several other possible reasons why LG TV apps may not be working. Here are three additional reasons and their corresponding fixes:

  1. Corrupted files or cache data: Sometimes files or caches can become corrupt. Deleting and reinstalling the app will remove and replace those files. In the TV menu, highlight the affected app in the launcher, then press and hold the [OK] button. An [EDIT MODE] window will appear. Click [OK]. Click on the affected app again, click the [X] above it, and click [YES] to remove the app. Once the app has been deleted, go to the LG Content Store to install it again.
  2. Internet connection issues: Make sure your TV is connected to the correct network. You can reset your internet connection by unplugging your router and TV for 30 seconds, then plugging them back in the same order: Router first, then TV second¹. Allow the router 1 to 2 minutes to complete the reboot process before verifying that your TV is connected to the internet.
  3. Low memory: If your TV is running low on memory, you may receive notifications about low memory or apps not working properly. To fix this issue, delete unnecessary apps to secure free memory². To delete an app on WebOS 6.0 (2021), press the Home button on the TV remote to enter the Home menu. Select [Edit App List] from the list of apps. Selecting an app you want to delete will display [ ] over the app. Select [ ] above the app. When a message such as ‘Will you delete?’ pops up, select [Yes].

LG TV Apps Not Launching/Opening

Flatscreen tv in the living room

You’re all set to enjoy that movie you’ve been waiting all week to see. You have your popcorn. You have your favorite drink. You open the steaming app to start the movie. But you’re still looking at the LG home screen.

If LG TV apps are not launching/opening the reason could be internet-related. Make sure you are connected to the correct network. Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi by going to the TV ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Network’. Use a hardwired connection to make the connection more stable.

LG TV Network Wired Connection Screen

The internet is often the culprit for the majority of the issues we have with our smart TVs.

It’s the best thing but it’s also the most frustrating. Just about every aspect of our lives depends on a good internet connection.

Uninstall App

Each app is controlled by the app company, not LG. If there is an issue with the app, the app may need to be refreshed.

If an update is pending or was not successfully installed initially, the app will not open. Removing the app will clear out the old data which will allow the new update to be installed. Once the app has been deleted, reinstall the app and re-enter your credentials.

Reboot The TV

In the event the issue lies with the LG TV and not the app itself, rebooting your TV will refresh everything.

Step 1: Unplug the LG TV from its power source.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power button on the TV for at least 20 seconds.

Step 3: After 20 seconds, release the power button, and let the TV rest for 1 minute before plugging it back in.

The LG TV has now been refreshed. Any bugs in the software have been cleared out and any pending software updates will have been installed.

LG TV Apps Not Connecting To Internet

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As we said earlier, the internet touches just about every aspect of our lives. While it does important things such as letting us file our taxes online or find a good Thai restaurant, it is also how we watch entertainment these days.

When LG TV apps are not connecting to the internet, try increasing the network signal. One way to do this is by unplugging both the router and modem for at least 60 seconds. Moving the TV and router closer to each other will also help make the network signal stronger and more stable.

If you live in an area that does not have good internet service, using a hardwired connection will improve the signal strength. An HDMI or ethernet cable will help to greatly reduce the occurrence of outside interference and will improve the Wi-Fi signal.

You can contact your local internet service provider to inquire about upgrading your internet to High-Speed. If you have High-Speed internet, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi booster or extender to boost your current Wi-Fi signal.

Change DNS Settings

This step might seem like a stretch but when it comes to our electronics, anything is possible. If you find that the apps are continually not opening and you are continually losing an internet connection, this step might be worth the leap to try.

The DNS server is how a web address name is converted into a web IP address. If there is a glitch in communication between these two steps, the LG TV will disconnect itself from the internet.

The following steps will walk you through changing the DNS settings.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the LG remote.

Step 2: Go to your TVs ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘All Settings’.

Step 4: Select ‘Network’.

Step 5: Scroll down and select ‘Wi-Fi Connection’.

Step 6: Select ‘Advanced Wi-Fi Settings’.

Step 7: Select ‘Edit’.

Step 8: Uncheck the option to ‘Set Automatically’.

Step 9: Select the ‘DNS Server’ box and enter 8888.

Step 10: Click on ‘Connect’.

LG TV Apps Not Responding

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You’ve checked the network connection. You’ve changed the DNS settings. And you are still not able to open the app. Now it’s time to address the app itself.

If the LG TV apps are not responding, check the app for any pending updates. Updates are crucial to the performance of all apps. They provide new data that improves the performance of the app and also has enhanced security features. Old data from previous updates will cause the app to stop working.

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You can check for any pending updates by going to the home page of each app or you can uninstall and then reinstall each app. If the idea of sitting there and going through each app one by one makes you roll your eyes, there is another way.

The process will take a few minutes but it will ensure that every app you have installed is updated.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on your LG remote.

Step 2: Go to the ‘LG Content Store’.

Step 3: Select ‘Apps’.

Step 4: Select ‘My Apps’.

Step 5: When all of your apps are on the screen, you have two choices at this point: you can either select each app individually or you can click ‘All’ and then select ‘Update’.

It is also a good idea to make sure the LG TV itself is set to receive updates. Software updates for our TV enable it to support the apps we install. Thankfully you can set your LG TV to automatically update.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on the LG remote.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘General’.

Step 4: Select ‘About This TV’.

Step 5: Select ‘Allow Automatic Updates’.

LG TV Auto Update Software Update

The LG TV is now set to automatically update. Each time the TV is turned on and is connected to the Wi-Fi, it will automatically check for and install software and app updates.

LG TV Apps Freezing/Crashing

Flatscreen tv in the living room

An app that is freezing or crashing will definitely ruin any movie night. While there could be a number of reasons why this is happening, here are the top two ways to resolve the problem.

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If the LG TV apps are freezing/crashing, make sure the TV has a strong and stable internet connection. This is especially important if you are streaming live content. Refresh the app by deleting it and then reinstalling it. This will ensure you have the most current version of the app.

After you have reinstalled the app, if the issue persists, the next step is to perform a factory reset. This step should be done as a last resort since it will delete all your installed apps and saved settings. The TV will be wiped clean and returned to its original factory default settings.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on the LG remote.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘All Settings’.

Step 4: Select ‘General’.

Step 5: Select ‘Reset To Initial Settings’.

Step 6: Enter your Wi-Fi password.

Step 7: Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

LG TV Reset Initial Settings

LG TV Apps Slow/Lagging

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Timing in a great movie is everything. When you are sitting on the edge of the couch waiting to see what comes around the corner, the last thing you want to see is a frozen picture.

If LG TV apps are slow/lagging, the memory cache within the app may be full. The memory cache holds data from each time the app is used. Go into your LG TV ‘Settings’ > select ‘Application Manager’ > select app > select ‘Clear Cache’.

Another culprit is low bandwidth. Data is downloaded ahead of the video you are watching. This ensures a smooth playback. If there is not enough bandwidth to support the data transfer, the app will be slow, or not work at all.

You can increase your internet bandwidth by reducing the number of devices on the same network. There are also ways to increase your internet signal, which will increase the bandwidth. The different ways you can boost your internet signal are listed earlier in this article.

Lastly, if you continue having problems with an app not running smoothly, the issue may lie with the TV itself. As apps update, they require more data space and our older TVs do not have the space, no matter how many times we update or remove apps.

LG TV Apps No Sound

Flatscreen tv in the living room

A movie is not much of a movie if you can’t hear the dialogue or the musical score. The majority of audio issues with an LG TV app are caused by incorrect settings or a loose connection with an external speaker.

You can perform a sound test to determine where the issue lies. The test will generate sound to the TV so you can identify where the problem is. Go to ‘Settings’ > select ‘All Settings’ > select ‘Sound’ > select ‘Sound Test’.

If the LG TV apps have no sound, make sure the mute button on the remote was not accidentally pressed. Low or dead remote batteries will also affect the volume setting. Replace the remote batteries with fresh alkaline batteries.

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