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How to Reset Samsung Monitor

A Samsung monitor can be malfunctioning, or you may have changed the brightness, contrast, and other settings and want to return them to default. It’s fairly straightforward to do, so here’s exactly how to do it.

As a general rule, open the onscreen settings and then select ‘System’ and then ‘Reset all’. This is done using the buttons on your Samsung monitor. These buttons can be on the bottom or front of the monitor, whereas newer Samsung monitors have a ‘JOG’ button on the right hand side on the back.

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Doing this will also do a factory reset of your Samsung monitor. Samsung monitors can have more than one device plugged into it.

Therefore, you may need to go back into the settings to select the Source that you want the monitor to display after doing a reset. Below, I will explain in step by step detail how to reset newer curved Samsung monitors, as well as LCD and LED Samsung monitors.

How to Reset Samsung Monitor

Samsung makes a range of different monitors, such as LCDs, LEDs, QHD, and UHD models. In general, they are all reset in the same way. Here’s an overview of the steps to take to reset a Samsung monitor.

Overall, you want to access the menu for your Samsung monitor by using the buttons on your monitor. Once, you have the menu open, select settings, and something similar to ‘System’ and then ‘Reset settings’. The exact menu can be slightly different as well as the navigation buttons.

This will do a factory reset, and put all the settings back to default according to one of the owner’s manuals on the official Samsung website. However, based on a bunch of research I’ve done into how to do a reset on a Samsung monitor, all Samsung monitors are reset in the same way. The only difference, albeit a minor one, is the exact layout of the menu on your Samsung monitor.

However, with a little bit of navigating around it’s very easy to find. Another way to reset a Samsung monitor is to do a soft reset. This won’t revert any of the settings back to the factory defaults but it is helpful if you’re having an issue with your Samsung monitor.

How to do a soft reset on a Samsung monitor

A soft reset can also be effective at resolving any issue. A soft reset will close the software on a Samsung monitor and open it again.

From time to time the software can have a glitch. To do a soft reset on your Samsung monitor:

1. Turn your Samsung monitor off by pressing the power button on the front underneath the screen. Some also have a power button at the back of the monitor instead.

2. After that unplug your monitor from the power outlet. Give it 10 seconds or so, then plug it back into the power, and turn it on again.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Monitor

To factory reset a Samsung monitor, follow these steps: First, power off the monitor. Then, press and hold the “Menu” or “Source” button on the monitor for about 5 seconds until a menu appears. Use the monitor’s controls to navigate to the “Setup” or “System” option, select “Reset,” and confirm the reset when prompted.

Factory resetting a Samsung monitor can help resolve various issues or restore it to its default settings. Begin by turning off the monitor to ensure safety. Next, locate the “Menu” or “Source” button on the monitor, usually found near the front controls. Press and hold this button for approximately 5 seconds until a menu screen appears on the monitor.

Within the menu, use the monitor’s control buttons to navigate to the “Setup” or “System” option. The specific wording may vary depending on your monitor model. Once you’ve found the reset option, select it, and confirm the reset when prompted. This process will erase any custom settings and revert the monitor to its original factory settings. After the reset is complete, power the monitor back on, and it should be restored to its default configuration.

How to Reset Samsung Curved Monitor To Factory Settings

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Curved monitors are very cool to use, and give you a more immersed feeling in a game or video that you’re watching. Samsung is one brand that makes these types of monitors. But, if you’ve changed the settings and can’t remember what you changed, or otherwise want to return it back to factory settings this is what you want to do.

Press the ‘JOG’ button that is on right hand side at the front or on the back of your Samsung monitor. This will open up the quick launch options for your Samsung monitor. Push the JOG button up and press the middle button to access all of the settings. Then select ‘System’ and then ‘Reset All’.

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Some Samsung curved monitors also have buttons on the bottom of the screen. Instead of having a JOG button on the side of the front of the monitor or on the back. Returning a Samsung curved monitor with these buttons is done in the same way.

Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons instead or the up and down button instead to navigate around the onscreen menu. Use the JOG button to navigate around the menu on what model of a Samsung curved monitor. But, the way to use the button and how to navigate around the menu is virtually identical regardless of what model of Samsung curved monitor you have.

How to Reset Samsung LCD Monitor to Factory Settings

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LCD screens have been around for a very long time but the technology is still some of the best out there. Samsung in particular makes very good Samsung LCD monitors. If you’re having a problem with it displaying the input(s) you have plugged into it, or have changed some of the settings and want to revert it back to the default settings, here’s how to do that on a Samsung LCD monitor.

Most Samsung LCD monitors have buttons on the front of the monitor in the middle just below the screen. They have a button labeled ‘Menu’ as well as navigation buttons on either side of the menu button. Using the menu go to ‘System’ or ‘Settings & Reset’ and then ‘Reset all’.

In addition to the menu system on a Samsung monitor, different adjustments can be made to monitor from the computer, gaming console, or other device you have plugged into it. But, the settings for the monitor that are controlled through the device you have plugged into it can only change the brightness, contrast, and refresh rate. In order to do a factory reset or reset your Samsung LCD monitor you have to use the onboard settings accessed using the JOG button or buttons on the monitor itself.

How to Reset Samsung LED Monitor to Factory Settings

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A Samsung LED monitor has an LCD display but as you may know, has an LED backlight. When adjusting the settings of your Samsung LED monitor, or if you’re having a problem with it you can decide you want to return everything back to factory settings. This is how you do that.

Access the screen options by pressing the menu button or the ‘JOG’ button, which is a small joystick type button. After pressing either of these, depending which one your monitor has options will appear on the screen. Select the option that says ‘System’ or ‘Reset’ and then select ‘Reset all’.

The exact menu layout will differ based on the exact model of Samsung LED monitor that you have. But, that general overview will guide you in the right direction. Essentially you open up the options and then find the setting which is ‘Reset all.

Exactly, where it’s located in the menu can be a bit different. But, the layout of the menu is quite intuitive and it will be in one of the options that is something like ‘System’ or ‘Reset’. It won’t be in the language settings, or the color settings, or positioning settings.

This option to reset it will usually be in the last or second to option in the menu which generally has 4 main options:

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  1. Picture
  2. Color
  3. Size & Position
  4. Setup & Reset
  5. Information

The option you want is the 4th one. In this menu are also additional settings such as changing the language of the menu, turning on and off the option for your monitor to display the current time on the screen.

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