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How to Reset Xerox Printer

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Xerox printers are the workhorses of our office life today, but like any other technical equipment, sometimes they act out and present some problems. If you’re experiencing troubleshooting or connectivity issues that you can’t seem to resolve, resetting your Xerox printer may just help you get back and rerun it. It is also a good way to protect your personal information from being accessed by third parties.

To reset a Xerox printer, log in as an administrator at the control panel. While on the control panel, click the Login button, touch Admin, type the administrator password, and press OK. Note that the default password may be the device serial number or 1111, depending on the software version of your printer. Click the home button, select Device, Reset, Reset to Factory Defaults, then select Reset from the configuration message that appears.

The printer reset will erase all the listed printers, clear the queued and completed print jobs, and remove stored printer presets. If you experience unresolved issues resetting your printer, you may need to check for specific instructions from your printer’s owner’s manual.

How Do I Factory Reset/Hard Reset Xerox Printer

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Factory resetting or hard resetting your Xerox printer to its factory default settings is usually the last remedy when it comes to troubleshooting, but often the solution to your problems. The non-volatile memory of the printer stores its settings, even when turning off the power. Performing a factory reset returns your printer to its initial factory state, erasing all its settings, Apps, jobs, and presets.

Follow these steps to factory reset your printer: Touch the Home button on the printer control panel. Click Device, Resets, then Reset to Factory Defaults. At the displayed prompt, select Reset. When done, the printer restarts automatically, and the Install Wizard guides you through the setup process.

Resetting your Xerox printer doesn’t reset the page count, tray size, or language for most printers. While not necessarily for Xerox printers, it’s important to note that some manufacturers install a printer reset button on their devices; such printers have no laid-out process to reset.

How Do I Reset My Xerox Printer Password

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Xerox recommends changing the default administrator password after configuring the printer. Based on the software version installed on your device, the default administrator password may be 1111 or the device serial number for software version 101. xxx.019.20200 or higher. The user name is admin, and the password is case-sensitive. 

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You can reset the password from the Embedded Web Server (EWS) or the control panel.

For Embedded Web Server: Log in to Embedded Web Server as System Administrator- refer to Access the Embedded Web Server. In the server, click Properties, Security, Password Policies, Admin Password, and type the old password. Again, type the new password as prompted, and then retype it to verify. Click Apply and Logout from System Administrator mode.

To use the control panel: Login to the control panel as System Administrator. At the control panel touch screen, select Device, Tools, Security Settings, and Change Admin Password. If you’re changing the password, type the old password, type the new password, and then type the new password again to verify. Click OK and log out into System Administrator mode.

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Be sure to store the administrator password in a secure location. Remember specific steps to perform Xerox printer password resets may vary depending on the Software Version. So it’s crucial to determine the software version currently installed on your device. You can refer to How To Determine the Software (Firmware) Version Installed on the device.

How to Reset Xerox Printer Cartridge

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When you install a new Toner Cartridge with the ‘message ‘Toner Cartridge is nearly empty’ displayed, the message won’t clear even after you install the new cartridge. This is because the printer presumes that installing a new cartridge should only be done after the message ‘Replace the Toner Cartridge’ is displayed.

To clear the message and reset the % toner remaining value, log in as the System Administrator or Key Operator.  On the control panel, click the Login In /Logout button- a verification message is displayed reading: ‘Login required’. Click the Keyboard button, enter the username and password using the Touch Screen’s keypad, and then select next. Finally, enter the password, and select Done.

NOTE: The default password is 1111, and the default username is admin. The password characters will be displayed as an asterisk (*). If you make a mistake, press the Clear (C) button and re-enter the password, and to cancel the whole operation, press the Cancel button. To log out of the printer: Click the Login /Logout button, then select the Logout button from the ‘Are you sure you want to log out?’ message.

How to Reset Chip Xerox Printer

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A toner cartridge chip is programmed to monitor the amount of droplets used during printing and prompt your PC to send a warning when a certain number of droplets is reached. After refilling a cartridge, you need to reset or replace the chip for your printer to allow you to print. If you replace a cartridge with one from a third party, certain smart chips send a warning message that the cartridge will damage your printer, though there’s little research evidence of damage.

You can reset your Xerox printer chips using a resitter — a tiny plastic device that you physically connect with the cartridge chip for it to instruct the cartridge chip to reset its count of spent droplets back to zero.

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To use the resetter, place the cartridge in a way that its release points upward. Hold up the resetter, ensuring its LED lights are also in an upward position. Push down all the pins or buttons on the resetter until the cartridge’s LED lamp turns green, or it signals with a beeping sound that the toner cartridge is successfully reset (the process takes less than 5 seconds). Return the cartridge back to the printer — it’s now ready for use.

Subject to your printer model, you may or may not be able to reset your toner cartridge chip. Certain chips record toner levels in their memory permanently and don’t allow this memory to be accessed or deleted. If this is the type of chip in your toner, you need to replace the chip as you refill your cartridge.

How to Reset Xerox Printer Settings

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Before performing any changes or updates on your Xerox printer, it’s recommendable to print a current Configuration Report, which also lists the current software or firmware version installed on the printer. When your printer, the administrator password will change its serial number for the versions PL6 (XX.5X.XX) or higher.

You need to log in as an administrator on the control panel in order to reset the printer settings. While there, press the home button, Touch Device, then Resets. To reset the printer settings, Click Reset to Factory Defaults. A confirmation message appears when you touch Reset.

When it comes to network settings, you can use CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) or Xerox Easy Printer Manager program to reset back to factory default settings using the or), whereby the printer should be connected to a network to use CWIS. Performing the procedure clears all network settings and security configurations and immediately loses all network connections to the printer.

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To reset a Xerox printer, log in as an administrator to the printer control panel. Press the Login button on the control panel, and touch or type admin. Type the administrator password, and then click OK. Based on the manufacturing date of the device, the password can be 1111 or the device serial number. Press the Home button, touch Device, Reset, and select Reset to Factory Defaults. A confirmation message is displayed when you click Reset.