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How To Sign Out Of Your Streaming Service On Roku

Are you trying to switch accounts within an app on Roku? Do you want to get rid of your current Roku device and need to remove your account information from all of the streaming channels you installed? We will walk you through how to sign out of all of your streaming services on Roku.

You can sign out of your streaming service on Roku by removing your saved account information from Roku’s website. Go to and enter your email address and password for your account. Find the device you want to remove. Select to unlink it and then confirm the deactivation.

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Signing out of your Roku account, or any other streaming account, will not close out your account. You are only removing your saved information from that particular app so no one else can access it. Your accounts are still active and can be signed into on any other Roku device.

How To Sign Out Of HBO Max On Roku

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HBO Max is a newcomer to the streaming platform but it certainly has earned its place. You have access to thousands of movies and TV shows, including some new movie releases and even classics from Turner Classic Movies.

You can sign out of HBO Max on Roku by going to the HBO Max home screen. Press the left arrow on the remote to bring up the side menu pane. Select ‘Settings’. Select ‘OK’. Use the right arrow to select ‘Sign Out’. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm your choice.

If you have your HBO Max account on a Roku device that is shared by several people, the best way to protect your account is by signing out. The app will not be deleted, but your credentials will be needed to open the app.

Unfortunately, signing out of HBO Max is not as simple as other streaming channels. The sign-out option is a bit tucked away within the channel. But we will walk you through finding it.

Step 1: Go to the HBO Max home screen.

Step 2: Choose the profile you are trying to remove.

Step 3: Once the appropriate profile page is open, use the remote to navigate up and over to the right of the top of the screen.

Step 4: You will see three icons: browse, search, and your profile initial. Select the profile initial of the user you want to sign out.

Step 5: The next page will have options for personalizing your HBO Max account. Click all the way to the right until you have the Sign Out option.

Step 6: Select the Sign Out option and then navigate down to confirm your decision.

The best way to confirm you are indeed signed out is to open the HBO Max channel and try to watch anything. If the movie or TV show plays, you are not signed out. Follow the above-outlined steps until you are successfully signed out.

How To Sign Out Of Netflix On Roku

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Most take advantage of using our Netflix account when traveling. How often, though, do you find that the person before forgot to remove their account information. To avoid having this happen to you, here is how you can easily sign out of your Netflix account on Roku.

You can sign out of your Netflix account on Roku by going to the home page of Netflix. Using the Roku remote, press the Left arrow to bring up the side menu. Scroll down and select Get Help. Next, select Sign Out and then select Yes to confirm.

Depending on the type of Roku device you have, there is more than one way to sign out of your account.

Newer Roku devices do not have the ‘Get Help’ option. If you find this is the case with your Roku device, you will, instead, need to select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sign Out’ of your account from here.

Older Roku devices require a slightly different method for signing out of Netflix. The steps outlined below will walk you through how to sign out of your Netflix account if you have the Netflix streaming app installed on a Roku TV; a Roku 1, 3, 4; Streaming Stick; Express; LT; XS; or XD models.

Roku 3, 4, Streaming Stick, Express, Roku TV

Another more untraditional way to sign out of your Netflix account involves a sequence of button-pushing on the remote.

The steps will make you feel like you’re going in a circle but it will sign you out of your Netflix account. You may find it helpful to read through the steps first before trying this method.

Step 1: Press the Up arrow Twice.

Step 2: Press the Down arrow Twice.

Step 3: Press the Left arrow Once.

Step 4: Press the Right arrow Once.

Step 5: Press the Left arrow button Once.

Step 6: Press the Right arrow button Once.

Step 7: Press the Up arrow button 4 times in a row.

Roku 1 Model

For starters, standing ovation to all of you who are still using the Roku 1 model. Despite being one of the older models, it still supports your Netflix account for now.

Step 1: Go to the Roku Home Screen.

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Select Netflix Settings.

Step 4: Select Deactivate This Player From My Netflix Account.

Step 5: Select Yes.

Roku 2 HD LT, XS, XD Models

The following steps are how you can sign out of your Netflix account from Roku 2 models.

Step 1: Go to the Roku Home Screen.

Step 2: Highlight the Netflix channel.

Step 3: Press the Star button.

Step 4: Select Remove Channel.

How To Sign Out Of Hulu On Roku

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We often use more than one device to watch TV and movies. Our phone, our tablet. If you are trying to watch Hulu through Roku but are not able to, you may have exceeded the limit of the number of connected accounts on different devices.

If you want to sign out of Hulu on Roku, first open the Hulu home page and select the User Account you want to sign out. Use your remote to scroll down through the list of options. Select Log Out. Confirm your choice by selecting Log Out and then selecting OK.

You can verify you successfully signed out of Hulu by opening the Hulu home page. If you are asked to enter your credentials to sign back in, you are finished. If your profile still shows, repeat the steps outlined above.

How To Sign Out Of Prime Video On Roku

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Prime Video has been around the second-longest, after Netflix. The streaming platform has undergone some changes but it continues to provide free video content to its Prime members. Thankfully, signing out of Amazon Prime is a fairly straightforward and simple process.

If you want to sign out of Prime Video on Roku, go to the home page of Amazon Prime. Go to Settings. Select Sign Out. Confirm you want to sign out. Confirm one final time by selecting OK. You will be asked to re-enter your credentials to sign back in.

Older Amazon Prime accounts have a more unique way of signing you out.

Amazon Instant Video

Originally called Amazon Instant Video, this older version of Amazon Prime Video does not let you add multiple users to the account. Only one user can access the account at a time. The only way to switch accounts is by unregistering the device and then re-registering.

The following steps will walk you through unregistering your device so your account information is no longer stored.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Instant Video app.

Step 2: Select Help & Settings.

Step 3: Select Unregister Device.

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Step 4: Confirm you want to Unregister.

Step 5: Press Home.

How To Sign Out Of Disney Plus On Roku

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Disney Plus came on the scene in 2019. It is a fan favorite for young and old alike. With most of us home more than usual these days, this all-time favorite app is no doubt installed on several streaming devices.

While it is great to enjoy this app on every device we have, the app will stop working if too many users are on it at the same time. In order to spare your family the agony of not using their tablets, here is how you can sign out of Disney Plus on Roku.

Step 1: Open the Disney Plus app on Roku.

Step 2: Use the Roku remote to navigate down to the access menu.

Step 3: Go to Settings.

Step 4: Click OK on the remote.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the options and select Log Out.

You can sign out of all of your streaming services on Roku by doing a factory reset. Go to Roku home Page. Select ‘Settings’. Select ‘Systems’. Select ‘Advanced System Settings’. Select ‘Reset All Factories’. Or, if your Roku device has a reset button, press and hold this button until the LED indicator light flashes.

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How To Sign Out Of Directv Stream On Roku

To sign out of DIRECTV Stream on Roku, launch the DIRECTV Stream app on your Roku device. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Profile’ section within the app. Locate and select the ‘Sign Out’ or ‘Log Out’ option. Confirm your choice, and you will be successfully logged out of your DIRECTV Stream account on Roku.

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