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Roku Keeps Buffering

When speaking about streaming video or music from the internet, the buffer refers to a particular area of memory that is reserved for a particular process. Buffering refers to the process of downloading a fixed amount of data prior to the actual playing of the video or audio. This prevents delays in transmission that can cause disruptions at the time the audio or video is being played. If internet transmission speed is rapid enough, then there is no need for buffering. If the internet speed is relatively slow, then buffering will be necessary. Roku frequently develops the problem of continual buffering, meaning it keeps loading video or audio. Read on to learn about why Roku keeps buffering.

If Roku keeps buffering, first check for outages on Roku. Then restart by navigating to Settings and then to System and then to System Restart and then to Restart to restart Roku. Now clear Cache by pressing the Home Button 5 times.

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Then press Up one time and then rewind two times. Then press on Fast Forward Two Times. At this point, Roku should power down and then Restart after a short number of minutes. Oftentimes, this entire process can be accomplished in about thirty minutes.

If you are using a WiFi connection, make sure that you have a good and strong WiFi connection. Make sure to turn off any devices that are using Bluetooth, such as smartphones and speakers and headphones.

If you currently have Roku connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, you may want to change it to a 5GHZ network. The 2.4 GHz networks apparently have a long history of experiencing multiple levels of significant interference, especially in city areas.

5GHZ Wi-Fi networks have much less of a possibility of interference.

If your problem persists, and Roku keeps buffering, try reinstalling it. Go to the Home screen.  Press *. Then select Remove Channel. Now, select Remove. Then, wait for the channel to be removed.

Now, press on Home and go back to the Home Screen. Then, select Streaming Channels.

Then follow all the steps for reinstalling Roku.

What Causes Buffering on Roku

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Buffering on Roku usually occurs from an internet connection which is slow. It can also be from a system that is overheating or out of date. Buffering is caused when slow internet connections cannot handle large media files and there is slow media handling and loading. In addition, when large media files are trying to download on a slow internet connection, buffering occurs.

If your Roku keeps buffering and you have continued buffering on Roku, first try to reboot your Roku. Turn it off and then turn it on again and see if it resolves the issues. If not, try updating your Roku. Go to Settings and then to System and then to System Update.

Then, Check Now to update the Roku Operating System to the newest version.

Now, delete the Roku App and then re-install it again.

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Check Roku for System Update
Check Roku for any system updates

How to Fix Buffering on Roku

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If your Roku is incessantly continuing to buffer, restart your Roku. This can be done quickly and may be all you need to resolve your buffering issues. You may also need to reboot your Roku.

If your Roku keeps buffering and you need to know how to fix buffering on Roku, update Roku. Go to Settings and then to System and then to System and then to Check Now so that you can update Roke to the latest version of its operating system.

You can also remove the Roku App and then reinstall it to see if this resolves the buffering issue.

Also, make sure to check for any overheating problems. If you find that Roku is buffering about an hour or so after it is turned on, it might be overheating. Clean it off frequently to make sure that dust is not abnormally accumulating on it.

Try switching to a wireless network and connecting your Roku device to it. This will increase the speed of internet connectivity and thus decrease the chance of the development of buffering.

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In addition, you can try to change to a wired network connection for the internet that could provide a faster internet connection and thus decrease the chances of continual buffering.  

Be sure to disconnect any other devices from your internet connection, such as Smart Phones and Tablets and Gaming Consoles.

Having all these devices connected to your internet network at the same time can overload the system and cause buffering.

You can also try to place all of these devices in Airplane Mode as well as stop any downloads or updates that may be scheduled.

You can also try to reset your modem by turning it off for five minutes and then resetting the connectivity.

Try using your Roku at different times of the day when there are varying amounts of internet traffic which could affect the streaming of the data from your Roku device.  

Go ahead also and Clear the Roku Cache. Use the Roku Remote to press Home five times and then Up once. Rewind 2 times and Fast Forward 2 times to clear the Roku Cache.

You can also try to reset the Roku back to the original factory settings.

If Roku does not stop buffering, you can try to upgrade your version of Roku. You can also download your movie or show to your smartphone or tablet and then go ahead and cast it to your Roku device.

Roku Increases Buffer Size

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To counteract Roku’s increasing Buffer Size, you can try to set your Router for the maximum rate per second.

If your Roku keeps buffering and Roku is increasing the buffer size, try to select 1080p instead of a 4k rate to cause the buffering to stop. If buffering is persisting, select a rate of 720p or lower. Go ahead and clear the Roku Cache. On the Roku Remote, press Home five times. Press Up once and rewind twice. Then pres Fast Forward twice.

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