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How to Use/Reset Lennox Thermostat

I remember the first time I had to reset my Lennox thermostat; it was during a particularly hot summer day when the AC suddenly stopped responding. Frustrated and in need of a quick solution, I decided to tackle the problem myself. What I thought would be a complex process turned out to be surprisingly simple and effective.

To reset a Lennox thermostat, start by locating the ‘Reset’ button, often found inside the front panel. Press and hold this button for a few seconds until the system reboots. Next, reprogram your settings as the reset might restore factory defaults. This simple process can resolve many thermostat issues.

White Thermostat on the wall

It’s important to note that after resetting your Lennox thermostat, you may need to reconfigure your personal settings, including temperature preferences and schedules. If you have a programmable thermostat, you’ll need to set your daily or weekly program again. Remember, a reset is useful for solving minor glitches, but if problems persist, it may indicate a deeper issue with the thermostat or the HVAC system itself. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues from occurring.

How to Reset Lennox Thermostat Network

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Your Lennox Thermostat operates through a connection to your home network. If you are having issues with the connection, there could be a problem with your router strength or interference that is blocking your signal. The best way to solve this issue is to reset your Lennox Thermostat network. 

To reset your Lennox Thermostat network, enter your ‘User Setting Selection Screen’ and press ‘Network Settings’. You can select your network, which will display the signal strength. If your router signal strength is low, there could be an issue with your connectivity. Resetting your Lennox network settings can resolve connectivity issues. First, find your network and select ‘Forget Network’. After doing this, you’ll need to reconnect to your network.

Turn the Wi-Fi on by pressing and sliding the ‘Off’ button from the left to right to ‘On’. Bring up the available networks and when you see yours, click ‘Connect’. You will then be prompted to enter your password information.

If your network does not automatically come up, you can manually input it into your Lennox Thermostat’s network settings. If this is the case, find the section marked “Enter New Network Information”, you will be prompted to enter the name of your network. 

You’ll have to select if your network is a WEP, WPA, or WPA2. You’ll then be able to enter your network password, click connect, and your Lennox Thermostat should display as being connected.

How to Reset Password on Lennox Thermostat

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Your Lennox Thermostat comes with the added security of password protection. This means that your home setting will not be vulnerable to outside sources. If you need to reset your Lennox Thermostat password, there are a few different ways to do so.

To reset your Lennox Thermostat password, you can use either your Lennox Thermostat, your mobile app, or the Lennox Thermostat website. To reset your password on your Lennox Thermostat, enter your Menu, select ‘Settings’, and find the section labeled ‘Account’. 

Once you are on your ‘Account Info’ page on your Lennox Thermostat, you will see several options. Just below your current password, there is a section labeled ‘Forgot Password’. Click this button and follow the prompts to reset your password. 

If you are attempting to reset your password on your Lennox Thermostat mobile app, sign out if you haven’t been there already. Below the section where you will enter your user name and password, there is an option to select ‘Trouble Logging In?’. This will then prompt you to enter your email address and you will be able to reset your password. 

To reset online, simply visit the Lennox iComfort webpage from your browser, and in the top corner select Sign In. Like with your mobile app, you will see an area where you should enter your username and password. Select the ‘Trouble Logging In’ option below and enter your recovery email.

How to Calibrate Lennox Thermostat

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With older thermostats, you need to remove the front screen of the thermostat and access either the calibration screw or the mercury switch. This had to be done once yearly as regular maintenance. Once smart thermostats were introduced, this method has changed.

Your Lennox Thermostat comes pre-calibrated from the factory. It is designed to re-calibrate itself if needed. If you feel that your calibration is off, you can test it by putting a thermometer close to your Lennox Thermostat when it is running. If the temperature reads differently, you can run a reset. 

How to Turn Off Fan on Lennox Thermostat

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If your Lennox fan is tuning unnecessarily, or if you’d simply like to turn it off, you can easily do this from the Lennox Thermostat screen, the Lennox mobile app, or on your browser. 

To turn off the fan on your Lennox Thermostat using the Thermostat screen, simply go through the menu until you see the section marked ‘Fan’, and press this option. You will see ‘Off’ select and press this option to turn off your Lennox Thermostat fan. 

How to Change Time on Lennox Thermostat

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Whether your Lennox iComfort Thermostat needs to reset due to time change, restart, or initial set up, you can easily change the time. 

If you need to change the time on your Lennox Thermostat through your Home Screen, enter the ‘User Setting Selection Screen’ and select ‘Modify’. Once on this menu, find ‘Time and Date’. Depending on whether you would like to change the time or the date, highlight the desired area and use the up and down arrows until you are at the correct time and date. Once both the time and date are correct, select ‘Save’ and return to your ‘User Settings Selection Screen’.

To ensure that your settings are set, press ‘Done’ and return to your Lennox iComfort Thermostat Home Screen.

How to Program Lennox Thermostat

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When you first install your Lennox Thermostat it may be confusing as to how to set up and program the correct temperatures. However, you can easily do this yourself. When you first install your Lennox Thermostat, you will be met with several prompts to follow. Afterwards, you are ready to program the temperature.

Your home screen will display control that resembles a horseshoe. To adjust and program the temperature, you can either use the nob or the ‘+’ ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the temperature. Once you are at the desired temperature, you press your Lennox Thermostat to set it.

You can program your Lennox Thermostat to be in heat/cool mode, which will give you a red knob for heat and a blue for cool. You can also set it into ‘Perfect Temp’ mode, which will display only one knob to control the overall temperature. There is also ‘Eco’ mode, which you can program by pressing the leaf-shaped logo in the bottom left corner.

How to Unlock Lennox Thermostat

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Your Lennox Thermostat has a feature where the screen will lock. This is because of your display configuration. Once your Lennox Thermostat is locked, no one can adjust the temperature on the screen.

To unlock your Lennox Thermostat, activate the screen. On it you will see a lock icon. Press and hold this icon for about five seconds, then release. Your home screen should appear and you will be able to access your Lennox Thermostat.

How to Use/Reset Lennox Thermostat

Pressing the button of thermostat

Your Lennox Thermosat is designed to be easy to use and reset. The ability to change your settings from the Lennox Thermostat screen, mobile app, or on a web browser, makes it easy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature even when you are on the go.

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