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iPhone YouTube Not Working

YouTube is a platform that, whether you are a subscriber or not, allows individuals to have access to millions of videos all around the world through the easy use of their app. If you have an iPhone and YouTube is not working, what might be the cause and what can you do?

If YoutTube is not working on your iPhone, close out of the app and open it back up, log out and log back in, check your network connection, reset your router if using a home wifi network, unlock Portrait Orientation, and select the full-screen icon at the bottom of the video for full-screen mode.

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YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that allows users to interact with one another through video content, no matter where they are in the world. This platform was made even more accessible when YouTube rolled out with its own app, allowing smartphone users the ability to take the content within this platform wherever their phone would go. If you have an iPhone and YouTube isn’t working, continue reading to find the right fix for your problem.

iPhone YouTube Not Working

The process of using YouTube from the app on an iPhone is relatively cut and dry – you search for the app within the app store, download the free app to your phone, log in to the app using your username and password for the platform, and you are then taken to the home screen of your account so that you can get to watching or downloading content within seconds. If you have an iPhone though and YouTube isn’t working as it should, what should you do?

If you have an iPhone and YouTube isn’t working, a quick fix could be simply closing out of the app and opening it back up. To do this, press the home button on your iPhone twice so that you are able to see all running apps. Then, swipe up out of YouTube so the app closes and you can then reopen it.

Once you have reopened the app, check to see if it is functioning as it should. If it isn’t, try logging out of the app to see if this will correct the issue. Within the app, at the top right-hand corner, bring down the drop-down menu that will reveal your profile and well as the open to logout, which is where you should select to logout, allow time for the app to quit, then input your username and password once more to see if the problem is resolved.

iPhone YouTube Not Playing

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YouTube is a video streaming service, which means that, when using the app, you won’t simply be looking at images, but will be streaming video content directly to your iPhone. Because of this, you will need a reliable network to ensure that such content can be downloaded easily and played without interruption. If you have an iPhone and are trying to use YouTube but the content is not playing, read below to see what you can do to get things back into working order.

If YouTube is not playing on your iPhone, check to make sure that your network connection is strong enough to stream video content. To reset network settings on your iPhone go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ and select ‘Reset Network Settings’ to reboot your network.

If you are on a home network, you can also reset that network by unplugging the router from its power source and allowing it to sit for one minute. Once this time has passed, plug the router back in and wait for it to reboot completely. When it has finished rebooting, try once more to see if you can play videos from YouTube on your iPhone without any interruption.

iPhone YouTube Not Rotating

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You might find yourself watching YouTube to simply catch a quick clip of last night’s game or hear a fast take on the latest news story, which means that you may not particularly care about how you see the image on your screen. However, if you are about to watch a video with a dense amount of content, you might want to change the orientation of the screen so that you are viewing the image horizontally rather than vertically, but what if you can’t do this?

If YouTube is not rotating on your iPhone, check to make sure that you have the Portrait Orientation button unlocked on your device. To do this swipe up on your iPhone screen until the control center is revealed. There you will see a lock icon, simply deselect it and rotate your screen.

iPhone YouTube Not Full Screen

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Just the same as wanting to rotate the screen of YouTube to have a wider viewing area to see content, many users also want to be able to take the video they are watching and put it into full-screen mode to amplify the content even more. However, some users have found that when they are in the middle of watching a video, they aren’t able to get the video to go into full screen, which makes it frustrating when you want the best out of your YouTube experience.

If YouTube will not go into full screen when using your iPhone, be sure you are selecting the right options to enable this function. When watching a YouTube video, go to the bottom of the screen and select the full-screen icon. Once selected, this should launch the video into full-screen mode.

iPhone YouTube Not Loading/Opening

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When using any app on your iPhone, there is going to be a brief period where the app loads and then opens once the content within has loaded properly and it is ready for use. Although this should only take a few seconds, some iPhone users have encountered issues opening the YouTube app. If you are trying to access content within YouTube but the app will not load or open, continue reading below to see what the cause might be and how you can fix it.

If YouTube is not loading or opening on your iPhone, it could be that you don’t have enough storage left on your phone to run the app. Try freeing up space by deleting unused applications as well as clearing out any unwanted pictures, videos, or old messages from your phone.

iPhone YouTube Keeps Crashing/Freezing

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You may be able to open YouTube without a problem, which means that you have avoided the previous problem of YouTube not loading or opening, but once in the app, some users have reported problems with the app crashing or freezing. This means that they were either in the middle of a video and the app suddenly, without warning, closed out or that the content they were viewing stopped playing and froze completely – both equally problematic.

If your YouTube on your iPhone keeps crashing and freezing, check to see if there are any updates available for the app. To do this, either update it from the app icon, or go to the App Store and select your profile picture to see if any updates are available. If YouTube has one, confirm the update.

iPhone YouTube Keeps Pausing

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Of course, it is so frustrating to be in the middle of a video and encounter problems with YouTube freezing and crashing, but maybe even more infuriating is being in the middle of a video and watching it constantly pause so content can load. This is incredibly interrupted when it comes to using the app and sometimes forces users to completely stop using the app until the pausing problem has been resolved. If this is your issue, what is the cause?

If YouTube keeps pausing on your iPhone, the most likely cause is your network connection. If you are in an area with poor signal, this will cause the video to pause and buffer. If you have a home network, try resetting the router to see if this strengthens its connection.

iPhone YouTube Keeps Buffering

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Related to the issue of YouTube pausing when you are in the middle of a video is the problem of YouTube buffering. The difference here is that the video does not immediately pause, but shows a loading page for some time, relaying to users that content loading is in process. Although this may initially seem promising to some, many iPhone YouTube users have gotten stuck on this screen without any progression, begging the question as to how to stop this.

If YouTube keeps buffering on your iPhone, try closing out of all other running apps before using YouTube again. To do this, double click the home button on your iPhone and swipe up and out of every app that you see displayed on your screen, then try running the app once more.

Running multiple apps at the same time can slow your network speed, which can cause videos on YouTube to buffer rather than run smoothly. It is also an incredibly common problem that the network speed users are working on simply is not up to par. If YouTube is still buffering, try resetting your network by unplugging the router directly from its power source, allowing it to sit for one minute, then plugging it back in and letting it reboot before trying the app again.

iPhone YouTube Won’t Search

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When you are using the YouTube app on your iPhone and want to find a specific video, you should be able to go to the top of the application from within the home screen, and type in what you are looking for within the search bar. This is a way to get straight to the content that you care about without having to deal with fumbling through thousands of different videos to find what you need. If you can’t search within YouTube on your iPhone though, what do you do?

If YouTube won’t search on your iPhone, close out of the app completely and then go back in. If this does not work, log out of the app, allow it to shut down, then re enter your login information so that you can get back to the app’s contents and then, try to see if the search function is restored.

iPhone YouTube No Sound

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When you are using YouTube, of course you want to be able to see the content that is on the video you are watching, but just as important as the picture is the sound that comes along with it. If you try to play content from the app on your iPhone, but there is no sound coming from the video, what might be causing the problem and what can you do to restore sound?

If there is no sound when using YouTube on your iPhone, check to make sure that the volume on your device is turned all the way up, that the volume on the video is increased to an audible level, and that you don’t have the mute button selected on the YouTube video itself.

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If all of these items can be confirmed and you are still not able to hear sound from the video, check to see if this problem is limited to that specific title. Go to another video on YouTube, play it, and see if you are able to hear audio. If you can, go back to the previous title you were watching and report the issue to YouTube so they can work on restoring sound to the problematic content.

iPhone YouTube Screen Goes Black

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When you are in the middle of using YouTube on your iPhone, there is a certain expectation that video content should not only be reliable, but should be able to load and play with the only interruption being a few ads here and there. Although this would be great in a perfect world, some users have noticed that when they are in the midst of using YouTube on their iPhone, they are met with a black screen. If this is the case for you, take a look below to see what can be done.

If your iPhone YouTube screen goes black, try clearing the cache to see if this resolves the issue. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ within YouTube and click on ‘Applications’ > ‘Application Manager’ > ‘Storage’ > ‘YouTube’ > ‘Clear Cache.’

If YouTube on your iPhone isn’t working, free up storage space within your phone, update the app with the latest software, check to make sure you have a stable network connection, close out of all other apps before using YouTube, and try clearing the cache within YouTube

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