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Maytag Microwave Not Working/Heating

I love using my Maytag microwave because it’s very convenient to use. But, it stopped working all of sudden. I have a bit of experience fixing appliances, and got to the bottom of how to get it to work again so thought I’d summarize how to do it.

This is caused by the door being closed for 5 minutes. After this time the microwave will not start ‘DOOR’ will be displayed on the control panel. The countdown timer can also be in use and the ‘CANCEL/CLEAR’ button needs to be pressed. Finally, check whether the control lock is enabled.

Woman putting cup inside the microwave

There’s a few different solutions based on whether your Maytag microwave has power and won’t start, whether it doesn’t power up at all, and if it doesn’t heat the food as it’s operating. So, below I’ll explain step by step what to do to get it working again. With issues like this it’s a matter of trying each of the solutions one by one, until it begins operating again, but luckily they are all very easy to do.

Maytag Microwave Not Working

Woman adjusting the microwave

When your Maytag microwave it’s relatively easy to get to the bottom of it. It can be an issue with the way you’re operating it, which on microwaves I admit sometimes doesn’t make sense. But, it can also be because it’s not drawing enough power.

Generally, the circuit breaker to the Maytag microwave located at the fusebox can have tripped. A multi-way plug can also not supply enough power and it needs to be plugged directly into the wall. There are also various control panel functions which I’ll explain how to fix below.

Here’s how to perform each of these checks in detail, as well as, some additional steps if none of these are what is causing the issue.

1. Check the circuit breaker is on and that it’s plugged in at the wall

Every home has a fusebox. It directs power from the roadside to the different areas of the house. It is made of one main switch, as well as many different circuit breakers. These protect appliances from short circuiting in the event of a power surge.

When a power surge occurs, the circuit breaker will click into the off position. And won’t click back into the on position on it’s own.

This can also occur when too much power is being drawn from one outlet. For example, if you plug two different appliances that need a lot of power into one outlet.

As a first step, locate your fuse box and see if any of the circuit breakers are in the off position.

Also, before or after doing that ensure that your Maytag microwave is plugged in at the wall outlet, and switch on if it has a switch.

2. Ensure the control lock is not enabled

There is a control lock feature on Maytag microwaves that stops people from operating it accidentally. If it’s enabled there will be a small key icon above the timer. This is turned on and off by the clear button which has a square with an ‘X’ in the center.

It’s turned on and off by holding the clear button for 3 seconds. Try that in the first instance. But, for some Maytag microwaves it can be turned on and off in a different way. If the above method doesn’t work, then refer to the owners manual for your Maytag microwave.

If you no longer have the owner’s manual you can get an online version from this page of the official Maytag website. You need to input the serial number of your microwave which is found when you open the door on the bottom left close to where the hinge of the microwave door is.

3. The countdown timer function is in use – and needs to be cleared

There is a timer function on your microwave. It simply acts as a countdown timer, and doesn’t do anything else. It’s especially useful if you’re letting food sit after it has been microwaved.

It’s set by pressing the kitchen timer icon on the control panel. But, while it’s counting down the microwave won’t start unless you first press cancel. Simply press the clear button on the bottom left of the control panel. It’s typically marked with an ‘x’ in a square. You should see the timer clear from the screen.

Then you can use your microwave as normal.

4. The door has been closed for 5 mins before you press start

Generally, microwaves can be damaged when they operate with no food inside. Therefore, as a safety feature Maytag microwaves will not start when you press the start button if the door has been closed for 5 minutes or longer.

This can happen if you put some food in the microwave, get distracted and don’t turn it on, then come back to it. To get around this, open the door and close it again then use it as you normally would.

5. It’s plugged into a multiway plug that doesn’t supply enough power

A multi way plug that plugs into one wall outlet but has multiple ports can not supply enough power. Also, if you’re temporarily or permanently using a generator then it can not supply enough power to your microwave.

When this is the case the lights and control panel will light up. But, when you turn the microwave on it won’t heat the food or drink that’s in the microwave. If you suspect this is the issue unplug the other things that are plugged into the multi way port. And only use the microwave while you’re using it.

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Or, unplug the multiway port, and plug the microwave directly into the wall outlet. As always when working with electrical devices there is a significant risk of electrocution so make you turn it off at the wall where possible. Or, turn the multiway plug off, where it has an off switch.

Also, multiway plugs can have a reset button, or an on/off switch. They can also have internal circuit breakers like your fuse box. And pressing the reset button can get it to work again.

6. Demo mode is enabled and needs to be disabled

Demo mode is a feature that is designed to be used when a Maytag microwave is on display. This stops people from being able to actually run the microwave, but virtually everything else works such as the control panel and the lights.

It could have been enabled by accident. Here’s a really good video form Maytag that shows how to disable demo mode:

Maytag Microwave Not Heating

woman putting food inside the microwave

Interestingly, a Maytag microwave can light up, and the control pad can work but it won’t heat food or drink when you start. This is caused for a few reasons. Here’s what to do to get it working again:

The power setting can be on low, which will take longer than normal to heat food and give the appearance that it’s not heating. The power setting is set to the maximum by default. If you’re setting a lower power manually simply skip adjusting the heat manually.

If it’s not that then check whether there is an error code displaying on the control panel and perform the fix for each, described below.

First, begin by doing a quick test to verify that it is indeed not heating. Place a glass of water in the microwave for 1 minute and cook it for 1 minute.

If you can feel some heat coming off the glass of water, or notice some steam coming off the top then your microwave is working correctly.

It happens your microwave is heating correctly, and it can just take longer to heat food than you expect. Solid food such as potatoes can appear to not be heating, but the inner part of the food is very hot.

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Microwaving food heats it unevenly and can appear to not be heating

Microwaves generally heat from the inside out. For example, if you’re microwaving a bowl of rice, the interior can be very hot but the surface can be cool to the touch. This is especially true of large bowls of food or drink.

Given enough time the entire bowl of food will become hot. But, it will generally heat the food unevenly. With certain foods I’ve found it’s best to heat them for 5 minutes. Then mix it quickly with a spoon, and let it run for an additional 5 minutes.

For example, I’ve learned the exact time it takes for a bowl of rice to cook using my Maytag microwave. Provided I always use the same amount of rice, and the same amount of water, and it takes 18 minutes total.

When I cook it I run it for 6 minutes at a time. I will do the first 6 minutes, mix it quickly, run it for another six minutes, then mix it again. Then after the final 6 minutes it will be perfectly cooked.

The same is also true of foods like porridge, and vegetables. When you touch the surface it’s still cool or only slightly warm but the interior is very hot. This just indicates it needs more time to cook.

As you gain more experience using it you can get a feel for how long it will take to heat something all the way through, and when you should stop the microwave and mix the food or drink.

The control panel can also be in lock mode, or demo mode. Both of which won’t heat the food when you try to start it. Or, it’s running. I’ve explained how to disable the lock mode, and demo mode above in steps 5, and 6.

Scroll up, and follow the instructions in those steps, and then attempt to start your microwave again.

Maytag Microwave Not Turning On

Woman adjusting the microwave

When a Maytag microwave is plugged in the control panel will light up. And as you set the timer, and press start it will begin to run. If neither of these things happen and your microwave won’t turn on, here’s what you should do.

Ensure the power outlet is getting power but plugging another device into the same wall outlet. Alternatively, you can check the fuse box to see if the circuit breaker is in the off position. The countdown timer feature can also be in use, and needs to be cleared.

Finally, demo mode can be enabled and it won’t start or cook until it’s disabled. The steps to get your Maytag microwave to work again when it’s not turning out, are explained above. Scroll to the top of this article, and start with ‘Step 1. Check the circuit breaker and that it’s plugged in at the wall’. Follow all of the steps until you get it working again.

Maytag Microwave Not Spinning

woman putting food inside the microwave

The spinning plate at the bottom of a microwave helps the food to cook evenly. I’ve noticed sometimes it can not spin. Here’s the troubleshooting steps you should do when your Maytag microwave isn’t spinning.

Overall, the turntable can have come off the spinning mechanism. It can be reseated by removing the turntable, and adjusting the rubber ring that has wheels on it, and ensuring the glass plate teeth on the bottom meet the teeth of the turning mechanism.

There is the central hub that is responsible for turning the turntable. The support rollers hold the turntable above the bottom of the microwave, and has wheels that turn as the central hub turns.

There is a grove that is also a guide for where the support rollers should sit when in the correct position. The turntable teeth that sit on the central hub can be misaligned but the turntable can be sitting in the correct position. Lift up the turntable and place it so that the groves in the center fit into the spaces in between the turntable hub.

It’s very easy to do but needs adjusting from time to time. If the turntable and support rollers are in the correct position and the central hub is not spinning the central hub can have failed and will need to be replaced.

It can be replaced yourself if you’re good with tools, however, it’s generally best to get a repair technician to repair it for you. Or, for lower cost Maytag microwaves you may decide it’s more economical to buy a whole new microwave.

Maytag Microwave Display/Screen Not Working

woman putting food inside the microwave

The digital display on your Maytag microwave is necessary because without it you can’t set the cook time. When it’s not working this is what causes it and how to fix it.

Generally, ensure the door is completely closed, and press the ‘cancel’ button on the lower left of the screen. This will clear the countdown timer which stops the microwave from starting. The control lock can also be on and needs to be turned off by holding the cancel button for 3 seconds.

Full steps for how to perform each of these checks as well as additional ones, if these do not allow you to use the display are explained at the top of this article. Start with ‘Step 2. Ensure control lock is not enabled.’ And work your way through each of the steps until the digital display works again.

Maytag Microwave Buttons/Keypad Not Working

woman putting food inside the microwave

When you go to press the buttons on the keypad of your Maytag microwave there are various settings that can cause nothing to happen. And you can’t set the cook time, or start your Maytag microwave. To fix this issue, here’s the steps you should take.

The control lock can be on and needs to be disabled by holding the ‘clear/cancel’ button for 3 seconds. There will be a key icon on the digital display to indicate it is on. The ‘clear/cancel’ button is generally the bottom left button on the digital display of a Maytag microwave.

Try that as a first step, otherwise it can be because the countdown timer function is on. When it’s on you can’t do anything until the countdown timer ends, or until you press the cancel button.

I’ve provided step by step instructions for how to perform each of these steps, as well as others that you should do to get the keypad working again. Do step, 2, 3, 4, and 6 that are numbered at the top of this article.

If the door has been closed for 5 minutes or longer it will not start until the door is open and closed again. This is a safety feature that stops the microwave from being started with no food or drink in it. Also, the control lock, or the countdown timer can be active which needs to be cleared.

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