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JBL Go Speaker Not Charging (How To Fix)

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If you are having a problem with your JBL Go speaker, there may be a way to get it charging again.

One problem that can occur with the JBL Go speaker is for the micro USB port to go bad. As long as the warranty is no longer in effect, you can open the JBL speaker and replace the port to get it working again.

Otherwise, you can try cleaning the port by blowing it out and using some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to clean it thoroughly.

Generic Fixes To Try When JBL Go Speaker Is Not Charging

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It is disappointing when you have a JBL speaker that is no longer charging. There are times when you may be able to operate the speaker while it is plugged in but you are essentially removing one of the conveniences of having it in the first place.

There are a number of issues that can result in a JBL speaker not charging. We have compiled a list of the top five reasons, and you should consider these reasons before moving forward.

1. Bad Charging Cable

The charging cable is perhaps the weakest link when it comes to any wireless device. The same also holds true for JBL speakers.

If there is any damage to the charging cable, then it should be thrown away and replaced. Don’t try to repair a charging cable because you are running the risk of creating a fire hazard and it rarely ever works as expected.

Carefully inspect the charging cable for any damage. If you see any signs that has been cut, sliced, burnt, or bent, it should be thrown away and replaced.

You can also test the charging cable in a number of ways. First of all, you can try using it on another device to see if it charges. Secondly, you can try using a known good charging cable to charge the JBL speaker.

Most JBL speakers will use a standard charger that can be replaced with another USB charger. In some cases, however, it may be model specific so you should make sure of this before trying to swap out cables.

2. Battery Is Completely Drained

I am including this as an option because it is often overlooked. If you have a JBL speaker that is charged, you will have a limited amount of time to enjoy that charge before it is drained.

In most cases, JBL speakers do not have any type of indicator that lets you know when the speaker battery is dead. There may be a flashing light when it gets near the end, but if you don’t see it, you may not know that it has died.

The good news is, JBL speakers have a long life and the battery will often last for many hours before you need to charge it. At the same time, however, one of the first things to try is charging the battery when it is dead.

The battery may actually be charging but if you have allowed it to drain completely, it will take some time to get sufficient charge so that it begins operating. Don’t be too quick to assume that it is not charging.

There is likely a small LED on the JBL speaker that lets you know when you have it plugged in and it is charging. If the LED is lit, give it time to charge.

3. Loose Connection

There are always going to be connections that can get loose and some of them may be interior. This can be a problem because any loose connection in the charging wiring will keep the charging from taking place.

Begin with what we have already discussed, checking for any issues with the charging cable itself. If it doesn’t seem to be snapping into place inside of the charging port any longer, it is best to just replace the charger because it will be nothing but problems from that point forward.

We will also discuss the charging port next, but it is something to consider as well. Some speakers may actually have more than one option for charging, as you can sometimes charge it through the USB connector as well as a standard plug.

One of the weakest connections on most electronic devices is where the charging port connects to the circuitry inside of the device. The same may also be true in your JBL speaker.

PRO TIP: If you can wiggle the cable at the charging port and the LED comes on, the connection for the charging port may need to be soldered.

Before you remove any panels from the speaker, make sure that you are not voiding the warranty. Once you do open it, look for loose wiring at the circuitry where the charging port comes in. You can solder it to re-establish the connection.

I have done this on dozens of speakers as well as many laptops and other electronic devices. It will work for a while but the more you fix it, the weaker it will be. Treat the charger with kid gloves after making this fix.

4. Dirty Charging Port

If you take your speakers on the road with you regularly, you may accumulate dirt, dust, and debris inside the charging port. It often goes unnoticed until it has become so bad that the speaker will not charge.

If you feel that the charging port is dirty or if you can see dirt and debris inside of the port, the first step is to blow things out. This is done with a can of compressed air or you can simply blow into the port manually.

If you do blow into the port, either with compressed air or with your own air, be cautious about your eyes. It is best to wear safety glasses during this process or at the very least, close your eyes while blowing out the port.

Sometimes, there may be a piece of dirt or something else stuck in the port and when you blow it, it can come out with a lot of force. This can cause damage to your eyes, so make sure you protect them.

After blowing out the charging port, take a moment to swab it with some rubbing alcohol. You can put the rubbing alcohol on the end of a quality Q-tip.

After allowing the alcohol to evaporate, visually inspect the port for any damage and make sure no cotton from the Q-tip is stuck in the port.

5. Defective Battery

One of the more difficult issues to trace is a defective battery. More than likely, you tried everything and nothing seems to work at this point.

Lithium batteries have a limited amount of time before they stop working. They may work well for a few years but if you continue to use your JBL speaker, there will come a time when the battery needs to be replaced.

The only way you can determine if the lithium battery is bad or not is to open the JBL speaker, remove the battery and test it using a multimeter. If it doesn’t test out, it will have to be replaced.

It is not typically difficult to replace the lithium battery in a JBL speaker but you would not want to do so while you have an active warranty. If you did, you would negate the warranty and the benefits of it.

It’s always best to contact JBL first and see if they are willing to ship you a new battery.

You also need to choose between a new battery from JBL or an aftermarket battery from another company. Obviously, the aftermarket battery will save you money but it may come at a cost because it will not work as well.

After you replace the defective battery, be cautious about how you put the speaker back together so you don’t end up with vibration or damage to the wiring and circuitry. Charge the battery fully before using it.

Additional JBL Go Troubleshooting Tips

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The nice thing about JBL speakers is that, in many cases, what works on one speaker will work on all of them. If you have a speaker that is no longer charging, try one of these three generic solutions.

1. Switch Chargers

Most of the chargers we have at home are universal. Android often uses USB C and Apple uses a lightning cable.

You can often simply swap out the charger with another cable to see if it works. Since a problem with the charger is one of the most common reasons why JBL speakers stop charging, this should be something you try first.

2. Replace the Battery

If it has been a few years since you purchased the JBL speaker, it may be time to replace the battery. This is going to be necessary with all speakers but it is still a good idea, especially if you want to fix it and extend the battery life.

It may be necessary to replace the battery for a number of reasons. Perhaps you charged the battery too much or you may have left the speaker out in the weather.

3. Update the Firmware

This is perhaps one of the most frequently overlooked issues with JBL speakers or any other electronic devices. Although it is different than something you may use on your computer, there is often software or firmware that drives the speaker.

Ensure that you have the latest software available. It will typically be found on the JBL website. After updating the software, you may need to reconnect to your mobile devices.

Reasons Why Your JBL Go Speaker Is Not Charging

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One of the benefits of using JBL speakers is the fact that we can use them on the go. We appreciate the ability to charge them and take them to the park, or out with friends. What can you do if they are no longer charging?

When the USB charging cable is damaged or faulty, the JBL speakers will not charge. Charging cables are universal, and can often be swapped out with your mobile devices. Changing the charging cable will fix the problem and get it charging again.

It would be ideal if things worked perfectly from the first time we tried them. Unfortunately, with electronic devices, there is a lot of hit-and-miss when it comes to getting these devices to charge fully.

That is why we provided you with a list of different options to try that may help to get the charging working for you again. In most cases, these options will take care of 99% of the problems you experience.

You might find that there are universal issues that work from one speaker to another. At the same time, however, there may be some that are more specific to the model you are using.

Although it is a good idea to try the five general options we have for you above, you may need to try some of the more specific ones by identifying your model and looking for it in the list.

When you are working on a rechargeable device, you are working on an electrical device. There may be enough power in a battery to shock you and although it is not likely to kill you, it can be uncomfortable.

In addition, if you are working on one of the speakers and have it plugged in, you have now taken things to another level. You should never work on live electricity because of the possibility you could get electrocuted.

If you have to have the device plugged in, make sure that you don’t open any part of the speaker that would allow you to have access to the wiring. If you do have to open the speaker, unplug it.

Copyright protected content owner: and was initially posted on June 30, 2023.

In most cases, JBL speakers will not hold onto electricity in any of the components. Once the speaker has been unplugged, you can safely open it and work on the wiring and circuitry inside.

At the same time, however, it’s always best to aim on the side of caution. By giving the JBL speaker enough time to dissipate any residual power, you negate that possibility. Typically, a few minutes is all that is needed after it has been unplugged.

JBL speakers are high quality and as such, they sometimes come with warranties. You can even purchase extended warranties when you buy them from a major retailer in many cases.

Instead of rushing and trying to fix the speaker on your own by opening the speaker and looking inside, you should consider the warranty. If you remove any screws and open the plastic, you are likely voiding the warranty at that point. In other words, any repair is going to be charged to you.

It is always best to check with the manufacturer by contacting customer support and making sure you don’t have a warranty on the product. In addition, if you think that you may have purchased an extended warranty at the store, you can always check with them for a record of that purchase.

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JBL speakers should last for a very long time. Like any electronic device, however, there may be times when they wear out or break. If you find that your JBL speaker is no longer charging, consider the list of options above.

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