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Karcher Carpet Cleaner Not Working

Karcher carpet cleaners, also sometimes called spray extraction machines, work really well. But, from time to time they can go on the blink. Here’s a summary of what to do if your Karcher carpet cleaner isn’t working.

When a Karcher Carpet Cleaner is not working, one common issue is a clogged nozzle or brush. Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate, blocking the spray nozzle or hindering the brush’s rotation. To fix this, turn off and unplug the cleaner, then check the nozzle and brush. Remove any debris or blockages found to restore functionality.

Woman cleaning the carpet using Karcher

Another possible cause for a Karcher Carpet Cleaner not working could be due to a lack of water or cleaning solution in the tanks. If the tanks are empty, the machine won’t function properly. To resolve this, simply refill the water and solution tanks. Ensure they are securely placed back into the machine. This should allow the cleaner to start working again as it can now dispense the necessary liquids for cleaning.

In general, it’s not worth tinkering around with various parts that could be broken and it’s best to have a service partner do the repair, as they’re trained and will know exactly what to do. But, there are a few checks and things you can do that can get it working again so it is worthwhile trying them. Below, I’ll explain what they are and how to do them.

Karcher Carpet Cleaner Not Working

Typically a Karcher carpet cleaner will work perfectly fine, other than if the dirty water tank is full, or the clean/detergent tank is empty. If it’s stopped working or one of the main functions such as spraying doesn’t work, here’s what to do.

Overall, you should contact the service repair partners for major issues like the power button not turning it on or the suction turbine not working. If it turns on and functions somewhat then clear any blockages in the hoses using a coat hanger.

The troubleshooting steps you can do yourself that can fix it are explained in step by step detail below:

1. Check the wall outlet you’re using hasn’t blown.

This step isn’t related to the Karcher Carpet Cleaner at all but it’s important to get it out of the way as it can be easy to overlook. The fuse to the wall outlet you’ve plugged your carpet cleaner into can be blown, or the wall outlet can be faulty for whatever reason.

This is very easy to test by plugging in a different device into the same wall outlet you were using for your Karcher carpet cleaner. If the wall outlet itself isn’t working typically a fuse has blown at the main switch board, and can be turned back on or replaced.

Also, all you need to do is use an extension cord to plug it into a different wall outlet. Or, plug it into a wall outlet that is nearby provided it reaches to where you want to use your carpet cleaner.

2. Clean the hoses and nozzles to remove blockages

If the hoses and nozzles are clogged it will stop the sprayer from spraying, and it won’t be able to suck up the dirty water from the carpet. Cleaning the nozzles is very straightforward. Simply soak them in warm soapy water and use a narrow brush that can get into the small openings.

3. Not turning on – change the fuse on the end of the power cord

The end of a power cord has a part of it with pins that plugs into the wall. There is no exact name for it, but you’ll know what I mean. It’s the part you hold in your hand and plug into the wall. This part has a small fuse inside that can blow. It can be replaced fairly easily with a new one you can pick up online or at a hardware type store.

The type of plug in each country is slightly different, but the fuse is replaced in exactly the same way. It’s called a 13 amp fuse.

4. Check the tank levels are empty or full

Karcher carpet cleaners have both a clean water tank, and a dirty water tank. If the clean water tank gets empty your carpet cleaner will shut off. And if the dirty water tank gets full it will shut off.

5. No suction power – change the paper filter bag, or flat pleated filter

If the suction power has decreased, and isn’t sucking up enough water the paper bag filter or the flat pleated filter can need replacing or cleaning, or one or both has come loose. To see exactly how to change or inspect them refer to your owner’s manual. For an online version of the owner’s manual go to this page on the official Karcher website to download it.

Karcher Carpet Cleaner Not Spraying

Woman cleaning the carpet using Karcher

One of the main functions of a carpet cleaner is to first spray the carpet with the water and detergent mixture. There are various components inside a Karcher carpet cleaner that control its different functions. An issue that can occur is the sprayer no longer works, here’s what to do to fix it.

Begin by cleaning the nozzle and the hoses. If the nozzle and hoses weren’t blocked then the component that does the spraying can have failed and needs to be replaced. In that case, you should contact a Karcher service partner and have them repair it for you.

If you wish, before getting it repaired you can apply the water and detergent manually using a spray bottle. And use your Karcher carpet cleaner to scrub the carpet and suck up the dirty water.

Karcher Carpet Cleaner Will Not Start

Woman cleaning the carpet using Karcher

If you go to switch on your Karcher carpet cleaner and it won’t turn on it indicates an electrical issue. Firstly, you should check the wall outlet you’re using is working. But, after that here’s what you should do.

Replace the 13 amp fuse in the power plug. If that hasn’t fixed the issue then you should have a Karcher service partner find out what the issue is and repair it. It’s possible a component has failed, or a circuit has blown inside it and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Go to this page of the official Karcher website and select your country, then using the options at the top select ‘professional’ and then select ‘service agents’. It will then show you a map and you can find a Karcher service partner who can repair it for you.

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If the dirty water tank is full, or the clean water tank is close to empty a Karcher carpet cleaner will shut off. For any other issues you should clean the nozzle and the pipes to clear any blockages. If this hasn’t fixed it you should contact your nearest Karcher service partner to repair it.