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Roku Won’t Turn On

The Roku app is one of the most popular streaming platfrorms available, giving you access to thousands of streaming channels, all in one location. While issues with Roku are rare, they do happen, and often at the worst time. It can be frustrating to know where to even start troubleshooting when Roku won’t turn on.

The Roku won’t turn on if there is insufficient power or if any of the connecting cables are loose or damaged. A pending update will also affect Roku’s ability to work. If the Roku TV or streaming device is overheating, this will cause Roku to stop working until it is able to cool down.

Flatscreen tv in the living room

Thankfully, most problems with Roku can be fixed easily. So before you start shopping for a new TV, give these suggestions a try. Each suggestion is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Roku Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

Flatscreen tv in the living room

A power outage is never good. It is often the result of a lightning storm or other electrical event. When the power is restored, the resulting jolt in electricity can be damaging to our electronics.

If Roku won’t turn on after a power outage, unplug the TV and disconnect all connecting cables. Let everything rest for at least 10 minutes. This will drain any remaining power from the TV. After 10 minutes reconnect the power.

After restarting the TV, if Roku continues to not work or is frozen, here are a few more suggestions to try.

Wall Outlet

The problem may not even be with Roku. The returning surge in electricity could have affected the outlet your TV and Roku are connected to. Plug a small lamp into the same outlet to see if the outlet is still receiving power.


As was mentioned, the returning surge in electricity can be harmful to our electronics. It is possible the surge in power damaged something within the hardware of the Roku TV or streaming device.

If the TV or device is flashing red, this means it is overheated. Let the Roku device rest for 10 minutes before trying to use it.

Internet Connection

Check your Internet connection by going into your Roku settings and looking for the Network menu. You’ll see several options to choose from.

The surge in returning power may have caused Roku to change networks or the network itself is affected. You can easily check the network connection using your remote.

Step 1: On the remote, press the ‘Home’ button.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Network’.

Step 4: Select ‘About’.

You will see the network name, status, and signal strength. If you then select ‘Check Connection’, you can test your network connection or see if there is a better network available.

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Downdetector is a live map of your area that lists any reported outages or issues anyone is having. You will be able to see if Roku is reporting they are working on their servers and service will be interrupted, or if others in your neighborhood are also experiencing the same problem you are.

Roku Won’t Turn On With Remote

Flatscreen tv in the living room

The remote is a small but powerful tool. We can control everything from the palm of our hand. We don’t realize how much we depend on it until it doesn’t work.

If Roku won’t turn on with the remote, make sure nothing is obstructing the path of the remote’s IR signal. TV cabinet doors, decorations, plants, and speakers can all obstruct the signal. Make sure the remote has fresh batteries as well.

Check External Connections

When using a Roku stick or other streaming device, make sure the stick or any connecting cables are all fully inserted into the TV. A loose connection will affect the remote’s ability to communicate with Roku.

Re-pair The Remote

Re-pair or reset your Roku remote when it’s not working.

If the remote has been without power for a long time or there was a recent power surge, it is possible you need to re-establish the connection between the remote and Roku.

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The pairing button is located in the battery compartment on the remote. Removing the batteries for at least 10 seconds will help to refresh the remote. Once you return the batteries, press and hold the pairing button for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds the pairing light should start to flash green. Release the button. When the remote has been re-paired, a notification will appear on the TV screen.

Reset Remote

We don’t often think of resetting the remote but it too needs to be refreshed from time to time. Simply remove the batteries and let the remote rest for at least 60 seconds before replacing the batteries. It’s that simple.

Use Phone

After you have tried the above suggestions and the remote still does not work, it may be time to replace the remote. You can visit to speak to someone in customer service who will help with that process.

In the meantime, though, there is a workaround so you can still enjoy your Roku channels.

You can download the Roku app onto your smart device and program the smart device to work as the remote.

Roku Won’t Turn On After Reset

Flatscreen tv in the living room

A reset, by its very nature, means to start fresh. Everything is supposed to be better afterward. Unfortunately, our electronics don’t always get that memo.

If Roku won’t turn on after being reset, make sure the TV and Roku are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. Move the router closer to the TV. Restart the router. If using a hardwired connection, make sure the wire is securely attached to the modem and the TV.

If you are using HDMI cables to power Roku, make sure you are connected to the correct input source, HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. Using the remote, press the ‘Input’ or ‘Source’ button to see which input the TV is set to. If the TV and Roku are not connected to the same one, Roku will not work.

Resetting Roku will refresh the app, removing any glitches in the software, but it will also force any pending updates. If you are using an older TV, these updates may now mean Roku is no longer compatible with your TV and Roku will not work. The only solution to this problem is to upgrade your TV.

Roku Won’t Turn On No Light

Flatscreen tv in the living room

The indicator light on Roku lets you know the device is working. If that light is not turning on this means the Roku device is not receiving power.

When Roku won’t turn on, no light, check the power cords. No light means no power. Examine the cords for any visible signs of damage. Make sure they are securely inserted tightly into the correct ports.

Another possibility for the Roku light to not turn on is the TV or other Roku streaming device is overheated. Typically the indicator light will turn red when the device is too warm but if it has become too hot, the device will shut off.

Make sure the Roku TV or streaming device is not in direct sunlight or in an enclosed cabinet. It is important there is sufficient air circulation to prevent overheating.

Roku Won’t Turn On TV

Flatscreen tv in the living room

Whether you are using a Roku TV or streaming device, Roku should be readily available for use. When Roku does not turn on there are a few reasons why this might happen

If Roku TV won’t turn on, reset the TV. Unplug the TV from its power source and then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Once power is restored, go to your TV’s settings and make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

Updates are how our electronics continue improving. They happen automatically, and often without our knowing it. There are times, however, when these updates are slow in coming, get interrupted, or simply don’t happen.

If there is an update that Roku is missing, this will affect how Roku operates. You can check for any pending updates but you need to be able to access the Roku home screen or download the Roku app to a smart device as a way to see if any updates are pending.

Settings > System > System Update

Check Roku for System Update

Roku Won’t Turn On With App

Flatscreen tv in the living room

Nowadays most homes don’t use regular cable when apps such as Roku are available. With most of us spending more time at home these days, we depend on Roku to work.

If the Roku app will not work, make sure the network is not the issue. If you recently changed network names or updated the network, Roku may still be on the previous network name. You can easily update the network with the following steps:

Check your Internet connection by going into your Roku settings and looking for the Network menu. You’ll see several options to choose from.

Step 1: Press the ‘Home’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Network’.

Step 4: If you need to update the network, select ‘Setup A New Wireless Connection’ and follow the on-screen instructions. When the connection is successful, you will see 3 checkmarks, and the status will read ‘Connected’.

If Roku won’t turn on with the app, reset Roku with the following sequence using the remote. Press the ‘Home’ button 5 times; the ‘Up’ arrow once; the ‘Rewind’ button twice, and then the ‘Fast-forward’ button 2 times. The screen will go black but once the reset is complete Roku will power itself back on.

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