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LG TV HDMI Audio (Not Working/Not Playing/Stopped Working)

There can be many reasons why your LG TV does not have any sound, and narrowing down the issue can be overwhelming. Most people just want a quick fix so they can continue watching their show or listen to music. With this in mind, I have searched for all the likely reasons that your LG TVs sound is not working so that you can find the solution quicker.

The HDMI audio on your LG TV may not work because of issues with the HDMI cable, the HDMI port, or your device’s sound output settings. If none of the TV channels have sound, it is likely due to the TV’s sound or volume settings, firmware bugs or connection issues with an external speaker.

Plugging HDMI cable to a TV

I have outlined each issue individually below so that you can find the fix for your specific audio issue. I have also created a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you work through what might be wrong.

LG TV HDMI Audio/Sound Not Working

TV rear connection ports

If your LG TV has no sound from HDMI, it’s likely because of a cable or connection issue. The top cause of this issue is a loose or damaged HDMI cable. To fix this, check the HDMI cable connections and ensure that they are tight and secure. You can also try using a different HDMI cable or port.

Additionally, check the TV’s audio output settings and ensure that HDMI audio is selected. If the issue persists, try resetting your TV to its default settings or power cycling it by unplugging it from the power source for a few minutes. If the problem continues, contact LG customer support for further assistance.

HDMI Cable Loose

One of the most common issues is a loose HDMI cable, meaning it hasn’t been plugged in properly to either your TV or the external device. Try pushing the cable in as far as it can go or wiggling the cable.

External Device Output

Another common issue is when the settings on your external device are preventing the audio from playing. This is mainly for computers. Check that your LG TV is selected in your computer’s sound output settings.

Apple Mac: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Sound > Output

PC: Start Menu > Control Panel > Sounds > Playback

If you cannot see your LG TV in the list, you may need to contact the computer manufacturer for support.

Faulty HDMI Cable

There is the possibility that your HDMI cable is faulty. If you want to test this, try using the same cable with a different TV. If it’s still not working, it is likely that the cable is broken and needs to be replaced.

You can generally find HDMI cables for under $20, depending on the length you require. If your external device is always close to your TV, such as in the TV cabinet, a 6ft cable should be fine. You can find a popular and inexpensive 6ft HDMI cable on Amazon.

Faulty HDMI Port

If the HDMI cable is fine, try plugging that cable into a different HDMI port in your LG TV. If the sound works, this means the other HDMI port is faulty (unless the cable was not plugged in correctly).

This will require repair or replacement. Repairing a HDMI port costs between $100 and $300, whereas replacement will cost around $200-$350.

LG TV Not Playing Sound through HDMI

HDMI cable

Sometimes it might not be the HDMI cable causing the issues, but the LG TV or external speakers. In this case, none of the input channels will have sound, including live TV. Here are some possible causes for this.

Volume Muted or Too Low

Sometimes it’s a simple case of the TV being muted or the volume being too low to hear. Make sure you have unmuted the TV using the remote and that the volume is more than 10.

This may seem simple, but you’re not the only one to have this problem. If this is you’re only issue, just be glad that it’s such an easy fix.

Sound Settings on the TV

Another easy solution is checking the sound settings on the LG TV. If you are not using an external speaker, you need to tell the TV to play the sound through the internal speakers. This is found in the ‘Sound Out’ settings.

To change these settings, press the ‘Home’/’Start’/’Settings’ button on your remote and follow the pathway below.

Settings > Audio/Sound > Sound Out

You then need to make sure you have the TV/internal speakers selected. Another thing you could try is resetting the TV’s factory settings. This can be done by pressing the ‘Home’ or ‘Menu’ button on the remote and navigating through the following settings.

Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings > Confirm Reset > Enter Passcode > Confirm Reset.

The passcode should be ‘0000’. If not, you will need to contact LG to ask about your specific model number.

External Speakers

If you are using external speakers, such as Bluetooth speakers, surround sound or a sound bar, you will need to change the ‘Sound Out’ settings from the internal speakers to your external device. You can do this using the pathway mentioned above.

Make sure your speaker is turned on, unmuted and that the volume is at a level that you can hear. These may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget these things with a new audio system.

Another possibility is that your speakers aren’t connected properly. Check your cable is not loose and that it is working correctly. If you have Bluetooth speakers, you will need to make sure you have paired them correctly to the TV as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some people have found that the sound does not work for external audio systems when connected to the HDMI ARC port. This has been solved by enabling the ‘Simplink’ feature. To activate this feature, press the ‘Home’/’Start’ button on the remote and follow the pathway below.

General > SIMPLINK > Activate

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Firmware Bugs

If nothing seems to be working to get the sound back on your LG TV, there may be a bug in the firmware. LG offer constant firmware updates, so it may be a simple case of updating your TV. This is also a good idea to do on your other devices, such as your media player or computer.

If your LG TV is already up to date, it may be a new bug that LG do not know about. You should contact their support service to report the issue so they can release a new update that fixes the issue.

For example, some people found that when they used LG’s Netflix app, the sound would stop working when they moved onto something else. LG recommend exiting apps properly with ‘app exit’, but some people still had the issue. Once LG were made aware, they were able to release an update to fix the bug.

How Do I Get My LG TV to Play Sound through HDMI

Male setting up cables on TV

With the above information in mind, here is a step-by-step reference guide for fixing the sound on your LG TV. Follow each step until the sound starts to work again. Before you begin, make sure to check if the sound works on other HDMI channels and live TV.

One HDMI Channel Doesn’t Have Sound

Step 1: Secure any loose HDMI cable connections.

Step 2: Check the sound output for your device is set to the LG TV.

Step 3: Try the HDMI cable in a different TV and replace if faulty.

Step 4: Try the HDMI cable in a separate HDMI port. Consider repairing or replacing the broken port.

All HDMI and TV Channels do not Have Sound

Step 1: Make sure the volume is unmuted and above 10.

Step 2: Check the sound output settings on the TV are set to the appropriate speakers (internal speakers to play through the TV and external speakers to play through a separate speaker).

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Step 3: Enable the ‘Simplink’ function.

Step 4: If you are using external speakers, check their connection to you TV (loose cable or Bluetooth connection issues).

Step 5: Update your firmware on the LG TV and any other devices.

Step 6: If you were unable to find the issue, contact LG support to report the problem.

If you need more information on any of the steps, you can find it in the subheadings above.

LG TV HDMI Sound Stopped Working

HDMI cable and ports

If your sound has stopped suddenly while you are using your TV, it may be that one of the above issues has just occurred. However, make sure that the media playing is not in ‘scan’, ‘slow motion’ or ‘pause’ first (you wouldn’t be the first to be caught by this), then try the fixes mentioned above.

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