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LG TV Menu Not Working (Keeps Popping Up/Flashing/Won’t Show)

Every TV is bound to have issues at one point in its lifetime. Something I have come across is the menu not working in LG TVs. This doesn’t have to be a complicated fix, but there are so many possibilities that it’s hard to know where to start. This is why I’ve put together this guide for everything related to your menu not working.

If the menu keeps popping up on your LG TV, it is most likely that the settings are set to ‘Store Mode’. It may also be the TV is set to ‘Home Auto Launch’ or that ‘Simplink’ is disabled. If the menu is not working at all, it may be a software or hardware malfunction.

Remote in front of a blurry TV background

There are a number of fixes you can try to resolve issues with the LG TV menu. These are detailed below.

LG TV Home Menu Keeps Popping Up

TV menu settings

This feature is enabled for store display models of the LG TV. Store displays are designed to cycle through different features of the TV with no interaction. To fix this issue, you will need to change the settings from ‘Store Demo’ mode to ‘Home’.

To fix this on an LG TV with a ‘Settings’ button on the remote, press the ‘Settings’ button and follow the directions below.

Options > Mode Setting > Home Mode

If you have an LG TV that does not have a ‘Setting’ button, press the ‘Home’ button instead and follow the directions below.

Settings > All Settings > General > Home/Store Mode > Home

LG TV Bottom Menu Keeps Popping Up

Smart TV

Another cause for the menu popping up is something called ‘Home Auto Launch’. This launches the menu every time you turn the TV on, which can be frustrating for some. To disable this feature, press the settings button on the remote and follow the steps below.

All Settings > General > Additional Settings > Home Settings

Then it’s just a matter of disabling ‘Home Auto Launch’.

LG TV Stop Menu Keeps Popping Up

Remote controlling Smart TV

This is the same issue as above, and will therefore require the same solutions.

LG TV Input Menu Keeps Popping Up

TV menu settings

Some people have noticed an intermittent input popup on their screen. It detects a new input when there may not be a new input. One possible way to fix this is by enabling ‘Simplink’.

You can find this setting by pressing the ‘Home’ button on your remote and following these steps below.

Settings > General > Simplink > Activate

If this doesn’t work, it may be a more complicated issue that LG have been trying to solve. If you report this issue to LG and go through their repair process, you may be eligible for a replacement under warranty or a refund.

LG TV Keeps Flashing Menu

Male watching TV

This could be the same issue as previous where the TV has been set to ‘Store Demo’ mode. You can find the fix to this above.

If this is not the issue, there are some other options to try. First, make sure the TV is up to date. This may be a known bug that LG have corrected in a recent update.

Another possibility is that a stray signal is interfering with the remote’s infrared signal. In this instance, try blocking the receiver on the TV (such as taping it over). If that fixes the issue, you know it is an interruption and you may need to move the TV or find the source of the signal.

Besides these options, it may be an issue with the hardware (the mainboard). Anything structural should be flagged with LG so they can offer repairs through their service.

There has been known issues with the mainboard malfunctioning due to having the wrong components installed. If this is the case, you may be eligible for repairs or a replacement under warranty.

LG TV Menu Won’t Go Away

Hand pressing buttons on TV remote

This may be another issue with the mainboard, mentioned above.

If the menu appears intermittently, it might be a case of the TV being in ‘Store Demo’ mode. The solution to this is mentioned at the beginning of the article.

If none of the above works, try resetting your TV back to its factory settings. To do this you will need the 4-digit passcode, which is ‘0000’ by default. Press the ‘Home’ button on the remote, and follow the steps below.

Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings > Confirm Reset > Enter Passcode > Confirm Reset

This will not work if the hardware on your TV is damaged. If this is the case, you will need to contact LG for a replacement.

LG TV Menu Button Not Working

TV remote pointed at TV

If the TV ‘Menu’ button is not working, it will be because of a broken connection.

This can be something as simple as dirt getting underneath the button, preventing it from making contact with the electronics beneath. If this is the case, some have found that pressing the button rapidly for about one minute is enough to dislodge the debris (with the TV turned off at the power).

If it is the remote ‘Menu’ button, check there are no objects in the path between the remote and the TV. However, this would prevent all the buttons from working.

The other option is a broken circuit on the mainboard. This is something that will require repair or replacement by LG, which could cost you around $200 if not covered under warranty.

If you have a magic remote, you could try re-registering it. This is done by holding down the ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ buttons at the same time for five seconds. Once you notice the LED indicator on the remote blink, you just need to press the ‘Ok’ button to re-register.

LG TV Not Showing Menu

TV remote pointed at TV

There is no clear explanation for this error. It could be that your menu button has stopped working, in which case you should refer to the information above.

If it is not an issue with the button, you can try unplugging the TV from the wall socket and pressing the power button for 30 seconds. Another alternative is resetting the TV to factory settings. This has been outlined above, under ‘LG TV Menu Won’t Go Away’.

If these solutions do not work, you might have to call LG, lodge the error and rely on their assistance.

LG TV Service/Settings Menu Not Working

Male hand holding and pointing TV remote

LG have a ‘secret’ menu, known as the service menu, which allows you to reset to factory settings, switch to hotel mode, reset the tuner, etc. Every LG TV is different, so this menu may not work if you do not have the right sequence, do not have the passcode or do not have the right remote.

Usually, you will need an LG remote to access the service menu. You can try accessing this menu in one of the following ways:

  • Press and hold the ‘Menu’ button on the remote until you are prompted to enter the passcode.
  • Press and hold the ‘Menu’ or ‘Ok’ buttons on both the remote and the TV for around 10 seconds, at the same time.

The passcode could be one of many different codes, but you can keep trying until you find the right one. Here are some that are compatible with LG TVs: 0000 (usually the default), 7777, 0413, 8741, 8743, 8878 or 1105.

However, some newer LG TV models require a service remote to access this menu. You can find these for less than $10, such as this one here. If you buy a service remote, just make sure your TV model number is compatible.

LG deliberately make it difficult to get to the service menu because changing the wrong settings can damage the TV software. Just remember what values you are changing so that you can change them back if you need to.

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You can usually reset to factory settings from the normal settings in the TV, so if this is what you want to do, you’re better off using the method mentioned earlier in this article.

Where is the Menu Button on my LG TV

Remote pointed at TV that is off

Many LG TVs have a ‘Menu’ button on both the remote and the TV. However some do not have a ‘Menu’ button at all. Each model is different, so here are the most likely places you will find this button.

On the TV

The ‘Menu’ button on the TV is located with the other buttons, such as channel select, volume, TV guide, on/off, etc. These are most commonly underneath the TV, either central or off to one side.

Some models have the buttons located on the side of the TV instead, and some won’t have any buttons at all. Your user manual should have a diagram of all the buttons and inputs in the TV.

On the Remote

There will always be some way to access the menu from the remote. Many models have a ‘Menu’ button, which is most commonly found just above the arrow/navigation buttons.

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If the remote doesn’t have a dedicated ‘Menu’ button, then it will have a ‘Home’ button instead. This is usually found in a similar area to the menu button or is in the centre of the remote.

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