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LG TV Screen Not Working: Flickering, Dimming, Freezing

LG TVs are great products, known for their affordable and high-quality OLED screens. However, one common problem users run into is that their screens will occasionally have errors or glitches for apparently no reason. This can be especially frustrating if you don’t know how to diagnose the problem and become stuck aimlessly clicking through menu options for hours.

If your LG TV freezes every few seconds, it might be due to an unstable internet connection when streaming content. Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection by testing the network speed and considering connecting via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi for a more reliable connection.

Frustrated female upset at static TV

Another reason for intermittent freezing on an LG TV could be related to outdated firmware. Manufacturers regularly release updates to fix bugs and enhance performance. Navigate to the settings menu of your LG TV, and under the “About” or “Software Update” section, check if there’s an available update and install it.

Additionally, issues with the source device, such as a cable box, game console, or streaming device, can cause the TV to freeze. Ensure that the source device’s software/firmware is up-to-date, try using a different HDMI cable, or switch to another HDMI port on the TV. If the problem is isolated to one device, you might need to troubleshoot or replace that specific device.

LG TV Screen Keeps Flickering

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One common problem with LG TV screens is consistent, irritating flickering. If your TV is flickering, that means it’s changing the screen brightness levels at random or rapid intervals. This can strain your eyes so much that your TV becomes nearly unwatchable.

Energy Saving Mode Is On Causing LG TV Screen to Flicker

This may be caused by a simple issue, such as an incorrect menu setting on your TV. The energy-saving mode is a handy way to use less power, but it can cause visual issues on the screen as well.


Go into the menu settings of your TV and turn Energy Saving Mode OFF by doing the following:

  1. Press the SMART button on your remote (it will be a picture of a little house).
  2. Click Settings, Picture, Energy Saving, then WHEEL or Enter.
  3. If Energy Saving is set to AUTO, switch it to OFF.

In many cases, this will be enough to stop the flickering altogether. If that doesn’t work, you may want to check whether your problem isn’t your TV at all, but your external devices instead.

External Devices Could Cause LG TV Screen to Flicker

To check if your external devices are the problem, go ahead and perform a picture test on your LG TV. This will tell you if the problem is indeed your external devices:

  1. Press the SMART button.
  2. Click Settings, Support, Picture Test, then WHEEL or Enter.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Picture Test.
  4. If the test fails, follow the on-screen instructions to assess the next steps.
  5. If the test passes, check your external devices.

If everything looks good on your picture test, that’s a good sign for your TV but a bad sign for anything you have plugged into it. Rather than an issue with the screen, you may have an issue with your gaming console, cable box, or laptop.


Now, assess all external devices plugged into your LG TV and try to determine which one is causing your screen errors.

First, turn your TV and all your external devices off. Disconnect all the cables from the TV and inspect them for damage. Damaged cables will have frayed ends around the connections, kinks or knots along the cable itself, or a hole somewhere in its insulation. If it looks like you have a bad cable, you should replace it.

Otherwise, reconnect the cable to the device and the TV one at a time. Make sure the cable is far from a heat source, an external loudspeaker, or any other devices. Power the TV back on first, then your external device.

If you’re using an HDMI connection and that still doesn’t solve the flickering problem, try connecting the device to a different HDMI port. You may have one port that glitches and others that don’t. (If you’re using component cables or a different AV connection, you may want to contact LG for service at this point.)

If you still are facing flickering issues, unplug this external device and connect to a different one. If your TV screen stops flickering, you might be facing an issue with that particular device and will probably need to replace it.

However, if the issue persists, contact LG and see if you can schedule someone for maintenance, as it is likely a tricky wiring issue.

LG TV Screen Keeps Turning Off

Businessman upset TV is not working

If you don’t have any flickering issues but find that your LG screen spontaneously turns off, several issues could be arising. Check and see if any of these things are causing your TV to turn off repeatedly.

TV Not Plugged In Correctly Could Cause LG TV Screen to Turn Off

Before checking anything else, make sure that the plug on your TV is correctly plugged into the wall outlet. You’d be surprised how often an outlet has trouble holding onto a plug – especially if you have kids and pets running around.


This might be the simplest fix on the list! Take a look behind your TV and see if the plug is securely in the wall. If not, push it back in.

If you find that your TV plug is constantly falling out of your wall outlet, consider purchasing a new one. For an extremely reasonable price of under $5 on Amazon, the GE Ultra Pro Duplex Heavy Duty Receptacle looks like a regular wall outlet but will be able to hang onto plugs without issue.

Timer Settings Could Cause LG TV Screen to Turn Off

Some TVs come preset with certain functions that users don’t necessarily want but can easily be turned off. Many LG users report issues like this, especially right after purchasing a TV.

These settings will cause your TV to turn off at different times for different reasons:

  • Off Time turns the TV off at a preset time.
  • On Time, on the other hand, will turn off your TV after a set amount of inactive hours or hours with no buttons pressed.
  • Finally, the Sleep Timer will shut the TV off after a set period of time, regardless of whether you press any buttons or not.


To check the timer settings on your TV:

  1. Press the Smart button.
  2. Click Settings, TIME, then WHEEL or Enter.
  3. Check if the TV has Off Time, On Time, or Sleep Timer settings on.
  4. Adjust your preferences.

If none of these settings are on, but your TV still seems to turn off at random, don’t despair. You could be facing a different issue altogether.

Heavy Streaming Load May Cause LG TV Screen To Turn Off

Many people use their TVs exclusively to use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Nowadays, with more people working from home than ever, people find themselves running their TV as background noise.

Because of this heavy streaming load, some TV experience a cache or memory overload, which will cause the TV to occasionally reboot itself. This can be extremely annoying, and unfortunately, this problem won’t solve itself. If you want to continue using your TV to stream, you can cut back on the issue by resetting it.


As with many electrical issues like this, you’ll find that “turning it off and on again” is a quick fix. Powering the unit down completely will fix any number of internal bugs and help to clear the cache that could be causing the screen’s issues.

Reset your TV by turning it off, unplugging it, waiting at least 30 seconds. The longer you wait, the better. Then plug it back in and use it like normal. This should make the problem less severe, at least for a while.

LG TV Screen Keeps Dimming

Female holding coffee cup on lap while watching TV

If you find that your TV screen keeps dimming itself down on its own, several of the above solutions may also work for you.

TV Settings Could Cause LG TV Screen To Dim

First, turn the brightness on your TV up. You might think they’ve already been properly adjusted but check just in case.

If the brightness seems fine and you haven’t already tried testing the energy saver function running a picture test, go ahead and try both of those things as well.


However, if none of those solutions work for you, you can also try manually resetting all AV Settings.

  1. Press the Mute button on your TV three times rapidly.
  2. On the pop-up menu, select AV Reset.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts.

If you continue having the same issue, you may want to turn to an LG specialist.

LG TV Screen Keeps Going to Screensaver

Bored female changing TV channels with remote

Maybe you are leaving your TV on for a time, then looking up and finding that it has reset itself to display the screensaver. If you are using the TV in your home for extended periods, you might find this mildly annoying, but if you happen to have an LG TV in your office, this could pose a more perplexing issue.

Leaving Still Screen On Too Long Can Keep Your LG TV Screen to Show Screensaver

Some people, such as professionals with TV screens in their lobby or conference rooms, leave their TVs on for several minutes at a time while presenting to customers or colleagues.

In most cases, leaving a still screen on the TV for a while will trigger the screen saver. Some brands will allow you to turn this feature off if you like; however, LG is not one of those brands.


Unfortunately, most LGs don’t allow you to turn the screen saver off. To check if yours does:

  1. Press the Smart button.
  2. Click Settings, General, and find Screen Saver.
  3. Switch it Off.

However, if you have a recent model, you probably won’t be able to turn it off. Consider purchasing another brand of television for your office if this will be a major obstacle for you.

LG TV Won’t Go Past Start Screen

Confused male with TV remote

Maybe your new LG TV will turn on but won’t go past its start screen. While this can easily cause you to panic and worry that you bought a defective TV, a simple solution will sometimes fix the problem.

Remote Control Broken Causing LT TV To Stay On the Start Screen

It’s easy to assume that the problem with your screen is your television, but your remote control does not always link up perfectly to the TV at first. It could even be out of batteries. If your remote is not working, you won’t be able to finish the set-up properly and navigate the TV functions.


Go up to your TV and press Menu on the side or front panel, not on the remote control. If the TV responds, then you should see if your remote control needs its batteries changed. It also may need to be connected to your TV if it did not come with the TV.

If that doesn’t work, try force rebooting the television. Hold the power button on the side or front panel down for ten seconds. After 30 seconds, turn the TV back on. Often a force reboot is enough to smooth out the malfunction. If not, you should contact LG.

LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly

Frustrated female upset at static on TV screen

Maybe you find that your screen will blackout without warning. This can make it impossible to watch something and cause major problems if you’re in the middle of an important video game battle.

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Bug or Glitch Causing LG TV Screen To Go Black Randomly

The most likely reason for this is a bug or a glitch. If you have automatic updates set on your TV, your firmware should update itself automatically, fixing these bugs.

However, you may have accidentally switched it off and not recall. In that case, your TV is left vulnerable to glitches like this.


Make sure your firmware is updated by checking manually:

  1. Press the Smart button.
  2. Click Settings, All Settings, General, then About This TV.
  3. Make sure Allow Automatic Updates is switched On.
  4. Click Check for Updates.
  5. If an update is found, download and install it with the onscreen prompts.

If you still find yourself affected by this glitch, contact LG support.

LG TV Auto Update Software Update

LG TV Is Not Showing Full Screen or Not Centered

Watching TV with bowl of popcorn on lap

On some occasions, the TV doesn’t fit the image on the screen to frame and cuts off the edges of whatever you’re watching. This can cut off subtitles or even important parts of the picture if the problem is severe enough.

Aspect Ratio Is Wrong Could Prevent Your LG TV To Show Full Screen or Cause it to be Off Centered

On some occasions, your TV’s aspect ratio may be off. The aspect ratio is the image’s proportional relationship to its height and width, as in 16:9, a common TV aspect ratio. Luckily, this is an easy fix.


To fix your TV’s aspect ratio:

  1. Press the Smart Button.
  2. Click Settings, Option, Mode Setting, then WHEEL or Enter.
  3. Set the Mode Setting to Home Use.

LG TV Screen Won’t Turn On, But Sound Works

Couple looking at each other with TV remote

If your screen doesn’t turn on, but you are getting sound from your TV, the most likely problem is that you are missing a cable connection in a critical place.

LT TV Audio Wire Connected, But Not Video

When hooking up your TV to a cable box or other source of data, you can either use an HDMI cord or component cables with an audio connection.

HDMI cables transmit both audio and visual data with just one connection. They’re more commonly found on devices like video game consoles and laptop computers, so you won’t have to worry about extra wires.

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Component cables, which are commonly found on DVD and Blu-ray players, are visual connections only. If you’re connecting to your TV with component cables, you’ll need an audio connection like an optical or coaxial cable as well. If you’re using a DVD player and only have one wire hooking it up to the TV, chances are you need component cables as well.


First, if you’re using an HDMI input, make sure that it isn’t connected to a bad port by testing out different ones on the TV, as described above.

Next, make sure that you have connected your component cables correctly. These wires have three different plugs at each end with color-coding. The colors must match up on both sides. If you notice that the colors don’t match up, turn your TV off and fix the connection.

Turn your TV back on. If your TV still doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to get it serviced.

LG TV Screen Keeps Freezing

Young couple trying to watch TV that won't turn on

One of the most frustrating things that can happen with TVs is also the most common: an image that keeps freezing. Sometimes the sound may freeze with it, and other times it will continue as the image stays the same.

Heavy Streaming Load or Other Glitch Can Cause Your LG TV Screen to Freeze

All sorts of things could be causing this issue, but the likely problem you’re facing is probably a heavy streaming load. Even if your internet can handle streaming all day long, your TV may strain under the continuous load of data.

Perform a hard reset on your TV, as outlined above. If that doesn’t work, you’re potentially facing a bug or glitch. Update your firmware manually and ensure that you have auto-updates set.


Ultimately, if you’ve tested out all of these potential solutions for your LG TV, you probably want to contact support. There’s no point in having a television if it causes you more frustration than enjoyment, and the fix may be as simple as requesting a replacement for a defective TV.

Final Thoughts

When your LG TV screen is not working, it can be tempting to throw up your hands and call in the experts right away. However, if you want to save time and money, running through all the tests mentioned in this guide could potentially solve your problem.

Make sure to check your TV’s energy-saving mode, picture test, and external devices, as well as all cables, plugs, and ports.

If none of these solutions are helpful to you, contact LG for support.

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