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LG TV Won’t Turn On (Sometimes Red Light On or Flashing)

Televisions are the preferred mode of video streaming for Americans, making a functional unit a staple for evening entertainment. However, if you’re a proud owner of an LG TV, you might run into a few issues. In particular, the TV won’t turn on, and the red light might be on or flashing.

When Your LG TV won’t turn on but has a red light, the controller may be defective. Try turning on the device with the unit’s power button. If it turns on, replace the batteries in your remote. However, if your TV is flashing or clicking, your device needs professional maintenance.

This article will address the most common reasons an LG television won’t power on, both with and without a red light. We’ll also discuss how to troubleshoot each possible culprit.

LG TV Won’t Turn On But Red Light Is On

If your LG TV won’t turn on but the red light is on, it could be due to a few different reasons. One possibility is that the TV’s power supply has failed, which can prevent the TV from turning on even though the red light is on.

Another potential cause could be a software issue or a faulty component within the TV.

To fix the issue, there are a few things you can try. First, check that the power cord is properly plugged in and that the outlet is functioning correctly.

If that doesn’t work, try unplugging the TV from the power source and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in.

If the TV still won’t turn on, try pressing the power button on the TV itself rather than using the remote control.

If none of these methods work, you may need to contact LG customer support or a professional TV repair service to diagnose and fix the issue. They may need to replace a faulty component, update the TV’s software, or perform other troubleshooting steps to get your TV working again.

LG TV Not Turning on Red Light Flashing

Boy holding TV remote control

When an LG television doesn’t turn on but has a red light, try to turn it on with the unit’s power button, not the controller. If the television turns on with the Power button, the remote control could be defective.

However, if you’re confident that your remote is functional, check that the line of sight between the remote and the TV’s sensor isn’t blocked. Then, attempt to turn the television on with the remote control once more.

If the television still doesn’t power on, replace all batteries in the remote control and repeat the procedure. If none of the above troubleshooting approaches power your device on, you have two additional alternatives you can try:

  • Reset the controller manually.
  • Use a remote control app to switch on the TV.

You can also turn to smartphone remote control applications compatible with LG TVs, like:

  • Smartify
  • Anymote
  • Peel Smart
  • LG TV Plus

How To Reset an LG Remote Control

When your television doesn’t react to the power controls on your remote, the problem is most definitely with the controller, not the TV. This is particularly true if the LG device features an active LED display.

You can resolve this problem by performing the following steps to reset your remote control:

  1. To unregister the remote, press and hold the Back and Home buttons for 5 seconds. When the remote is unlinked, a red LED indicator will flash.
  2. Click the actual power button and turn on the television.
  3. Connect the RF dongle to the TV’s USB port. The dongle usually comes with the remote as an attachment when you buy it.
  4. Wait for 20 seconds.
  5. Push the scroll wheel to register the remote.

If your remote control lacks a scroll wheel, reset it using the Back and Home buttons on the remote control. To reset the remote, press and hold the buttons for at least 5 seconds. After that, review your user manual for instructions on how to re-pair the unit.

Then, attempt to power your television using the remote before considering the controller broken.

LG TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light

Confused girls watching TV

If the status LED isn’t illuminated and the TV refuses to turn on, unplug and reconnect the power cable. You can then search to see if the status light illuminates; if it doesn’t, keep reading.

LG recommends that you link your television directly to a wall socket. Therefore, if your LG unit is attached to a power strip, consider relocating it, as the strip may not supply it with enough power.

Are you still experiencing a problem after connecting it to the wall? If so, try a soft reset on your TV by unplugging it and keeping it disconnected for at least ten seconds. And if this doesn’t help, repeat the procedure but leave the device disconnected for approximately one day.

If the issue continues, the LG television may be — in fact — broken, often the result of the following mishaps:

  • Power outage
  • Surges of electricity
  • Connectors that have corroded

You can call an LG service agent for guidance about how to proceed.

LG TV Has Power but Won’t Turn On

TV remote pointed at TV screen

If your LG television receives electricity but doesn’t switch on, consider replacing the power capacitors. Check the symptoms list below. If your TV is experiencing any of these too, your device’s capacitors need immediate replacement:

  • LG unit freezes at logo
  • Lines across the screen
  • Unit turns on and off intermittently

However, even if you don’t notice any of these signs, replacing the capacitors is the most logical approach to the power issue.

Diagnosing Worn Capacitors

Capacitor diagnosis is simple. After removing the back panel of your unit, find the motherboard and inspect for brown capacitors.

A busted capacitor will also reveal the following characteristics:

  • Bent top
  • Corrosion
  • Severed leads
  • Leaking brown fluid

To replace the capacitors, you need the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering wick
  • Compatible capacitors

How To Replace Capacitors in an LG TV

Following that, replace the capacitors as follows:

  1. Disconnect the television’s power supply from the wall outlet.
  2. Using a screwdriver, remove the backplate.
  3. Remove the motherboard from the television’s casing.
  4. Take account of the capacitor’s polarity. To ensure a fit, compare these values to the values on your replacement piece.
  5. Apply intense pressure with the tip of a hot soldering iron to the capacitor’s solder joint. If there’s too much solder in the hole for your iron to penetrate, use a soldering wick.
  6. Remove the capacitor’s wire lead. If the joint melts, you can feel the tip of the iron collapse through the circuit board cavity. From there, you can disconnect the wire lead.
  7. Take note of the length of the wire lead.
  8. Trim the tips of the replacement capacitors to the same height as the old ones.
  9. Place the current capacitor leads in the holes formerly occupied by the old capacitor.
  10. Directly press the tip of the soldering iron into the circuit board’s backside joint.
  11. Press the wire lead into the hole as soon as the end slips through it.
  12. Remove the iron. The solder joint will solidify and secure the replacement.
  13. Repeat the process with the remaining capacitors.

LG TV Screen Is Not Turning On

Female in bed changing TV channels with remote

In certain instances, the LG device may turn on but display a blank screen. You might also be able to hear the device’s audio without seeing anything on your screen. When this happens, here’s what you need to do.

To begin, switch the television on by pressing the button on the unit’s control panel. Afterward, press any key on the TV in an attempt to activate the menu. If no change occurs, this indicates that the device needs maintenance.

However, before calling an electrician, try attaching external devices to your unit and observing how it affects the monitor.

Did you already wire it to an external input, yet still see a dark panel? If so, double-check that the LG device is on the correct input channel. If you’re uncertain, click the Input icon after pressing the Smart button. If a screen appears, loop through the available inputs and pick a different one.

If you’re connecting your laptop to the TV via HDMI, ensure that the computer’s video resolution is compatible with your LG unit. If not, change it in the laptop’s configuration menu, which may resolve the display problem.

LG TV Not Turning On Just Clicking

Young girl sitting on sofa changing TV channels

If you push the power button on your television and only hear a clicking sound, but the TV doesn’t power on, this means there’s a power supply error. If the manufacturer’s warranty covers your television, arrange for maintenance or a replacement.

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Or, the disturbance may stem from the internal cabinet growing and shrinking in response to changing temperatures. However, if the sound is constant, the system is most likely defective.

Ultimately, the safest course of action with this problem is to contact an LG representative directly.

LG TV Won’t Turn On Screen Flashes

Bored couple sitting on sofa watching TV

The flash occurs due to the unit’s safety circuitry turning off the backlights, caused by mistake in the LED driver circuitry. The flicker serves as a safeguard for the remaining LEDs and the power source.

LEDs are prone to failure when the backlight is at its maximum power over a prolonged period. They’ll heat up and then burn out. Part of the reason is that the default brightness setting on most LG models is 100%.

In this case, the following repair options are available:

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  • Replace all LED strips in the unit. This solution is the preferred option to avoid future issues with your backlights.
  • Substitute defective strips for new ones.
  • Change the LED directly. It’s best to consult an electrician for this task. A substandard replacement can result in bright spots on your screen.

If you’ve yet to fix your problem, you can keep it from recurring by setting the television’s brightness to a lower setting.

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