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LG Washer Won’t Drain / Keeps Draining

Dealing with a malfunctioning LG washer can be quite a hassle, especially when it refuses to drain or won’t stop draining. I recently faced this issue with my own machine, turning laundry day into a troubleshooting session. Through this experience, I learned not only the common causes of these issues but also some effective solutions, which I’m eager to share with others facing similar washer woes.

If your LG washer won’t drain or won’t stop draining, a clogged drain pump filter could be the culprit. Over time, lint, small items, and debris can accumulate in the filter, obstructing water flow. To fix this, locate the drain pump filter on the front lower panel of your washer, remove it, and clean out any debris. Regularly cleaning the filter can prevent future drainage issues.

Another reason for drainage problems could be a malfunctioning drain pump. If the pump is damaged or has an electrical fault, it may fail to effectively remove water from the washer. In this case, the drain pump may need to be inspected and potentially replaced. This is a more complex repair and might require professional assistance, especially if you’re not familiar with appliance repair.

LG Washer Won’t Drain / Keeps Draining

This article narrows down to the most common reasons why your LG washer won’t drain water, why it won’t drain water fully, won’t stop draining, and why the drain pump won’t stop. It aims at helping you troubleshoot your washer more effectively. Accordingly, this article will help you conduct a DIY fix instead of going for professional repair.

LG Washer Won’t Drain Water: Causes/How to Fix

LG Washer Won’t Drain Water: Causes/How to Fix

When your LG is not draining water, the first thing you will suspect is often a faulty drain pump. In most cases, people opt to replace the defective device. But if that does not offer the solution you are looking for; the chances are that other problems may be the cause. Other causes may include a clogged pump or defective parts on the washer.

Most of these problems can be addressed quickly at home, without the help of an expert. But some may need a plumber. Here are some common reasons why your washer won’t drain and ways of fixing them.

Faulty Drain Pump

A drain pump will become faulty when small objects from your clothes get stuck inside. The only way to troubleshoot this problem is by removing it and checking to see if there are any obstructions. If nothing is blocking the drain pump, but it still makes a noisy sound, you need to replace it with a new one.

Clogged Hose Pipe or Pump

Small particles of dirt/plastic and sock can find a way inside the drainage system and clog the hosepipe or pump. The solution is to remove the hose from the drainage pump to check for obstruction and remove particles causing the clogging.

Faulty Switch Assembly and Door Lock Engine

The washing machine’s door remains shut during all cycles of operation. The door lock secures it. The washer starts operating once the door is shut. But if it remains open, the switch is likely to prevent the machine from working. The problem starts when the washer door lock becomes defective, making it fail to spin clothes or start. This problem may be due to mechanical or electrical failure.

If there are faults with the door lock and it fails to latch properly, you need to get a replacement. If there is any switch without continuity, get a replacement.

Water Pump Girdle Default

Some old versions of LG washers have a water pump girdle. Damaged or worn water pump girdles prevent the washer from draining. Check the girdle for excessive wear and replace it immediately if you come across any faults.

Below is a YouTube video on how to repair washing machine drain problems at home:

LG Washer Won’t Drain Water Fully: Causes/How to Fix

LG Washer Won't Drain Water Fully: Causes/How to Fix

When your LG washer won’t drain water completely, then the pump could be blocked, causing it to stop at mid-cycle.

Identify what’s causing the block and fix it so that your washer can start working. The following are some causes and possible ways of fixing your LG washer.

Lid Switch Assembly Failure

The lid switch assembly prevents your LG washer from spinning when the lid is open. In case of any failure in the lid switch assembly, your washer will not drain properly. To troubleshoot the lid switch assembly for defects, use a multimeter to test them for continuity. Replace any lid switch that does not have continuity      

Defective Coin Trap

Certain LG washers come with coin traps that trap foreign substances that go into the drain system. This device should be cleaned and checked frequently. The accumulation of debris can lead to a clogged coin trap and subsequently make the washer not drain fully. In this case, you need to remove the clogged coin trap and wash it thoroughly before replacing it.  

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Door Lock Defect

The door strike’s assemblage may be impaired, making your washer’s drain system not to function correctly. The solution is to replace any broken door strike since it is beyond repair.

Faulty Drain Hose

Well, sometimes, the drain hose may be faulty, making the washer not to drain properly. In this case, you can find out if the hose is twisted, kinked, or bent, and then straighten it out. Accordingly, you can remove the drain hose and check it for accumulated debris or any other obstruction. Remove any obstacle in the drain hose, and if the problem persists, replace it with a new one.

LG Washer Won’t Stop Draining Water: Causes/How to Fix

LG Washer Won’t Stop Draining Water: Causes/How to Fix

If your washer gets filled up with water but keeps draining, observe its cycle carefully to identify the cause. This will also help you know where to fix it and if you can fix it. It is most likely an issue with the plumbing or the pump.

Faulty Drain Pump

When the water comes in through the inlet valve, the water will immediately get siphoned out if the drain pump is stuck open. Also, it could be jammed with an object or clothing, causing it to remain open. Unclog your drain pump or replace it.


If the washer does not sense that water keeps draining, it will keep rinsing or washing before there is enough water. Siphoning is when your LG washer gets stuck in this cycle, causing more water to keep coming in. It is caused when the level of water is higher than the end of the drain hose. Check your hose or drain pump to ensure that they are not jammed. If the drain pump is not working, test it using a multimeter, and replace it.

LG Washer Drain Pump Won’t Stop: Causes/How to Fix

LG Washer Drain Pump Won't Stop: Causes/How to Fix

If your drain pump keeps running yet the water is being pumped out, this could be an issue with overfilling. Your washer may be unable to sense when to stop running. Your washer should display an error code when there is a fault, and it cannot abort the cycle. This does not necessarily mean you need a new washer or an expert plumber to do the fixing. Some of the defects can be repaired at home, as long as you know how to go about it.

In this case, there are few likely causes: your washer might be overheating, and the standpipe could be positioned wrongly. It will not be easy to tell which of the two is causing your problem unless you remove the front panel and check inside the machine.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat will lead to overheating, causing the pump to become energized and drain water. This will start and stop the cycle multiple times for the pump to energize. If an overheat error is displayed or you suspect it is the problem, test the thermostat to ensure it is working. If not, get a replacement.

Incorrect Position of the Standpipe

The standpipe in your LG washer is plumbed into the drain hose. It should have a U-bend, a hook shape, and Drain Outlet Hose Hook. This prevents the drain hose from being pushed far to the bottom or falling out. When the standpipe is wrongly positioned, the drain hose is lowered, causing siphoning when the drain pump keeps running. Check how it is positioned and fix it.

Final Thoughts

Your LG washer is meant to make your life convenient by doing the washing for you. However, this convenience is sometimes disrupted by a faulty drain system, which can result from several factors.

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This article has looked at some of the most common reasons for a defective drain system and offered handy DIY solutions that should help you hack through. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact your plumber or customer service for help.

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