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LG Washer Won’t Turn On Even After Reset: What You Can Do

Resetting your LG washer is one of the things you’re often told to do when you have problems with the appliance. To reset, you can just unplug the washer, press the POWER/START button for five seconds, then do the same with the PLAY/PAUSE button. Plugging it back in, your LG washer should be blinking with lights, but what if your LG washer won’t turn on after reset? 

To fix your LG washer if it doesn’t work after a reset, check the power source with a multimeter to see if it’s working. If the power supply is working as it should, check the noise filter and the main control board. If your LG washer still doesn’t turn on, you may need to schedule it for repair.

What are the things that you should do when your LG washer fails to turn on even after resetting its electronics? Read on as we discuss each solution. Some of these solutions are simple enough to do yourself.

Schedule a Repair

LG is very direct-to-the-point on this one. If your washer won’t power on even after doing a reset, then you should have it repaired. Before you do, you can checkout another article on our site regarding your LG Washer Won’t Start.

However, the company does have a rather dismal customer service, according to reviewers on TrustPilot. More than nine out of 10 reviewers gave the company a below-average rating with complaints ranging from rude customer service representatives to technicians not showing up as scheduled or at all. 

So what can you do to avoid all that aggravation or if you want to save money on repair?

Make Sure There is Power Coming Out of The Outlet

This is the simplest thing to do. Get a fan, a lamp or any simple device or appliance. Plug it in and make sure there is power coming out of the outlet. If there is power check the next section to see if the power cord of your LG washer has gone bad.

If there is no power, go to the Check your Circuit Breaker below. If you’ve established there is power coming in, go the Replace the Noise Filter section below to continue troubleshooting your LG Washer.

Test the Power Cord for Continuity Using a Multimeter

If the power outlet delivers the right voltage, it might be the power cord that’s problematic. Using a multimeter, you can test the power cord’s continuity. Here’s how:

  1. Set the multimeter to continuity test mode.
  2. Touch one of the power cord’s prongs with one of the multimeter’s lead while inserting the other into one of the consoles.
  3. If there are no problems with the cord, you should hear a beep from the multimeter.

You should also check if the power cord is shorted by touching the multimeter lead on each of the prongs in the power cord. If your multimeter beeps, that’s an indicator that the cord is shorted and should not be used.

This video will show you how this is done:

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Check Your Circuit Breaker, Reset It, and Replace Blown Fuses

The next thing you should do is to go to the circuit breaker box and then look for the washer switches. Put both of these switches to the “on” position if they’re not already.

You should also replace blown fuses or reset the breakers if necessary. Here’s how you do that:

Some Parts of Your LG Washer Maybe Faulty

Replace a Faulty Noise Filter

LG uses a noise filter to cut down on electromagnetic noise on some of their washer models. When it fails, you will hear a very loud buzzing or static sound coming from your washer, or it will not turn on at all.

In this case, the reason why your LG washer won’t turn on is that the power goes through from the power source to the noise filter before the control board. So if your noise filter is faulty, the power might not even reach the control board.

If you suspect that it’s the noise filter that’s causing the no-power issue, open your washer’s top panel and locate the noise filter. Unthread the screw that is holding the noise filter in place and disconnect the wire harness plugs that run to it. Install a new noise filter like the LG Electronics 6201EC1006U Washing Machine Noise Filter in place of the faulty one.

You will then reconnect the wire harness plugs and then put the assembly back to its original place. This video will show you how to replace a failed noise filter:

Replace the Main Control Board

If you have ascertained that there is power going into the machine and it still won’t start, and you have checked all the likely suspects, then it might be the main control board that’s fried.

You should check the main control board last for two reasons: it’s the least likely suspect, and it is more expensive than the other parts. However, there are renewed versions that you can buy, like the LG EBR78263901 Washer Electronic Control Board, as well as ones that are not manufactured by LG. Renewed and non-OEM parts are more affordable.

Here’s a video on how to replace an LG washer’s main control board: 

Consider Buying a New One

Repairs done outside warranty can be expensive, to the tune of $60 to $450 for those instances where work has actually been done. According to Fixr, repair technicians charge anywhere from $50 to $80 just to visit you and diagnose the problem. 

After that, they will charge an hourly fee for their labor, to the tune of $80 to $100 per hour. All of that doesn’t include the cost of the replacement parts needed. You might as well just do the repairs yourself.

Now hiring a repair technician or scouring the Internet for replacement parts so that you can go and fix your washer yourself might be okay if this is your first, and hopefully, last time to encounter a no-power issue. 

But if the problem keeps on coming back, or if there are a lot of other problems that crop up every single time that you use your washing machine, then it might make better sense to just buy a new one.

According to Fixr, if you find yourself being quoted repair costs that are more than half the cost of a new washer, then you should consider buying a replacement washer. Another option is to upgrade to a better washer, perhaps one that is more energy-efficient or that has more features than the one you already have. You should also consider replacing your washer that won’t turn on if it’s 10 years or older.

Final Thoughts

If your LG washer won’t turn on even after a reset, then bust out your multimeter and check if power is getting delivered to the machine. If that isn’t the case, then it can be any one of the many components that is failing.

If you cannot replace the busted component yourself, you can call in a repair technician as the manufacturer suggests, or consider replacing it with a new washer. Buying a new, even more expensive washer might help you save money and avoid stress in the long run.

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