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RCA Tablet Not Responding to Touch (How To Fix)

RCA is a fairly well known brand that makes a range of different devices for the home. The tablets they make Windows, and Android tablets that work really well, but if your RCA tablet got wet, or dropped the touchscreen can stop working. The touchscreen can also stop working if there is a software issue, here are things to try to get the touchscreen working again.

Generally, you should enter safe mode on Android RCA tablets, and enter the BIOS on Windows RCA tablets. In safe mode, you can see if the touch screen is working, which indicates an issue with a specific app, and the Android OS. The BIOS should be updated, and then do the following.

Black RCA Tablet

For Android RCA tablets to enter safe mode, you need to hold down the power button until it starts to restart itself and then hold the volume down button. After that it will enter safe mode, and give you some additional options. In safe mode see if the touchscreen works.

If it does, the issue is with Android, or a specific app. If the touchscreen still doesn’t work, then it’s very likely a hardware issue that needs to be repaired. You should contact RCA support.

For Windows RCA tablets, go to the Device Manager by typing it into the start menu, and then right click on the ‘touchscreen’ option in the list of components and select update drivers. Also, try disabling it, and enabling it again. When it’s still not working, it is possible to make some changes to the BIOS, which are to update the BIOS, and ensure the touchscreen is enabled.

However, RCA has stated that this will void the warranty. Therefore, you should only do that if your RCA tablet is out of warranty. Otherwise, contact RCA support.

It’s also quite difficult to do this if you have never used the BIOS on a device before. If you decide to go this route then do a Youtube or Google search for how to access and update the BIOS on a Windows RCA tablet.

Reasons Why Your RCA Tablet Is Not Responding to Touch

Black RCA Tablet

There are a limited number of reasons why a tablet is not responding, and it’s a matter of trying each of the different troubleshooting steps one by one until you identify why it’s happening. Here are the 5 reasons the touchscreen on a tablet is not responding to touch.

Overall, your tablet needs to be restarted, the firmware or OS needs to be updated, you need to factory reset your tablet, or a component has failed such as the screen digitizer and it needs to be repaired by a repair technician. For Windows tablets, the drivers can also need to be updated.

It’s worth noting that there is a quick fix, which doesn’t solve the issue but will get your tablet working temporarily. Almost all tablets have a micro USB port, except for Apple tablets which have a lightning connector. You can plug a micro USB to USB adapter – or lightning cable to USB cord – and then plug in a mouse and/or keyboard into your tablet.

That way you can use your tablet until you fix it. But, to do each of the troubleshooting steps to fix it, you don’t need to do this.

And you can use the physical buttons on your tablet, such as the volume button, and the power button. Here are each of the steps, ordered from easiest to do, and most likely to fix the problem.

1. Do a soft reset on your tablet

Restarting a tablet closes all the open apps, and restarts the operating system on your tablet. Restarting electronic devices like tablets is a well known method that fixes a large percentage of issues, is easy to perform, and doesn’t take very long. So, this is the first thing you should try.

On most tablets you can restart it by holding down the power button until it turns off. If you’re unsure how to soft reset your tablet, then look for the specific instructions for your brand of tablet using Google. For example, search for ‘how to reboot a samsung tablet’.

Then follow the instructions from the manufacturer. How to do it is almost always also explained in the owner’s manual for your tablet so you can refer to that as well.

2. Update the firmware and operating system (OS)

It’s widely reported online such as on Reddit forums that a particular update can cause the touchscreen to stop working. And is caused by a bug with a specific update. Typically, this gets found by the software developers that create the operating system updates.

Or, after a few days enough people complain that the developers patch the update within a day or two, which solves the bug. To update the operating system (OS) on a tablet when the touchscreen is not working you need to use a desktop computer or laptop.

You download the software to connect your tablet to your computer. This varies by tablet manufacturer.

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For example, on an Samsung tablet you download Samsung Kies or Samsung Smart Switch. Whereas, on iOS tablets such as an iPad you use iTunes on your computer.

3. Update the touchscreen drivers – Windows tablets only

Drivers are special types of software for each of the different components on electronic devices like laptops, and tablets. Behind the scenes they communicate information between the operating system, and the components – in this case the touchscreen. If they are out of date, they can cause conflicts behind the scenes on a tablet, and can stop the touchscreen from working.

They are fairly easy to update. Go to Device Manager by searching for it in the Start Menu. It will bring up a list of all the components on your tablet, such as the camera, motherboard, and touchscreen. And you right click on the touchscreen from this list and then select ‘update drivers’.

4. Factory data reset

A factory data reset is recommended if you’ve tried all of the above steps and it’s still not working. However, it’s the last step you should try because it will wipe everything on the tablet. Deleting everything on a tablet will reset all the settings and apps to the default, and fixes a range of software conflicts that can occur with apps or the operating system.

Which causes the touchscreen to not work properly or not at all. Before doing this step, you should copy anything you want to keep to a desktop computer, or an SD card.

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5. Needs to be repaired by a technician (issue with the digitizer)

If you’ve done all of the steps above then it means there is a physical issue with the touchscreen on your tablet. It needs to be repaired or replaced by a repair technician. If your tablet is covered under warranty then it’s possible the cost of the repair will be free of charge.

But, if the damage is found to have been caused because the tablet was dropped or water got into contact with it (non-waterproof tablets only). The electronics for the digitizer can have failed, there is a loose connection, or is cracked or broken. To fix this the cover on the touchscreen needs to be removed, and inspected.

Contact the manufacturer first to find out how best to get it repaired. They can also let you know if the repair is covered under warranty or not, and where to get it repaired.

General Fix For When RCA Tablet Is Not Responding to Touch

Black RCA Tablet

The touchscreen on a tablet is very convenient to use, and should work 100% of the time. In rare cases, the touchscreen on a tablet will stop working all together, will only work on certain parts of the screen, or stops working randomly but then start working again. Read on to learn why this happens, and how to fix the touchscreen on a tablet that is not working.

In general, first restart your tablet, then update the firmware and operating system (OS) using the computer software for your tablet. If you have a Windows tablet, reinstall the drivers for your tablet. Finally, do a factory reset, and if it’s still not working contact the manufacturer.

At a high level, there is either an issue with the software on your tablet, or one or more of the components on your tablet. Each of the troubleshooting steps you should do when the touchscreen on your tablet is not responding are easy to do. I have covered these in detail with step by step instructions, so please refer back to the top section of the article.

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