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RCA TV Sound not Working 

The RCA company is historically known for its high-quality TVs. They now manufacture both regular and Smart TVs. Both types of TVs are extremely reliable with great pictures and excellent sound. When the sound stops working, it can alter your family’s entire TV-watching routine and make everyone in the family very unhappy. Your entire family will surely beg you to restore the TV’s sound  back to normal as quickly as possible. Read on to learn more about the most common reasons for the RCA TV Sound not working and how you can get this problem fixed quickly.

If your RCA TV Sound is not working, start by checking if the TV sound setting is on mute and if the RCA TV’s volume level is turned up to maximum. In addition, you can press the Menu on the Remote and click on Audio Options to make sure the stereo sound settings are optimized.

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Try increasing the volume indicator to see if your sound level still remains the same. If it does,  you will need to continue checking for other causes of the RCA TV Sound not working. Additional possibilities for a lack of sound include problems with cable box connections to cable boxes or problems with the audio signals.

RCA TV Sound Not Working/RCA TV Sound Stopped Working

Your RCA TV Sound may not be working because of problems with faulty internal speakers. This is usually due to the audio IC failing. IC chips can often tend to get hot quickly, which can lead to their failing.

If your RCA TV sound is not working, try connecting to an external speaker. If this is then working normally, it is the internal speakers which are faulty. Replace the IC if you feel that you have the knowledge  do this.  Oftentimes it may be necessary to replace the complete mainboard.

RCA TV Audio Output Not Working

If your RCA TV audio output is not working, it could be due to an incorrect audio setting. Navigate to the sound settings on your TV menu and ensure that the speakers are set to “ON” or that the correct audio output (such as HDMI or optical) is selected. If necessary, consult your TV’s user manual for guidance on adjusting audio settings.

In some cases, the issue with the RCA TV audio output not working could be linked to outdated firmware. An outdated firmware version might have glitches that hinder the sound output. To solve this, visit the official RCA website or navigate through your TV settings to check for any available updates and install them. Keeping the firmware up-to-date can sometimes resolve audio output issues and enhance the overall performance of your TV.

Another reason you might be experiencing audio output problems is due to faulty cables or connections. Cables can become damaged over time, causing issues with sound transmission. Ensure that all cables are securely connected and in good condition. If necessary, replace any damaged cables with new ones to restore the audio output functionality. It’s also advisable to check if the correct input source is selected, as this could also be a potential cause of the issue.

RCA TV Sound Keeps Cutting Out

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After buying a high quality RCA TV, the last thing you want or need is for the sound to keep cutting out. Having the sound keep cutting out is frustrating and annoying. Here are some troubleshooting steps that can easily diagnose the problem.

If your RCA TV Sound is not working and the sound keeps cutting out, scan the output ports to see if any devices that may be connected to them could be causing the problem. Disconnect all devices and then check the sound level again.

RCA TV Sound Delay

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When you are viewing videos you may have delay issues and audio sync. You may also have difficulty with headphones not synchronizing with your RCA TV. These problems can be easily diagnosed and then repaired.

If your RCA TV Sound is not working and there is a sound delay, clear your cache of apps. To do this, open Settings and go to Applications. Select Managed Installed Applications and then select all the installed applications you wish to clear. Now go ahead and clear the cache.

RCA TV Sound Poor Quality/Muffled

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Poor sound quality or muffled sound from your RCA TV can be maddening. It can affect both watching your favorite TV programs and also viewing other streaming content. A few quick diagnostic steps can help get to the root of what is causing both muffled and poor quality sound.

If your RCA TV Sound is not working press the Menu button on the Remote and then press on the Setup Menu. Click on Installation and then on Factory Defaults. Once the TV turns off, unplug and re-plug the power cord into the outlet and the Factory Reset will be completed and the sound distortion problem should be resolved.

RCA TV Sound not Playing/No Sound

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RCA TV sound not playing can ruin an evening of watching your favorite TV programs. Sometimes sound problems will occur soon after turning on your TV, and sometimes it occurs after an hour or so. If this is the case, try the following remedial steps for a Factory reset.

If your RCA TV Sound is not working try to reboot your TV. Make sure your TV is not erroneously set to SAP.  Now check the TV Audio Input and make sure the right input option is being used. Also, check your RCA TV for out-of-date software or drivers as either one can cause many channels to fail.

As long as you are able to see a picture on your RCA TV even if there is no sound, this is not a problem that is due to your TV’s hardware. In fact, the root of the problem is probably either a problem stemming from a TV setting problem or a problem from a loose or non-functioning cable or TV connection.

Other causes of having your RCA TV Sound not working could be that there may be an upcoming reboot that is scheduled that is affecting the sound. In addition, you could have a headphone connected to your TV sound output, or you could have certain parts of the TV’s mainboard that are damaged or malfunctioning.

In addition, you could have a Signal Source that has become damaged, software for your TV that is outdated or certain settings for your TV that have become disabled or corrupted.

Check your TV’s owner’s manual to see what updates are available. If your RCA TV is connected to the internet, it should be automatically updated. Updates can also be conducted manually by using updated information available manually or through a USB drive.

RCA TV USB no Sound

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A potential cause of your RCA TV USB having no sound could be due to a problem with the USB Root Hubs. Careful troubleshooting can determine if this is the cause of the problem so that you can rapidly get the USB Ports working again.

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If your RCA TV Sound is not working and your RCA TV USB has no sound, open the Device Manager and then click on the USB Serial Bus controller.  Look at the list to find the USB Root Hubs. Right click on all of the hubs and click on Properties. Then click on the Power Management Tab.