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HP DeskJet Not Working

When it comes to reliable printers, Hewlett-Packard DeskJet printers are one of the most popular. Reliability, however, does not mean that they never run into any issues. 

I find that many technical problems that arise when using your HP DeskJet are simple to fix on your own. I prefer to try and fix my HP DeskJet on my own before resorting to calling customer service.

When facing problems with your HP DeskJet, a good rule of thumb is to always check your connections first. Many issues can stem from the cord connections or the connection to your computer. It can also come down to anything inserted incorrectly into the printer. Here are a few problems you can encounter.

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My HP DeskJet is Not Recognizing Ink

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I have found that when my HP DeskJet does not recognize ink cartridges after they have been refilled, the root of the cause is typically easy to fix. There are several different issues that you can encounter in regards to this. 

If your HP DeskJet does not recognize ink after you have inserted a new cartridge, first check that you have ordered the proper ink. With so many different types of ink, you should always confirm that the number on the box matches what is required for your HP DeskJet printer.

While you may have ordered the correct ink, inserting it can sometimes be a challenge. When you insert new ink, the ink cartridge tray will slide over. If, after installing the new cartridges and closing your printer, the tray does not slide back, you have inserted the link incorrectly.

Sometimes I’ve found that when inserting a new ink cartridge, my HP DeskJet needs to be restarted. Turn your HP DeskJet off for about 30 seconds and restart it. This should initiate an overall reset. Once this happens, your HP DeskJet should print an alignment page with the new levels of ink on a color scale.

Be sure to check the cartridge itself. Before inserting you need to remove the protective covering. If it has been removed, you can still run into the issue of the metal connective area needing to be cleaned. Use an electronic wipe to clean off that area and reinsert it.

My HP DeskJet is Not Printing Color or Black Ink

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If your HP DeskJet is not printing in either color or black ink, there can be a few factors that can contribute to this. If you are printing pages that are coming out blank or have faded or missing either colors or blank ink first check your connection. 

If your HP DeskJet is not printing in either color or black ink first check that you ordered HP brank ink and that it is the correct type for your particular printer. Try removing one of the cartridges or checking the levels of ink on your printer’s settings. There is a chance that you are simply out of ink.

In your lifetime of printing, you are bound to come across a defective ink cartridge or two. If your levels show that they are full and you have ensured that you have the correct ink, it could just be that either the tri-color, black, or both cartridges could be duds.

If your levels are still being altered on your HP InkJet, reset your printer and correctly use the alignment paper. Make sure that the pages are properly lined up at the corners of your printer’s scanner. Scan the alignment page and check your printer’s settings to ensure that it is correctly pinpointing the issue.

My HP DeskJet Not Turning On

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If your HP DeskJet is not turned on, it might seem trivial, but first, check to make sure that all the proper cords are connected. If the cables are all properly connected, it can be related to the power source in a different fashion.

If your HP DeskJet printer is not turned on, it could be related to the internal power source of the printer itself. Restart your printer by unplugging it from both the printer itself as well as your outlet or power cord. Leave your printer disconnected for 60 seconds. 

After 60 seconds, directly connect the printer to a wall outlet. While it may be tempting, avoid pushing the power button. Many models of printers automatically restart on their own and if you’re pushing the power button you can inadvertently turn it off. 

My HP DeskJet is Not Responding

If your HP DeskJet is not responding to files that you are attempting to print again, check cartridge compatibility and that they are inserted correctly. 

If your HP DeskJet printer is not responding, check for error messages on both the printer screen itself as well as the printer settings tab on your computer. If there are error issues that are displayed on either the printer or in your printer’s settings, you need to reset your printer. 

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One of the most common reasons that your printer is not printing can be with paper. Check to make sure that you have correctly inserted the printer paper and that there are no printer jams.

My HP DeskJet is Not Finding WiFi

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With a WiFi connection, often your printer can not locate any available WiFi to connect to. Make sure first that your internet is up and running and there has been no interruption in service. 

If your WiFi is working, enter your printer’s setting, find the area that is labeled ‘Setup and Software’. Once in there, reconfigure your wireless settings. Follow all of the prompts that are requested, such as selecting the correct WEP and WPA key and password. 

My HP DeskJet Does Not Connect to WiFi

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If your HP DeskJet is not connecting to WiFi even if it is being detected, this can be an internal issue. 

Review your printer’s settings and find the Network Setup section and choose to restore the settings. Follow the prompted steps to reconnect to the correct wireless network. Consider too that the issue may be caused by your wireless router and that may need to be restarted.

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If this still does not work, perform a reset of both your printer and your WiFi router. Disconnect both, wait 60 seconds before restarting both.If your printer has not automatically connected to the WiFi after it has run a full reset, you will need to connect it. Again, enter the printer’s settings and make sure that your connection is available and you are connecting to the right WiFi network. When your router is back online, also access your router’s settings through your computer to ensure that it is online and properly functioning.

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