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Rheem Water Heater Not Working/Troubleshooting

Rheem water heaters are some of the top-rated water heaters available. They are durable and are not overly expensive. Their reliability is what makes them so attractive, which is why when you are facing issues with your Rheem water heater, it can be especially frustrating. 

If your Rheem water heater is not working, one of the main causes can be the power supply. Either the power that you have your Rheem water heater connected to is faulty, or you may have blown a fuse. It could also be a result of an issue with the safety switch.

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Rheem Water Heater No Power

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You will notice that your Rheem water heater has no power when you are unable to get hot water. There are a couple of losing issues that could be behind your water heater losing power. As with any electrical work, you should make sure that all power is cut off from your Rheem water heater before inspecting it.

If your Rheem water heater has no power, the first issue could be concerning your home’s circuit breakers. If your water heater has had a surge in power, it can trip the circuit. Check your breaker to ensure that all of the circuits are in the right position. 

If there is no issue with your circuit breaker, it is more than likely a fuse. Rheem water heaters have glass fuses. When you have a glass fuse, high temperatures and extended use can cause it to break. Once you replace the fuse, locate the red button on the back of your Rheem water heater. This is the reset button, press, and hold for a few seconds before releasing.

Rheem Water Heater Pilot Won’t Light/Ignite

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If your Rheem water heater pilot light will not turn on or will not ignite, you won’t get hot water. Water heaters, like all appliances, need regular maintenance. Without this, you could encounter issues with your Rheem water heater working properly.

If your Rheem water heater pilot light will not light or ignite, you first want to disconnect the pilot light, main burner gas tubes, and thermocouple. This is an important step as you never want to work on a water heater that is still connected. Next, remove the cover for the pilot assembly and the burner.  

What you want to check for is that the gas chamber is clean. Your water heater can get a good amount of debris in it. This will smother the flame from your pilot light because it can affect the level of oxygen. It’s a good idea to regularly clean out your Rheem water heater. You can use a shop vac to clean out the combustion chamber.

You may notice some corroded or crystallized material. You want to remove this as well. After you’ve ensured that the combustion chamber is clean you can reattach your water heater and start it up again. To start your Rheem water heater again you want to hold down the ‘Pilot’ button and hit the ‘Ignight’ switch on the right side of the cap. 

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Rheem Water Heater Pilot Won’t Stay On

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You may find that you sometimes have hot water and other times your Rheem water heater does not turn on. If you encounter inconsistencies, your pilot light may be having issues with staying lit. 

If your Rheem water heater pilot won’t stay on, it is most likely concerning the combustion changer or the igniter. If the combustion chamber is dirty, your pilot light will have a hard time staying on. This is because the added debris and dust in the combustion chamber can choke out the source of oxygen, causing your pilot light to extinguish.

A pilot light that won’t stay on can also be contributed to the igniter. Remove your pilot assembly converter and check the wire that is on the bottom right of your igniter. This is your fuse line. If it is loose, or damaged, it can cause your pilot light to fail.

Rheem Water Heater Pilot Lights But Not Burner

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You may notice that your pilot light comes on in your Rheem water heater, but the burner does not. While your first thought might be the thermocoupler, this is not always the case.

If your Rheem water heater pilot lights, but your burner remains off, it may be related to the level of oxygen. Flames need to consume oxygen to continue to burn, otherwise the flame will get choked out. What you can do is remove the plate and clean out the combustion chamber. This is typically a temporary fix.

How to Reset Rheem Water Heater

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Rheem water heaters are different from your typical water heater. This is because they are electric water heaters. There are some issues that you may encounter with your water heater that require you to run a reset on it. This is a quick and easy process. 

To reset your Rheem water heater you need to look at the white panel on the front of your water heater. It will have a light as well as a large red dial and a red switch. To reset it, you want to turn it in the off position. After doing so, disconnect your Rheem water heater from its power source.

Leave your water heater disconnected for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. You want to then turn the red knob to ‘Low’. Next, move the red toggle switch back to the on position. Once it is on, you want to turn the dial from ‘Low’ to ‘Very Hot’ about ten times. 

After doing this, you should find that your Rheem water heater will reset and the pilot light should start on its own. 

Rheem Water Heater Not Working

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If your water heater is not working, the first thing to check is that you have a source of power and that your water heater has not tripped your circuit board. Next, look at the fuses. Because they are glass fuses, they need to be replaced overtime. You should also check your combustion chamber. Debris and dirt could prevent your pilot light from functioning properly. 

Consult an Rheem Water Heater Expert

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When it comes to troubleshooting your Rheem water heater, it can be difficult to navigate. You need to assess both electrical and gas components. While it’s not the first thought that comes to mind, water heaters can start fires. 

You should consult an expert about your Rheem water heater if you are unsure or do not locate the issue. An expert will not only be able to identify the problem quickly, but will also make sure that all of your water heater’s connections are put back in place properly. This prevents any accidental fires. 

If you are facing issues with blockages in your combustion chamber, that is a good time to consult an expert as well. There are several connectors to the combustion chamber, making it difficult to replace them on your own.

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